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Year 4 class page

A warm welcome to the Year 4 class page. We are looking forward to seeing you all starting on Thursday 3rd September.

Year 4 will be starting school at 9am and finishing at 3.30pm. An adult from the year 4 team will meet the children at the big gate/main entrance onto the playground. When the children arrive in school, they will be washing their hands and provided with hand sanitizer. This will be repeated throughout the day.


Mr Cook (class teacher/Assistant Head/SENCO) and Mrs Holland and Mrs Hammond (teaching assistants)

Mrs Holland will cover PPA (Planning, preparation and Assessment) time on Monday afternoon. 

Mrs Hammond will cover management time on Fridays.


PE will be on Tuesdays and the children are to come in school on this day in their PE kit: school jumper, plain navy/black/grey jogging trousers or shorts and a plain white/navy/black/grey T-shirt with trainers is expected. PE will be done outside, weather permitting. We will review the additional indoor PE session over the term, alongside government guidelines.


Your child will be given a reading book once we have assessed all the children on their phonics/ reading age/level. They will have a book on Monday’s and change them on Thursday’s.  The books have to be quarantined which is why we are setting days to change reading books.

Learning and well-being

The main focus for the first half term is to help settle your child back into school after such a long period out of education. There will be many opportunities to share and discuss their lock-down experiences, worries and support with gaps in learning.

Our topic this term is ‘We are going to investigate the Rainforests’. We have lots of exciting learning planned across all subjects linked to this topic.


Due to the school following guidelines to ensure the safety of the whole school community, communication will be different to what we are used to with parents/carers. If you have any questions or need to pass on information please do not hesitate to contact me via email: and I will get back to you at the nearest opportunity.

Finally, we want to reassure you and your child that it is normal to feel anxious about the return to school. We are doing everything possible to make sure the transition back is as smooth as possible and we know the children will be excited to see their friends and start learning again. Please see the link below to a story about returning to school.

We look forward to seeing you all back at Lovers’ Lane.


Tuesday 21st July 2020  - A strange day in school today, it is the Year 6 leavers assembly which is happening over a Zoom call!  Which will hopefully be the first and last time this ever happens!  As we are heading into the last couple of days, then just carry on with your summer themed activity booklets


1) English - See below for a Summer Themed English Work book, choose which activity you would like to have a go at.


2) Maths - See below for a Summer Themed Maths Work book, choose which activity you would like to have a go at.


3) Take 5 

English Summer Themed Activity Booklet

Monday 20th July 2020 - Spellings - Activity Mat 21

Reece did some great work learning about the planets!

Friday 17th July 2020 - Good morning everyone, how are you?  I am looking forward to the weekend, apparently it will be hotter that Spain, so that is a great excuse for ICE CREAM!  Whatever you do?  Have a great time and look after yourself and family.


1) Spellings - Activity Mat 20


2) English - Learning about being a film director


3) Maths - Have a go at the weekly maths challenge -, be a TTrockstar and then if you fancy it, there are some symmetry challenges to have a look at, one involving Chinese New Year Animals.


4) Take Five


5) The last Friday of term - Free choice!

Friday 17th July 2020 - Spellings

Thursday 16th July 2020 - Hello, how are you today?  Keeping well I hope, what did you do yesterday, please let me know how you are getting on and what you have been upto.


1) Spellings - activity mat 19


2) English - creating a comic strip


3) Maths - Drawing on a grid (plotting coordinates)


4) Take Five - Check out Flyer 12


5) Science - One of the Year 5 units of learning is about Earth and Space - take your learning into orbit!  then order the planets

Thursday 16th July 2020 - Spellings Activity Mat 19

Thursday 16th July 2020 - Maths - Plotting Co ordinates

Thursday 16th July 2020 - Ordering the planets

Wednesday 15th July 2020 - It was lovely to hear from Taylor, Nina and Emiljia yesterday and I was glad to hear you are all safe and well and 'good in the hood'!  So please get in touch it would be lovely to hear from you before the end of term, which is now just a week away!  


1) Spellings - Activity Mat 18


2) English - I was talking about about famous people from history yesterday and how sadly sometimes people become more influential and famous because they have died, and we talked about Martin Luther King - so here is a chance for you to learn a little bit more about a great man from history.


3) Maths - Describing a position on a grid!  If you can remember X comes before Y in the alphabet then that will help you!


4) Take A Breath


5) See if you can access some of these symmetry games, if not have a go at the symmetry challenges I have uploaded.

