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Year 5





Our teachers are Mrs Freestone (Monday and Tuesday) and Mrs Stafford (Wednesday - Friday) and our teaching assistant is Mrs Fixter.

Remote Learning

Work will be set on teams with 3 online lessons during the day. There will be assignments set on teams or copies of the work on here also if you wish to print it off.

Links will be sent to join meetings and a timetable below will show which lessons will be being covered. Thank you.


Please do contact us if you have any questions

Year 5 Remote learning plan for w/c 12/7/21

Yellow sections are live lessons other sections to be completed using class webpage throughout the day








LO: I understand how to match a prefix to the correct root word to make a verb?

(30 mins)

(do in own time-not linked to a live lesson)

LO: I understand how to write sentences with a relative clause.

 (30 mins)

(do in own time-not linked to a live lesson)

LO: I understand how to up level sentences using adjectives, adverbials and clauses.

(45 mins)

(do in own time-not linked to a live lesson)

LO- I understand how to spot grammatical mistakes in sentences. 45 mins)

(do in own time-not linked to a live lesson)

Spelling Challenge

(45 mins)

(do in own time-not linked to a live lesson)

Reading – whole class/Words of the Week


Football Comprehension text  (30 mins)


Floodlands by Marcus Sedgwick

Comprehension text-  (30 mins)


A girl called Owl by Amy Wilson

Comprehension text-  (30 mins)


Poem Comprehension text Summer Sun Robert Louis Stevenson-  (30 mins)


Information text- Comprehension on Strawberries-  (30 mins)

Reading comprehension

Comprehension Questions based on above

LO:  I can provide reasoned justifications for my views.

(30 mins)

Comprehension Questions based on above

LO: I can provide reasoned justifications for my views.

(30 mins)


Comprehension Questions based on above

LO: I can retrieve, record and present information from nonfiction

(30 mins)

Comprehension Questions based on above

LO: I can retrieve, record and present information from nonfiction

(30 mins)

Comprehension Questions based on above

LO: I can retrieve, record and present information from nonfiction

(30 mins)


White Rose Maths


Milligrams and millilitres


(50 mins)


Converting units of time


(50 mins)




 (50 mins)


What is volume?


 (50 mins)


Compare volume


 (50 mins)


Daily 10/Flashback 4


Answering flashback four in books and then marking.

(10 mins)


Answering flashback four in books and then marking.

(10 mins)


Answering 10 maths questions in book

(10 mins)


Answering 10 maths questions in book

(10 mins)


Answering 10 maths questions in book

(10 mins)





Science-  LO: I understand what a gestation period is.  

I can report findings from enquiries.



Computing-linked to Spanish.  LO: I understand how to use word processing to present information about a Spanish town/city.




History/Geography-  LO: I can locate the main rivers in the UK.



RE-  LO: I understand what creation stories are.



Art-  LO: animal prints



Daring DT!

For our DT project we designed, made and evaluated embroidered collages. We learned how to sew the running stitch and cross stich. The hardest part was threading the needle!! Well done year 5 your resilience was AMAZING yessmiley

Amazing Art

In art lessons this term we have been creating marvellous mountain pictures using bold colours and patterns for a striking effect. Pretty striking! We have created pictures of Earth too using oil pastels. We smudged them to get a 3D effect. smiley

Creative Contours!

As part of our Geography topic: "We are going river deep and mountain high", we have been looking at how higher ground is shown on maps. We learned about contour lines and made models to show how they work.

Beautiful poetry!

This term we have been learning how to read poetry with expression. We wrote our own poems too inspired by Kit Wright's The Magic Box. They are amazing!!

Year 5 Super Star!!

Our super caring Maddie has rescued two ex battery-farm chickens! What a fantastic thing to do! She has made some vegan cupcakes and honoured the chickens (Emily and Charlotte!) by using them to inspire her decorations!!! So proud of you Maddie xxxsmileyheart

5th May 2021.

 Its great to be back at school! We have had a very busy time since we came back.

We have visited Sherwood Avenue Park, to collect "for " and "against" arguments regarding building houses there. The children have presented their own balanced arguments to the class, we have planned a journey around the world and started a new art project! Take a look at the photos below. More to follow!

Thursday 1st April 2021

Wow everyone, thank you sooo much for sharing your decorated eggs and Easter bonnets with us on TEAMS. Every single one was lovely, Mrs Freestone and I were mega impressed. It was very hard choosing the winners but finally we decided the prizes go to.....

Nikita for his eggstravant  Easter hat smiley

Madison for her eggcellent eggs smiley ( sorry no photo yet but will put on soon!)

and we have a third egg to give away to Nina for her eggstraordinary Easter Rabbit hat.


