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Staff List

Miss Hodgkinson – Head Teacher BSc (Hons), PGCE, NPQH. (Designated Safeguarding Lead, LAC Designated Teacher, Health and Safety Lead), (temporary English Lead with Mr Cook)


Mrs Preston - Office Manager


Mrs Hodgett - Administrative Assistant


Mr Tranter – Caretaker


Mrs Wilkinson and Mrs Buckland - Cleaners


Mrs Walker - School Nurse


Mrs Waby - CASY counsellor


Mrs Watts - HLTA/ Attendance officer/ Family Liaison/ Designated Safeguarding Deputy/School and Family Support (SAFs) deputy


Mrs Lambert – Learning Mentor/Primary Mental Health Ambassador/Multi-Sports Coach. Mrs Lambert leads PE and Sport each afternoon.


Year 6

Mrs Palmer – Class teacher/ Maths Lead/ Assessment Lead/ Pupil Premium Lead

Mrs Potter – Teaching Assistant (am) (Eco-committee)

Mrs Fixter – Teaching Assistant (pm) (Primary Mental Health Ambassador)


Year 5

Mrs Freestone - Classteacher (Mon, Tue) / MFL, Learning Environment and Student placements Lead

Mrs Stafford – Class Teacher  (Wed,Thur,Fri) / Take Five Breathing Champion/ Humanities Lead

Mrs Hammond – Teaching Assistant (part time)

Mrs Holland  - Teaching Assistant (part time/PPA) (Computing support)

Mrs Lambert  - Learning Mentor (mornings/PPA) (Multi-Sports Coach/Learning Mentor/Primary Mental Health Ambassador)



Year 4

Mr Cook- Assistant Head/Class Teacher/ Behaviour Lead, Curriculum & Science Lead (temporary Computing Lead)

Mrs Troop – Teaching Assistant (full time)

Mrs Holland - Teaching Assistant (part time) (Computing support/PPA cover)

Miss Hodgkinson (Wed pm) and Mrs Lambert (Fri pm) to cover Leadership time.


Year 3

Miss Sowden – Class Teacher (NQT)

Mrs Fixter – Teaching Assistant (each morning and some afternoons) (Primary Mental Health Ambassador/ PPA cover) 

Mrs Fixter and Mrs Hammond cover NQT time on Friday pm


Year 2

Mrs Graham – Assistant Head/Class Teacher/SENCo/ Designated Safeguarding Deputy/Art Lead/School and Family Support (SAFs) Lead 

Mrs Watts - Leadership time/SENCO release time cover for Mrs Graham (Thursday) 

Mrs Marshall – Teaching Assistant/ Take Five Breathing Ambassador/ PPA and Leadership/SENCO time cover (Thursday)

Mrs Nicholson - Teaching Assistant (PPA cover) Wed pm


Year 1

Mr Simmonds – Class Teacher (KS1 Reading Lead, EAL Lead)

Mrs Cresswell – Teaching Assistant (am)

Mrs Nicholson – Teaching Assistant (pm) (Language Lead/ELKLAN Lead)


Upper Foundation

Mrs Marshall - Class Teacher (NQT)

Mrs Hopewell – Teaching Assistant (Computing support)


Lower Foundation

Miss Harding – Class Teacher/EYFS Leader (Phonics Lead and Music Lead)

Mrs Nicholson – Teaching Assistant (am) (Language Lead/ELKLAN Lead)


Mrs Watts - covering in Foundation for PPA on Tuesday AM in F2 and Leadership time on Tuesday PM in F1. 

Mrs Hopewell and Mrs Lambert cover NQT time on Thurs pm,


Kitchen Staff

Mrs Hassall  - School Chef

Mrs Muers – Cook 1

Mrs Jones – Cook 1


Midday Supervisors

Mrs Briggs (MDSA)

Mrs Blanchard  (MDSA)

Mrs Heeps (MDSA)

Mrs Geary (MDSA)

Mrs Mellors (MDSA)

Mrs Roberts (MDSA)

Mrs Robertson

Mrs Magee (volunteer MDSA)