Wednesday 15th July 2020 - Spellings - Activity Mat 18

Wednesday 15th July 2020 - English - Reading Comprehension about Martin Luther King

Wednesday 15th July 2020 - Maths - Describing a position

Tuesday 14th July 2020 - Hello and good morning to you all!  How are you today?  All good in the hood I hope!  Tuesday is amongst us and it is time to get started:-


1) Spellings - Activity Mat 17


2) English - Writing a set of instructions - you have to be clear and concise with instructions or you could have an accident like the learner driver who drove into some trees at Sleaford roundabout as her instructor has told her carry on straight ahead!


3) Maths - Completing a symmetric figure


4) Take Fave


5) Maths - Line of Symmetry challenges


6) Topic - One of our geography objectives this year has been to find out and be more aware of the globe - so today learn about the world's Oceans!

Tuesday 17th July 2020 - Spellings - Activity Mat 17

Check out Nikita, he has been cooking and creating!

Monday 13th July 2020 - Good morning everyone, I thought I would start the week because I had to do some gardening yesterday and forgot to put any cream on, so my head is as 'Red as a Ruby!' So use me as a warning and don't forget to put some cream on if you are going out in the sunshinesad!


1) Spellings - Activity mat 16


2) English - Revising about adverbs and fronted adverbials -


3) Maths - Learning about lines of Symmetry


4) Take a Breath


5) Reading - Read about some famous musicians from the past (there are three levels of entry so choose your level of challenge)


6) Spanish - A Spanish fortune teller, hope you enjoy.

Monday 13th July 2020 - Spelling Mat 16

Monday 13th July 2020 - Spanish Fortune Teller

Friday 10th July 2020 - Hello everyone, we have made it to the end of another week!  Hang on in there and before you know it, September will be here again!  So one last push for the week....lets go!


1) Spellings - Activity Mat 15


2) English - Read about a young man who has tried to help out lots of people and succeeded....Marcus Rashford!  


3) Maths - it is the weekly maths challenge and time to ensure you remain a TTrockster!


4) Take a Breath - Flyer 10


5) Art - Learn about Aboriginal and African Art -

Friday 10th July - Spellings - Activity Mat 15

Friday 10th July 2020 - Maths - Family Challenge

Read Reece's Revealing Newspaper Article!

Thursday 9th July 2020 - I can't believe as I am typing this that it is Thursday already, it is amazing how quickly a week can go when you are busy!  I hope you are all having a good week though and not letting the rain ruin things.


1) Spellings - Activity Mat 14


2) English - I loved Reece's headline 'Walnut Wolf Escapes' for his newspaper.  Today is looking at writing your own newspaper article using all the features -


3) Maths - Today is one up from yesterday so we go from 3 sides to 4 and learn about QUADrilaterals, if you are ever unsure think how many wheels are there on a QUADbike?


4) Take a breath - have you checked out Flyer 10?


5) Science - What are Fossils?  Find out a bit about them by doing this reading task, then perhaps see about following the recipe to make your own Fossils.

Thursday 9th July 2020 - Spellings - Activity Mat 14

Thursday 9th July 2020 - Maths - Quadrilaterals

Thursday 9th July 2020 - Science - Fossils and Fossil Recipe!

Wednesday 8th July 2020 - It's raining, it's pouring the old man is snoring! One good thing is that I didn't have to water my boys sunflowers (which they are growing for cub competition) as mother nature sorted the water out for me!


1) Spellings - Hopefully not unlucky for some - Activity Mat 13


2) English - Writing Headlines With Alliteration


3) Maths - Learning all about our 3 sided friend the Triangle -


4) Take a Breath - Flyer number 10 


5) Computing - A great skill to have is to be able to touch type - start your practice here -

Wednesday 8th July 2020 - Spelling Mat 13

Wednesday 8th July 2020 - Maths - Triangles

Tuesday 7th July 2020 - I've just checked the weather forecast and it predicts heavy rain so no excuse not to stop in and do some work!


1) Spellings - Activity Mat 12


2) English - To learn about the features of a newspaper report -  have you ever read the Newark Advertiser -  this is the online version of the local newspaper


3) Maths - Comparing and ordering Angles


4) Take a Breath


5) Timestables rockstars - a quick 5 min burst to keep that mental strength going!


6) Topic - Who came after the Romans ?  The treat yourself and design some related jewellery

Tuesday 7th July 2020 - Spelling Mat 12

Topic - Tuesday 7th July - Jewellery Design

Monday 6th July 2020 - Hello how are you?  How was your weekend, as I write this I am looking forward to a long list of jobs supplied by Mrs Cook! Whatever you did, I hope you had a good time and kept safe and well.