Well done everyone, have a look at all of the entries below. Have a great holiday. We will give out the prizes on the first day back at school. See you soon xxxx

Thursday 1st April


It's no April fool joke kids!!! Here we go again with the home learning!!

Just today then two weeks of lovely spring time fun! yes

At 10am we will have an on-line lesson doing our spellings, reading and English.

At 1pm we will meet on-line to show the decorated eggs you have made!

There is also an Easter Spanish and maths activity below. See you soon xxxx

Wednesday 3rd February

Don't forget to have a go at some of the World Book Day activities and send your pictures to Mrs Palmer to be in with the chance of winning a £20 Amazon voucher!

Friday 5th March 2021

Thank you for the beautiful Buddhist Prayer Flag Reeceheart What lovely messages to share xx

Friday 26th February

Super out door art pictures from Nikita, Reece and the year 5's in school. Beautiful yes

Wednesday 24th February 2021


Great maths work from Maddie today. Well done petal yessmiley

Friday 12th February 2021

Wow year 5!! Thank you for the fabulous Biography Hot Writes you sent me. smileyI have marked them and returned them to your Teams accounts. You should be very proud of yourselves and deserve a lovely week off. Look forward to seeing you soon. Mrs Stafford and Mrs Freestone xxxheart

Wednesday 10th February 2021


Children's work


A fantastic Pikeman Job Advertisement from Reece! I love it Reece, he looks so happy in his work smileyheart

Friday 5th February 2021.

Amazing Bake off entries Nina, Madison, Reece, Sophia, Amelia, Jev, Taylor, Nikita and Lilianna! They look sooo yummy. I wish I could taste them!! Im glad you enjoyed making them. Have a great weekend xxx smiley

Children's work. 4th February 2021.

Thank you for the wonderful Topic work Reece and Justas. Looking great!yes

Year 5 Weekly Overview - w/c 25th Jan 2021 - please check everyday

Year 5 Weekly Overview - w/c 18th Jan 2021 - please check everyday

Children's work

Friday 29th January 2021

Thank you for the pictures of your art work Justas and Reece yes  You are both very talented, I can really see the Gustav Klimt inspiration heart​​​​​​

Thursday 28th January 2021

Have a look at the Elf Reports we have written! Well done year 5, you worked so hard and have produced some fantastic writing. yessmiley Lovely RE too from Reece!

Monday 25th January 2021

Great work sent in from Taylor W!!! You have caught up so well Taylor. smiley Keep it up petal!!yes Another fantastic first draft of a Sprite report from Reece. Amazing vocab Reece, I love it heartsmiley

More fantastic work from Taylor Stayt! smileyGreat topic work showing how Newark has changed since the 1600's, an amazing Elf Report and skilful art work. yesYou are doing a brilliant job Taylor, well done heart Thanks for your portrait Nikita, it really shows your lovely, lively personality!! smileyyes Great English from Madison too yesyes
Thanks for the topic work Reece yes You recorded lots of features of Newark that have stayed the same and that have changed since the 1600's. Brilliant job! smiley

Super English Gabija smileyyes

 You're working hard! I love your bossy commands!!

Great work Justas and Ninayes Your doing a brilliant job smiley

More fantastic work sent in from Reece and Justasyes Your doing a great job! Remember to send me pictures of your work and I will reply with an email giving you feed back.

Thursday 14th January 2021

Good morning. Please click on the swans below to see this week's work from Mrs Stafford. I will add to them every evening ready for the next day. It was fantastic to see you on TEAMS today if you came to our lessons. As promised I have put the work you have sent me into a slide show below. Well done Justas for uploading it all onto teams!!! Clever! Thank you Lillianna for sharing your Nans beautiful portraits! Super work Reece I can really see where you followed the videos instructions  and great maths, art and spellings from Gabijasmileyyesheart



Monday 11.1.21 

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend, ready for some more online learning fun this week!

TEAMS MEETING - Log into Microsoft Teams at 10am today, for a welcome meeting and do to the Daily 10 alongside me- it would be great to introduce you all to live Teams sessions and say hello!  I will send out an email about this to all parents / carers.


Reading – Read the text below and then create a fact file all about King Charles I.

Spelling – Last week we started our work on words ending in ant and ance. See the dots and dashes work below.   

Maths 1 - Watch the video about Multiply 2-digits (area model) - second part of worksheet- Then answer the questions on the worksheet below.  You can complete this on Teams, print it out or write it in your books.

Maths 2 – Daily 10 (during teams meeting) answer the questions in your book, then we can mark the answers together.

Science – Keeping Cool- Watch the Ice Trolls Investigation below and set up your own experiment with ice poles or ice cubes and see which material keeps the ice coldest for longest. Make sure you make a prediction before you start.


Tuesday 12.1.21

 TEAMS MEETING - Log into Microsoft Teams at 10am today to do the Daily 10 alongside me!


