What to do if you have a worry


Around school we have worry monsters, which look like this…



Worry monsters


There is one in the Library in Key Stage 2, one on the veranda in Key Stage 1 and one in Foundation.


With each worry monster is a box with worry forms inside. Write your worry and put your name on it or just put your name on it if you find it hard to write your worry down then post it into the monster’s mouth. This will make the monster eat your worry away. Mrs Watts will see you about your worry and we can then help you to sort it out together.


If you want to tell your worry to the worry monster online, fill in the worry form on this page.

Worry form

Write your worry or write your name in this form and it will go to the worry monster. Worries put in here will be dealt with IN THE SCHOOL DAY. If you have a worry that is making you feel unsafe out of school and feel like you are in danger please contact childline on 0800 1111 for free. If you need to call police as you are at risk of harm call 999.