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Staff List

Miss Hodgkinson – Head Teacher BSc (Hons) Psychology, PGCE, NPQH, PGDE (Educational Leadership and Management). (Designated Safeguarding Lead, LAC Designated Teacher, Health and Safety Lead, English Lead).


Mrs Preston - Office Manager


Mrs Hodgett - Administrative Assistant


Mr Tranter – Caretaker


Mrs Wilkinson and Mrs Buckland - Cleaners


Mrs Walker - School Nurse


Mrs Waby - CASY counsellor


Mrs Watts - HLTA/ Attendance officer/ Family Liaison/ Designated Safeguarding Deputy/School and Family Support (SAFs) deputy


Mrs Lambert – Learning Mentor/Primary Mental Health Ambassador/Multi-Sports Coach. Mrs Lambert leads PE and Sport each afternoon.


Year 6

Mrs Palmer – Class teacher (Maths Lead/ Assessment Lead/ Pupil Premium Lead)

Mrs Troop– Teaching Assistant (am) (First Aider)



Year 5

Mrs Freestone - Classteacher (Mon, Tue) / MFL (Spanish  across KS2) Lead, RE Lead, Learning Environment Lead and Student placements Lead

Mrs Stafford – Class Teacher  (Wed,Thur,Fri) / Take Five Breathing Champion/ Humanities (Geography and History) Lead

Mrs Fixter - Teaching assistant (Primary Mental Health Ambassador/Spanish support)

Mrs Lambert  - Learning Mentor (Multi-Sports Coach/Learning Mentor/Primary Mental Health Ambassador)



Year 4

Mr Cook- Assistant Head/Class Teacher/ Behaviour Lead, Curriculum & Science Lead 

Mrs Holland - Teaching Assistant (part time) (Computing support/Spanish support/ PPA cover)

Mrs Hammond - Teaching Assistant (part time)


Year 3

Miss Sowden – Class Teacher (NQT) - Miss Rowley - Class Teacher

Mrs Marshall (formerly Miss Spence) – Teaching Assistant (each morning and some afternoons) (PPA cover) 

Mrs Lambert - Learning Mentor (Multi-Sports Coach/Learning Mentor/Primary Mental Health Ambassador)


Year 2

Mrs Graham – Assistant Head/Class Teacher/SENCo/ Designated Safeguarding Deputy/Art Lead/School and Family Support (SAFs) Lead / KS1 Reading Lead

Mrs Watts - Leadership release time/SENCO release time cover for Mrs Graham (Thursdays).  

Mrs Potter – Teaching Assistant/ ELSA Ambassador

Mrs Nicholson - Teaching Assistant (PPA cover) Wed pm (Language Lead/ELKLAN Lead).


Year 1

Mrs Chiasson– Class Teacher (PE Lead)

Miss Dery– Teaching Assistant (am)

Mrs Nicholson – Teaching Assistant (pm) (Language Lead/ELKLAN Lead)


Upper Foundation

Mrs Williams - Class Teacher (Computing Lead/ EAL Lead)

Mrs Hopewell – Teaching Assistant (Computing support)


Lower Foundation

Miss Harding – Class Teacher/EYFS Leader (Phonics Lead and Music Lead)

Mrs Nicholson – Teaching Assistant (am) (Language Lead/ELKLAN Lead)


Mrs Watts - covering in Foundation for PPA on Tuesday AM in F2 and Leadership time on Tuesday PM in F1. 


Kitchen Staff

Mrs Hassall  - School Chef

Mrs Muers – Cook 1

Mrs Jones – Cook 1


Midday Supervisors

Mrs Briggs (MDSA)

Mrs Heeps (MDSA)

Mrs Geary (MDSA)

Mrs Mellors (MDSA)

Mrs Roberts (MDSA)

Mrs Magee (volunteer MDSA)