Spelling – Word changer activity with ‘ant’ and ‘ance’ words, think carefully about what the adjectives and the nouns would be.  

Maths 1 - Watch the video about Multiply 2-digits by 2-digits.- Then answer the questions on the worksheet below.  You can complete this on Teams, print it out or write it in your books.

Maths 2 – Daily 10 (during teams meeting) answer the questions in your book, then we can mark the answers together.

Computing – On Purple Mash in the search bar type in 2DIY3D. We are going to start creating our own games. Launch the 2DIY3D app and have a play this week at adding in walls to your game, you can change the fire to your own image. When you press the green play button you will see what your game looks like.


Wednesday 13.1.21

Maths- Multiply 3-digits by 2-digits

Watch the video -

Thursday 14.1.21

Maths- Multiply 4-digits by 2-digits (basic practice)

Watch the video -

Friday 14.1.21

Maths- Multiply 4-digits by 2-digits

Watch the video -

Super maths and English from Nina! Great portraits from Reece!

Friday 7th January 2021

Good morning kids. It was great to get pictures from Reece and Nikita yesterday. Thanks boys you made me very happy and produced some super work smileyyes

Here is your work for today. Please remember to work as neatly as you can, date each piece of work and give it a title.

Spellings: Practicing words with double letters

English: I have managed to add the link today so you can listen to Cave Elves by clicking below!! We are going to continue using the Cave Elf text to get a really good idea of what Cave Elves are like and how they live. Today I want you to read or listen to the text again and this time using what you have read or heard write down a menu that you think a Cave Elf would like. Then have a look at activity 5 and write me a detailed list of items that a Cave Elf would need in his/her knapsack - a picture would be lovely too.  

Art: In art this term we are going to be looking at portraits. Look at the portraits below

(download the document for a larger version) Think about how artists have shown the person.  As a mother? As a friend? As an important person? Friendly? Funny? Frightening? Thoughtful?

Think about why portraits are made, eg to record an important time in a person's life, to project a powerful image of the person, to show people as wealthy, clever or hard working.


Choose one portrait and describe these details in your book:

•the person or people and the objects they are holding, what they are wearing, where they are, 

•the main shapes and colours in the image 

•how the image makes you feel about the person portrayed. What sort of person is this? What is the person doing? What does the image tell you about the person? Would you like to meet them? Why/why not? What would you ask them? 

You are going to practice drawing a portrait today. Watch video ( or click on the link at the bottom):

In pencil have a go at drawing portraits in your book.

Think about how can you make a portrait more “personal”/ look like the person you are drawing. Facial features e.g. freckles, shape of nose, mouth and eyes. Types of hair and clothing.

Experiment drawing yourself and send me pictures! I can't wait!

Maths: Complete the maths Mrs Freestone set on Monday.


Please send me pictures of all of your work, I love to see them. Have fun xxx


How to Draw a Face for Kids

Quick demo on drawing the facial proportions on the a white board using Expo markers. Detailed footage on drawing the nose in 3 easy steps. Also drawing the ...

A brilliant labeled picture of a Cave Elf from Reece! :)

Brilliant work Nikita! Great to see you getting on so well and I love the dressing gown! :)

Thursday 7th January 2021

Good morning petals. I hope you got on with your work OK yesterday. It was good to hear from Justas, I'm glad I could help with your question yes The answers to yesterdays spelling activity and English activity are below.


Your spellings today are practicing choosing the correct words for each sentence. I will post the answers tomorrow. Make sure you spell them correctly!


Please type in this web address:

or click on the link at the bottom of today’s work and listen to Pie Corbett reading the text you read yesterday: Cave Elves.

I would like you to complete the activity below making sure that you clearly label the picture using information and phrases from the text.

Then complete activity 3 by copying the map into your book and marking clearly where you think the cave elves might live. You will need to listen to the text or read it again to work out where a good place would be. Don’t forget to give me three reasons.


The painting you looked at yesterday was by the artist William Frederick Yearnes and it was painted in 1878! It is called "When did you last see your father?" and shows a family who have been captured by the enemy during the English Civil war. The boy is being questioned about the where his father is. We will look at this painting again later on in the topic. Soooo our topic this term called We are going to Newark in the 1600's and we are going to be finding out about life in Newark during this time and about The Civil War. Today I would like you to look at our Topic Knowledge organiser which has lots of important information all about the 1600's and the Civil War. When you have read it write down 5 questions that an adult in your house could answer by reading the knowledge organiser themselves. They could write the answers in your book. If no adult can do this write the questions and email them to me or send me a photo of them and I will have a go!


Dont forget to click on the documents at the bottom of todays work to see larger versions and PLEASE send me pictures of your work! Have fun xxxx



Thursday's English


Wednesday 6th January 2021.