1) Spellings - Activity Mat 11


2) English - Revision on Conjunctions and reading about the Queen's Birthday.


3) Maths - Identifying Angles  (I always get the word Angles mixed up with Angels but they are a totally different subject!)


4) Take A Breath


5) Spanish - Having a conversation in Spanish

Monday 6th July - Spelling Mat 11

Monday 6th July - Reading - The Queen's Birthday

Monday 6th July - Monday Maths - Identifying Angles

Monday 6th July - Spanish Conversations

Check out Reece's fantastic work/learning about Issac Newton!

Friday 3rd July 2020 - Hello, how are you?  All good in the hood I hope?  The weekend is nearly upon us!  A sad day today for me, it is my daughters last day at Primary School, in September she will be going to secondary school!  It is amazing how quickly time can pass when you look back, so if there is a lesson to be learnt from this, make the most of everyday and have a good day everyday!


1) Spellings - Activity Mat 10


2) English - Reading find out more about some famous Victorian Inventors (There are three levels, so choose your entry point)


3) Maths -  1) Interpreting a line graph about sunflowers 2) Interpreting Bar Charts 3) Timetables rockstars - 10 mins bosh, boom, kerbang!  Smash it! (The answers are on the sheets so you can see how you are doing.)


4) You will need to Take 5 after all that maths


5) To end the week have a go at this Science Themed Mindfulness colouring.

Friday 3rd July - Spellings

Friday 3rd July - Reading about Victorian Inventors

Friday 3rd July - Science Mindfulness

Check out Maddie's fantastic project on Seadragons!

Thursday 2nd July 2020 - Good morning everyone, it was lovely to see Lexie-Jaye yesterday at school, she was dropping off her brother into a Year 1 bubble, and then Reece came along a bit later.  


1) Spellings - Activity Mat 9


2) English - How did you get on with the difference between fiction and non fiction?  Maddie went for non fiction with her work yesterday!  Today is learning how to use a BULLET POINT which usually comes after a : (colon)


3) Maths - Some further work on Line Graphs


4) Take a breather


5) Science - Who was Issac Newton?  Who was John Logie Baird?  Both these men were famous Scientists and Inventors, can you write a factfile and create a list (using bullet points) of all the information you find out about them?  Then have a go at inventing your own machine.

Thursday 2nd July - Spellings Activity Mat 9

Thursday 2nd July 2020 - Maths - Line Graphs

Thursday 2nd July - Science - Inventions

Wednesday 1st July - Another hump day, however not a bad hump day as it is now the 1st July!  WOW, where has that time gone!  Everyday is a count down to, hopefully, getting back to school, so keep going, you've got this!  The pictures have dried up recently, so if you have something you would like to share then please send it in!  


1) Spellings - Activity Mat 8


2) English - Understanding the difference between Fiction and Non-Fiction, usually people do understand but get the answers mixed up, if you know that fiction is made up and NON means not then put the two together and you get Not made up - so must be real!!


3) Maths - Understanding a line graph! Not as tasty as a Pie graph, but still important to understand what they are telling us!


4) Take a breath


5) RE - A Hindu temple is called a Mandir - watch this video and have a go at drawing your own Mandir


6) Computing - Watch this video, bear with it, it isn't very exciting, however it is very interesting to learn about the History of Computer Science, learning about how computers were invented and seeing pictures of the first computers and how big there were compared to what we use now!

Wednesday 1st July 2020 - Spellings

Lilianna having fun at home - take it away Lilianna!

Tuesday 30th June - Good morning everyone how are you?  Hope you've had a good start to the week?  It was a bit grey and miserable but I had a great picture from Lilianna who was thinking, if I can't go to MacDonald's, MacDonald's is going to come to me!!  Very creative indeed.


1) Spellings - Activity Mat 7


2) English - Today is going to be revising work on Coordinating Conjunctions 


3) Maths  -  looking at comparison and sum when interpreting data.


4) Take a Breath - 


5) A Reading comprehension about Wimbledon, which is the most famous tennis tournament in the world (the comprehension is 3 stars so choose which star you want to do).


6) Topic - Roman Numerals, it had to come sooner or later, but here is a good chance to learn and consolidate all you know about Roman Numerals.

Tuesday 30th June - Spellings

Tuesday 30th June - Reading Comprehension - Wimbledon

Tuesday 30th June - Topic Work - Roman Numerals Activity Booklet

Monday 29th June 2020 - Hello everyone, how are you?  I hope you have had a good weekend, the weather has been a bit like a roller coaster, very up and down! Which I don't mind as long as I am inside before it starts to chuck it down, all this queuing can lead to a lot a people getting wet!


