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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6 Class Page

I hope you are staying well and taking good care of yourselves.  Please find information about school work to complete every day - to keep your brain active.  Each day please complete the following activities:

1)   Read for at least 20 minutes.  This could include the a book, instructions or a newspaper.  

2)  Practice spelling the key words, which can be found in the back of your home school book.  

3)  Login to TT Rock Stars every day to practice your multiplication tables knowledge.


Also, scroll down to find the specific daily tasks to complete.  Don't forget - I would love to see any work you have completed through the email contact below.  Also stay in touch using our class blog on Purple Mash.  

Contact Mrs Palmer here if you have any questions or need help with your work at home.

Please use this form to get in touch with Mrs Palmer who will help with your questions.

A huge well done for your 'Haunted House' work.  I have really enjoyed reading your stories on the blog and have added a link to share your hard work.

Don't worry if you could not do this online, I look forward to reading your work in your books.  Mrs Palmer

Friday 27.3.20

English 1 -  Look at the 7 sentences below.  Write them into your books adding adverbs, adjectives, and subordinate clauses.

1)  The boy watched.          2)  She waited.               3)  The band played.                 4) There it stood.                   5)  The children yelled.

6)  The cat moved.             7)  Many people hurried.

e.g.  The girl hid.      In the giant, wooden wardrobe, the small girl hid silently, as she heard the other children looking for her.

English 2 -  Ask someone at home to test you on 20 of your spellings.  Once you have completed your test, can you work out what percentage you scored.  

Maths 1 -  Watch the video for Lesson 5 and complete the activity in your books .

Maths 2 - Complete the 10-in-10 questions.

Art - Create your own rainbow artwork for your window (I've pinched this from Mrs Stafford!).  If you can send in photos, I'll add them to our page. 

Science -  1)  Find out what the following words mean transparent, translucent and opaque. Write a definition in your books, then see how many different examples you can find at home and list them in your books.

2)  Explain how shadows are made.  Then test different transparent, translucent and opaque objects in your house, do those objects make a shadow?

Thursday 26.3.20

English 1 - Today use your words list from Tuesday and my example writing from today to help you write a piece of descriptive writing describing the house, or a story based upon the house.  Please can you write these on the class blog (if possible).  I have added a new blog on class blogs, which is called Year 6 Haunted House Blog.  I look forward to reading your work and will share so others can look too.

Maths 1 - Go onto the White Rose website  Look at the video for Lesson 3 - Introducing the ratio symbol and complete the sheet too (we have already looked at Lesson 2 activities).  

Maths 2 - Complete the 10-in-10 questions and check your answers for Wednesday's work.

Wednesday 25th March

English 1 - Write out the description below in your books, finding and correcting the 11 mistakes.  (I have included a word document if you want to print it.)  

English 2 - Complete the SPAG questions in your book.

Maths 1 - Use your net sheet in your books.  Cut out each net (each individual shape) and fold it to see if it makes a cube.  Either stick any that do in your book or write down which net letters make a cube.

Maths 2 - Complete the 10-in-10 questions below in your book.

Topic - Finish your poster about your chosen river.

Picture 1

Tuesday 24th March      You can now access our class blog on Purple Mash....

English activity 1 - Look at the picture below.  In your book use your inference skills to write down the answers to the 5ws.  Where was the picture taken?  When was the picture taken?  Who is the picture about?  What is happening in the picture and why?

English activity 2 - Create a table to show a list of 10 adjectives , 10 nouns, 10 verbs and 10 adverbs that help to describe the picture, e.g. forked (adjective) lightening (noun), flashing (verb) loudly (adverb).   Please email me your favourite words so I can share good ideas.   Please see below for yesterdays comprehension answers.

Maths activity - Look on the White Rose page and watch the video about ratio.

Then complete the sheet (shown on the page and below) - writing answers and showing working out in your books.  Once complete, you can find answers on the page too.  


Day 2 - PDF of language of ratio sheet

Monday 23rd March

Please complete the daily tasks on your sheet plus:

Maths Activity 1 - In your book find complete the number bond questions sheet - time yourself to see how quickly you can do it.

Maths Activity 2 - Look at the triangle sheet.  See how many different shapes you can make by colouring different parts of the triangle (see photo below).

 English Activity 1 - Complete the reading comprehension in the pack - Swiss Family Robinson (Unit 1) 

1)  dog    2) a troop   3) The monkeys threw them.   4)  The animals would be carried for provisions e.g. meat and milk and as stock for the beginning of farming in settled lands.  5)  the father    6)  Describe how animals were tied to wood and ropes from each animal kept them together.  7)  They would have died of starvation or drowned.   8)  There was blood in the sea.     9) early astir - up early   cut the cables - cut the ropes hold the boat     strange herd - the animals because of the buoys attached    hove in sight - came into view.   10)  The countryside stretched before them.  The author used personification to speak of Nature as if she was a beautiful girl.  

Topic work for the week - Find out about a river anywhere in the world.  Create a poster giving information about it - either in paper copy or on Purple Mash.  

Please follow the links below to access educational games and learning

Welcome to Year 6

Mrs Palmer is the Class teacher with teaching assistants Mrs Potter and Mrs Fixter.



As part of Chinese New Year, we created wall hangings with pictures of the Oriental Cherry Tree and our names in Chinese.

Our Reading Challenge winners enjoying a book, a drink of hot chocolate and piece of cake at Strays as part of their reward. Between them they have read a whopping 44 books in just 2 months! Well done all.

Our Reading Challenge winners enjoying a book, a drink of hot chocolate and piece of cake at Strays as part of their reward.  Between them they have read a whopping  44 books in just 2 months! Well done all.   1
Our Reading Challenge winners enjoying a book, a drink of hot chocolate and piece of cake at Strays as part of their reward.  Between them they have read a whopping  44 books in just 2 months! Well done all.   2

We are going to Victorian Britain - look at the activities we have planned for this autumn term.

Expectations in Year 6


  • Please bring your Reading diary and book into school every day.
  • Read at home at least 4 times a week and record in your reading diary
  • Make sure PE kits are in school Monday to Friday.
  • Homework (given out on a Wednesday) needs to be completed by the following Monday so we can mark it together.