Hello lovelies! I'm so sad that I haven't got to see you all after Christmas, but I hope you had a great time and Santa came!! So here we are under lockdown again and just like last time I will post work on here for you on Wednesdays, Thursday and Fridays and Mrs Freestone will post work on Monday and Tuesdays. Please email us if you have any problems or if you need to collect a new work book from school. 

For each piece of work write the date and a title. 


  • For spellings today we are going to practice some tricky orange words. We will start a new spelling unit next week.
  • For the next few weeks in English we are going to be working on a unit called "The Ultimate guide to elves and sprites!" We will be be writing an information text about a type of elf or sprite. To start us off I would like you to read the information about Cave Elves and complete the activity.
  • We are starting our new history topic but I'm not going to tell you what it is yet! I would like you to look at the painting below and use your detective skills! Think about, then answer these questions: What do you think is happening? When is it set? Who are the people? Are they rich, poor, friendly, related? What is the mood? What is the man writing? Who are the girls and why are they crying?
  • Why have I shown you this picture at the start of our topic.    I will explain more about the painting tomorrow!

  • Please complete your maths from Mrs Freestone


You can download the documents at the bottom of the pictures to see enlarged versions

Tuesday 5th January 2021

Hello Class 5. Please get in touch if you need help with anything and we would love to see the work you are doing. Here is your work for today and please see below for the maths for this week.




Yesterday we luckily got to start our work on properties and changes in materials. Today you can look around your home for different objects and complete the table below. Remember some of the key words we looked at on Monday; insulator, conductor, flammable, transparent, flexible etc. (Our knowledge organiser is below in Mondays lessons if you would like to look at this to remind you)


Maths week beginning 4th January 2021

Happy New Year Class 5!

Please see below for the Maths for this week;



Our new topic for Science this term is properties and changes of materials, have a look at our knowledge organiser for this topic and write 10 guided reading questions based on the text, e.g In what year were post it notes invented?

More fantastic work from Lilianna, Maddie and Justas. Well done you three. See you soon smiley

Friday 20th November


Lovely to see Nikita working hard and this fabulous PSHE work from Reece and Nina.

Well done kids, super proud teacher!!yesangel 

Please look below the photos for today's work

We have been learning about Remembrance Day and painted watercolour poppies over the poem "In Flanders Fields"
Look at this great picture of Sophia extreme reading! Well done petal. See you soon yes smiley

Look at the extreme readers in Class 5......

More extreme reading!!!

Hope you found a nice pumpkin Lilianna! xxx yessmiley

Brilliant extreme reading Reece!!! Great to see you taking a book to Rufford Park! Enjoy the rest of the holidays and keep reading smiley

The finished models. Fantastic!

Our silhouette blitz pictures

If children are working from home due to covid restrictions please follow the link below for lessons on bitesize.


Also keep reading and practise your times tables on TTRockstars!

Year 5 Routines



Year 5 start school at 8:45am and finishing at 3:15pm. An adult from the Year 5 team will meet the children at the large gate on George Street.  We will then check their temperature using a thermometer to the wrist.  When the children arrive in the school building, they will wash their hands and use the hand sanitizer provided.  This will be repeated throughout the day.


Mrs Freestone (class teacher Mon,Tues) and Mrs Stafford (class teacher Wed, Thurs, Fri)

Mrs Fixter and Mrs Lambert (teaching assistants)


PE will be on a Tuesday and the children are to come in school on this day in their PE kit: school jumper, plain navy/black/grey jogging trousers or shorts and a plain white/navy/black/grey T-shirt with trainers is expected. PE will be done outside, weather permitting. We will review the additional indoor PE session over the term, alongside government guidelines.


Your child will choose a reading book. When they change their book, they must place it in the quarantine box before they go back into circulation. 

Learning and well-being

The main focus for the first half term is to help settle your child back into school after such a long period out of education. There will be many opportunities to share and discuss their lock-down experiences, worries and support with gaps in learning.

Our topic this term is ‘We are going to War time Europe’.  We have lots of exciting learning planned across all subjects linked to this topic.


Due to the school following guidelines to ensure the safety of the whole school community, communication will be different to what we are used to with parents/carers. If you have any questions or need to pass on information please do not hesitate to contact me via email: or  and we will get back to you at the nearest opportunity.

Finally, we want to reassure you and your child that it is normal to feel anxious about the return to school. We are doing everything possible to make sure the transition back is as smooth as possible and we know the children will be excited to see their friends and start learning again.

Almost half term already!

The children have settled fantastically in year 5 and have already produced some amazing work. We are learning all about World War 2 this term so look out for photographs of work that will be posted soon.

Take Five Breathing

Ordering a Time Line of World Historical Periods

Problem solving in maths