1) Spellings - the activity mats continue!


2) English - Revision on SUFFIXES - they are the group of letters at the end of word which changes it meaning -


3) Maths - Today is learning to interpret charts!  Which is looking at how information and data is presented, my favourite type of chart is the pie chart!  (see below for the worksheets and answers).


4) Time to take a breath


5) Spanish - watch this video of some traditional Spanish dancing - Flamenco -


6) Spanish - Try this Spanish Puzzle about food!  See if you can do it without looking at the food cards????

Monday 29th June - Spellings

Friday 26th June - WOW, I was listening to the radio this morning and it said that yesterday was the hottest day of the year so far!  The thermometers have gone crazy!  I hope you are all managing to stay cool and well, it is important to keep hydrated!  


Last push of the week - 


1) Spellings - Activity Mat 5


2) English - today is learning to summarise a text and give your opinion (being able to justify rather than just say it was rubbish!)


3) Maths - lets take our ttrockstars to the next level and do the weekly challenges!


4) We all need to breathe in this weather


5) PSHE - It is important to take care of your mental health as well as your physical health so why don't you try one of these Mindfulness challenges to spend some time looking after your brain.


6) Music - this might not be to everyone's immediate taste but give it a go and approach it with an open mind - The Sound of Music -  you might learn about doe's and deers!

Spelling Mat 5

Friday Maths Challenge

Mindfulness Challenges

Check out Reece in his pool and Maddie making a Sundial!

Thursday 25th June - Scorcher!  Scorcher! Scorcher!  Wow it was even hotter yesterday!  I think it is definitely compulsory (which means it must happen) for everyone to have at least one ice lolly per day at the minute just to stay a little bit cool!  We hope Reece had a great day yesterday, he looked super cool in his pool and well done Maddie for making a sundial.


1) Spellings - Activity Mat 4


2) English - Learning how to develop a good character in a piece of writing -


3) Maths - Efficient Subtraction 


4) Take a Breath


5) Science - Can you find the following types of objects in your house  - opaque,translucent and transparent?  You will need to know what they mean in order to find them???


6) Revision of work we did earlier in the year - how do we hear sound?

Spelling Mat 4

Translucent, transparent and Opaque investigation


Wednesday 24th June - Hello everyone, how are you?  Did you manage to get a bit of sun yesterday?  Has anyone made the ice-cream?  It would have been perfect for that!  Hope you all have a good day today.


1) Spellings - Reece is enjoying the mats, are you?


2) English - Taking in part in a National Writing Day Challenge -


3) Maths - Subtraction with more than one exchange


4) Take A Breath - Flyer 8


5) Computing - I have seen lots of great artwork on Purple mash so lets try and create something fab using  don't forget to send me a picture of what you come up with please?


6) Geography - I have always been interested in volcanoes since learning about Pompeii in my first year at secondary school - check this out -

Wednesday Spelling - Activity mat 3

Tuesday 23rd June 2020 - Hello everyone how are you today?  It was lovely to see Sophia and Emilija at school today, I had a chat with Emilija and she is looking forward to coming back to school....are you?  (What type of question is this?)


1) Spellings - how were the activity mats?  Hope you enjoyed them?  Have a go at number 2


2) English - Enjoying Reading?  I have always enjoyed reading and still do, if I get 5 mins peace I try and pick up my book, sometimes it grows on you?


3) Maths - - Subtraction with one exchange!


4) Take A breath - check out today's new flyer!


5) Reading - Comprehension about David Walliams


6) Topic - Use the doc below to help you draw your own picture of a Roman Gladiator -

Tuesday Spelling Activity Mat B

Roman Gladiators

Monday 22nd June - Morning everyone, how are you? The sun looks like it has got its shine on this week so could be a scorcher?  Did you have a good weekend, did you do anything for father's day? Hope you had a good one whatever you did!


Here we go again - 


1- Spellings  - try out these Year 4 spelling activity mats!


2) English - Reading and understanding texts -


3) Maths - The inverse operation!  Last week was addition this week we start with subtraction and no exchange! 


4) Take a breath!


5) Spanish - Parts of the house!  The answers are on the second page, but can you match up the parts of the house with the correct Spanish words?

Spellings - Activity Mat 1!

Friday 19th June 2020 - Hello everyone how are you?  Yesterday was a bit of a wipe out wasn't it? I won't have to water the plants for a while that is for sure!  Hopefully it will be better for the weekend, we have a street party planned this week and an ice cream van is supposed to be coming!!  


Lets go...


1) Spellings 


2) English - Slime by David Walliams!


3) Maths - To finish the week have a go at the weekly challenge and become a TTrockstars legend.


4) Take a breath 


5) Computing - my children have loved doing this

Friday Spellings


Thursday 18th June - Hello everyone, it was lovely to see Nikita in person today!  He came to the school gates to pick up a new book and brought in his old book with all his fantastic work!  And then when I got home today some lovely emails from Maddie, Reece and Sasha!  Well done to Maddie for getting the song correct yesyesyes


1) Spellings - Nikita said he liked them, so we will carry on till the end of the week with the crosswords, his mum said they are making them they can't be too bad then!


2) English - Maddie recited her Ning, Nang, Nong poem to her dad, and it I am sure he enjoyed it!  Today is looking at rhymes in poems, we did this earlier this year idenitfying the rhyming pattern:-

Hello how are you?

I am off to the Zoo!

I 've been a long while!

I got trapped by a crocodile!

  What is the rhyming pattern??? I think it is AA BB??  Do you know why???  Find out more here...


3) Maths - Hopefully this will consolidate all your learning this week, as today is adding two, four digit numbers with more than one exchange!


4) Time to Breathe!  


5) Science - Both activities are sun related today!  So hopefully I am going to tempt it back out!  Don't worry if you can't do these straight away but please if you do do them, take a picture and send it in!  How to make a Sundial and How to make Ice Cream!


6) Could you have a go at writing a Breathe to share with the rest of the class?

Thursday 18th June Spellings

Wednesday 17th June - Hello Year 4, how are you today!  I have just had a lucky escape, we have just  got back from a walk and as soon as we got back the heavens opened and it....chucked it down!  Thunder bolt and lightening, very very frightening me! (Name the song!!)


1) Spellings - I saw that Nina had done a crossword yesterday, so we will keep going till the end of the week, hopefully they are making you think???


2) English - some great poems have been sent in thank you!  Today's task involves the memory and remembering a poet off by heart!  Maybe it is something you will remember for a long time, I can still remember the French national anthem after learning it in my first year at secondary school!


3) Maths - Today is the next step and that is addtion of two four digit numbers with one exchange, remember when there are too many in one column we have to regroup and move next door!


4) Keep on Breathing!


5) RE - please don't worry about printing and cutting, but could you have a look at the document below and then see if you can draw the symbols of these religions under their correct heading?


6) Computing - there are two 2dos to do this week, one is an old favourite and is an addictive game called snake, the other is for you to set me a multiple choice quiz of your choice!  I look forward to getting 100% in each one....hopefully!



Wednesday 17th June - Spellings

RE - Religious Symbols

If this doesn't put a smile on your face then nothing will - Nina's Rainbow Poem!

Nikita's Poem - He is a poet, did he know it???

Tuesday 16th June - Hi everyone how are you?  Thank you to Nikita for the poem, I hope you all enjoy reading it, did anyone else do one they want to send in?  I hope you all had a good Monday, it was nice to be back in school yesterday teaching the year 6 class, the only sad thing was that I wasn't teaching Year 4s!  Soon though....let's keep going we can do this yesyesheartlaughlaugh


1) Spellings - crosswords, how are you getting on? do you enjoy them?  Let me know, I appreciate any feedback!


2) English - Onomatopoeia - crash, bang, fizz, whizz, kaboom went the the Firework!  Today is learning about words which make sounds!


3) Maths - Revision on adding two four digit numbers with no exchange! so for example 1234 + 4231


4) Take a Breath - Check out Flyer 7


5) Reading Comprehension - Find out more about Hadrian's Wall, there are three stars, choose your level of entry! (Why has Hadrian's got an apostrophe in it? - This is a rhetorical question???)


6) Topic - Hadrian's Wall.....find out more here .....

Tuesday 16th June - Year 4 Spellings - crossword

Topic - 16th June - Hadrian's wall

Monday 15th June 2020 - Hello Year 4 how are you?  All good in the hood I hope?  How was your weekend?  Today is a good day for Year 6 as they start to return to school which is the first step on the road to recovery.


1) Spellings - How did you get on with the crossword?  Hope you enjoyed it? Try another one!


2) English - I'm a poet and I didn't know it!  Have a go at writing a poem, please send them into me and I will put them on the page to share with everyone!


3) Maths - Today we are going to go back and revise and consolidate our understanding of place value - watch this video and then have a go at the work below -


4) Take a Breath 


5) Music - Have a look at the body percussion ppt and see if you can make a piece of music using your body?


6) Spanish - Do some research into a Spanish city, you may also know a little bit about Barcelona.......Messi!

Monday 15th June Spellings

Music - Body Percussion

Friday 12th June 2020 - Good morning everyone, as I am typing this I have had to check the date and am glad it is not Friday the 13th!  (you might need to ask someone about this!) How are you today?  I hope that you are okay? I really am missing you all and cannot wait to see you all back in class, doing what you do best and being Superstar SWANs.  I hope you have a great weekend, even though the weather is not going to be that great, I am actually quite like to go for a walk in the rain, it means snuggling up on the sofa when you get back is even more enjoyable!  Okay lets do this....but before we get started.....


1) Spellings - I thought we would end the week with something different - try this crossword, this is where you have to try and work out the missing word from the clue - there is a letter already in the word to help you out!


2) English - giving your opinion and making a summary.  Your opinion is what you think and a summary is when you shorten and only give the key points about what you have read!  This work is based upon a book called Kensuke's Kingdom which is a great read....


3) Maths - today is the Friday maths challenge on Whiterose, so have a go at these problems then finish off with some TTrockstars, my daughter who is in year 6 was doing some work on multiples yesterday and this was just another part of maths where she needed to know her times tables!


4) Take a Breath - check out the new flyer 


5) There is a saying about life imitating art!  So we are going to flip that and do some art imitating life!  Below I have put on the page a picture of the water cycle, or you can find you own.  Could you do your own picture of the water cycle, either draw it it on paper or try and do it using 2paint in Purple Mash!  


6) I thought it would be good to end the week with something fun!  So here is Matt the Story Man reading one of the greatest pieces of English Literature ever written, it is up there with Shakespeare, Wordsworth and all the greats....enjoy  Let me know what you thought of the story????? Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!!!

Spellings - Friday 12th June - Crossword

The Water Cycle

Dragon's seem to be popular - here is Reece's fiery beast!

Thursday 11th June 2020 - Sorry for the delay if anyone has been trying to access this earlier, I have been having really bad trouble with our wifi box which seems to have been affected by the rain and decided to go slow/not work!  So I am all a bit flustered this morning!  Which shows how reliant we all are on technology....a good or bad thing?


So...better late than never, here we go!


1) Spellings - Crossword 4 


2) English -  learning about Synonyms and antonyms, powerful words and opposites, so rather than writing :- my supper was nice! We could replace the nice with delicious!


3) Maths - dividing 1 or 2 digits by 100 so it could be 7 / 100 or 71 / 100! It is all about place value and understanding where the digits move to!


4) Take a Breath!


5) Science - A little bit of revision!  See how you get on with answering some of the questions of topics we have covered this year and then check your answers with the answers! 

Thursday spellings 11th June

Take a Breath - 5 (New Flyer this week)

Wednesday 10th June 2020 - Hello everyone, how are you today?  Keeping well I hope and having a good week, the rain has stayed away so that is good news for everyone!  And some more good news, if you would like to see the Alpacas then the directions have been passed on and are :- First you get to Manners road then turn into Lowfield Lane then continue straight ahead till you see them.


Good luck with the Alpaca spotting and if you do see them a photo would be great!


1) Spellings - Another crossword for you to investigate the words on the Year 3/4 spelling list.


2) How did you get on with the dictionary work?  And here is a question can you remember who is the first person and last person on our register, as registers are done alphabetically but using peoples Surnames!  Email me your answers!

English - Today is learning about how to use a Thesaurus (maybe the cousin of a dictionary?) which has the job of maybe giving alternatives to the word you are looking up - also known as Synonyms


3) Maths  - Understanding hundredths as decimals


4) Take a Breather!


5) Computing - I have set 2paint for you to do today, time to get the creative juices flowing a design a masterpiece, maybe a dragon like Nikita's or some Alpacas like Nina???  It is over to you.....

Spellings June 10th

Nikita has been keeping busy and doing some great things at home!

Tuesday 9th June 2020 - Hello how are you today?  It was lovely to see Reece yesterday, he popped down to school to show me all the fantastic work that he had been doing at home, and then I got a great email from Nikita's mum with pictures of all his great work!  Nina, I told Reece's mum about the alpaca, she was didn't know where they were so you'll have to let me know!


1) Spellings - Today's crossword is below - Can you spell the words you found yesterday?


2) English - Today's work is about using a dictionary!  DON'T worry if you don't have one at home as the learning is based upon whether you understand alphabetical order and the system of how to use a dictionary by looking at the 2nd and 3rd letters to work out which order a word comes


3) Maths - dividing one digit by 10, I appreciate we may have already covered this, however the more confident you feel with this the better it will be in the long run, I asked Charlie last week 5 divided by 10 and he was still unsure so we will go over it again, it is so important to understand place value and when dividing by 10 digits are moving one place to the right (getting smaller) so that's right 5 divided by ten equals 0.5! - don't forget your TTrockstars, if you can take this time to do one thing....then learn those tables it will be one of the best things you can do!


4) I think after all the hard work we've done it's time to take 5!


5) Topic - Learn all about Roman Roads - the Romans left behind lots of things!  Did you know that the A46 which is a big road around Newark was originally part of a Roman road called the Fosse Way?



Tuesday 9th June - Spellings

Roman Roads in England

Monday 8th June 2020 - Hello everyone, how are you?  Did you have a good weekend, it has been fairly miserable weather wise here so Mrs Cook has had me doing jobs in the house all weekend!  So I am looking forward to getting into school tomorrow for some peace and quiet!!


So here we go, lets give it 100% and show everyone what a lot of superstar SWANs we have in Year 4!


1) Spellings - Here are some year 3/4 spellings words, can you find them in the crossword?


2) English - Today is revision about using inverted commas, can you remember the actions from when we learnt about these in class???


3) Maths - Writing tenths as decimals, if you are finding this repetitive and feel like this is too easy, that is actually a good sign, decimals are really tricky to master so hopefully your confidence is growing, also don't forget your TTrockstars!


4) Take a Breath


5) Can you find out where and label these countries where Spanish is also spoken??



Monday 8th June - Spellings

Lilianna has been working hard - Well done Lilianna - Aspiring to do your best!

Friday 5th June 2020 - Hello everyone, we made it! The end of another week, hope you've had a good one? Overall it has been good a start to the term, amazing to think this is the last official term for this year!  Please keep sending in pictures of the work you have done, it is great for me to see it.


1) Spellings - ask someone to pick ten spellings that you have corrected to be spellings in this week's test.


2) English - this is the hardest form of comprehenshion - inference - reading between the lines!  Being a detective to work out what is really going on! 


3) Maths - Have a go at the maths challenges and then have a blast on TTrockstars!  The quick recall of your tables is like a key, so if for example you are asked to find 3/7 of 21 you know 21/7 = 3 and then times that by 3 = boom!


4) Takes a Breath - check out the new flyer - and have a look 


5) For a FUN FRIDAY afternoon I have attached a couple of documents below, one is a Treasure hunt in the house and the other is a list of 100 things to do at home....hopefully you can find one activity that you think you will enjoy???  

Thursday 4th June 2020 - Wow! It's amazing how quickly the weather can change, we had lots of sunshine on Tuesday and here in Sleaford yesterday it was wet and miserable....all day!  Never mind we can't complain too much after all the sun we have had recently!


So down to business, here we go:-


1) Spellings - a catalogue of errors continues!


2) English - Today is the harder apostrophe to master...apostrophes for possession!  The boy's coat was wet.  Whose coat is it?  The boys' coats were wet.  How many boys are there?


3) Maths - Calculating quantities -


4) Take a breath


5) Science - I have attached below a couple of fun science experiments that are hopefully easy for you to do and enjoy!

Spelling Mistakes 4

Nina's Amazing Alpaca Adventure - Nina has found some Alpaca's in Newark!!!!

Wednesday 3rd June 2020 - Hello, how are u today?  All gud in the hood I hope?  I hope you likd Nina's pictures, I thort they were brilliant!  Please keep sending me the picures of what you have been doing and of all the werk you are able to doo!


1) Spellings - did you notice anything about today's intro? I am hoping you are all master spelling mistake spotters by now! - Check out the spellings in day three's work below.


2) English - Charlie (who is my son) is following the Bitesize work and is really enjoying it!  Did you like my use of brackets?

Today the focus is on Apostrophes for contraction I do not  (don't) think you will (you'll) have many problems with this, I cannot (can't) see why, so do not (don't) be scared and get stuck in!


3) Maths - Finding fractions of amounts, for example what is 1/2 of 10?  Or what is 1/4 of 12?


4) Keep on breathing


5) Computing - I'm sure that you have been spending lots of time online and maybe playing games, however being safe is very important, so I have set a 2do about creating an online e-safety poster.  I will share all your work with everyone else when you have finished.

How 'Handy' are you when it comes to Hand Hygiene - Take this test to find out!

Wednesday's Spellings

Tuesday 2nd June 2020 - Hello, how are you?  It was hot yesterday!  I saw Riley G yesterday, he was cycling past school, it was nice to see him and say hello!  


1) Spellings - Can you spot today's mistakes some are easier than others!!


2) English - Today's lesson is about becoming familiar with (BRACKETS), they are another way of adding extra information to a sentence, do you remember the work we did on RELATIVE CLAUSES last term, the only difference is that they used commas to include the information, so hopefully you will find BRACKETS okay!


3) Maths - Subtracting fractions which reminds me of eating pizza, I always start with a whole and slowly but surely all those 1/8s keeping disappearing!


4) Take A Breath


5) Reading - Find out more about Captain Tom Moore - there are three levels of difficulty so choose which level you want to have a go at.


6) Romans - Find out about Roman Houses by looking at the powerpoint below and watching this clip  then do you fancy a MEGA CHALLENGE?  Watch the video on this link and see if you can draw your own Roman House????

Spellings - Tuesday 2nd June 2020

Reading - Tuesday 2nd June - Captain Tom Moore

Roman Houses

Monday 1st June 2020 - Hello everyone, how are you?  Did you have a good half term?  I hope you did, and that you managed to have some fun, even if you couldn't go anywhere!  It seems strange to say but this is the last half term of the school year, it is strange that we won't be back but hopefully we are heading in the right direction and we can soon be together!


So without further ado....lets go!


1) Spellings - the sentences have all go spelling mistakes in them!  Some have been spotted for you, others you have to find, when you find them can you spell the words correctly?


2) English - Reading, there is a 60 second read for you about the heatwave we are currently having and also if you follow the link then there is some work on Suffixes -


3) Maths - Summer Term Week 6 - Adding together fractions!


4) Take a breath 


5) Spanish - I love a word search, here are a couple where you have to find Spanish fruits and colours.


6) PE - Are you able to go out for a walk?  

Spellings Monday 1st June

English - 60 second read - Monday 1st June 2020

Check out Maddies creative craft work! Also check this sentence out....“My dog Loki, who is big and has ginger fur, looks very cute even though he can sometimes be a devil.

Friday 22nd May 2020 - Hi everyone, we made it!  I hope you are all okay and keeping safe!  And that you have a break and rest during the half term, I know it will be slightly different but there is new fun and adventures to be had never know when or where....for example my next door neighbour gave Alice, Charlie and Henry a packet of waterbombs yesterday which they had never had before, they had a splashing time!


A BIG THANK YOU TO MADDIE, every day is a learning day and I never knew that you could click the Google Doodle and that it would teach you something....try it today! 


1) Spellings - test day


2) English - On the note of learning something new everyday!  Do you know what a PROVERB is?  I love a good proverb especially if there some sense in it!  For example - 'Many Hands Make Light Work'  What do you think this means!  Have a go at some of the proverb work below.


3) Maths - Challenge yourself!  Have a go at the maths challenges today and then challenge yourself, have a go at TTrockstars - then come back to it and see if you can beat your previous score!


4) Take a breath


5) Do something fun, new!  Here is a list of ideas I found yesterday -


6) Binge on Horrible Histories all about the Rotten Romans

Weekly Spelling Challenge - Week 5 - choose the next row or a column to learn this week from the Year 3 & 4 spelling list

English - Proverbs

Friday Maths Challenge

Take a look at Jevan's new skill....brilliant! Have you done anything new? Be like Jev and send in to show the class!

Thursday 21st May 2020 - Hello, how are you today?  What a scorcher it was yesterday, almost too hot!  We waited till evening time to go for our evening walk, it is days like this though which makes me think that we should take a more Spanish approach to life and just have a siesta (sleep) in the afternoons!


One big last push....come on you can do it!


1) Spellings - LSCWC - is there any word which you now know you can spell with out any trouble?  This is a clip of the film I mentioned the other day, the little girl uses a memory of skipping to help her,


2) English - Yesterday my son used the subordinating conjunction 'because' in one of his sentences...It was dark at night because God turned out the lights!  Which I thought was quite good...could you send me one of your best sentences?  Today read about some more Roman Gods, then use the template to create a factfile about one of the gods you have read about or make up your own god e.g Spudilia the god of potatoes - a great god as I love :- Chips, Roasts, Mash, Crisps, Boiled, Waffles etc etc etc


3) Maths - learning about fractions greater than one, so if we have three pizzas and only one half gets eaten there will be 5 halves left!

5 halves is the same as 2 wholes and 1 half!


4) Take a breath - Take 5 would like you to let them know how the breathing is helping you (see below for details)


5) Science - Electricity - could you do some research and find out where electricity can be found naturally, so without any switches or appliances????  Show me what you find through drawing pictures of every natural phenomenon!





English - Thursday 21st May - Roman God factfile!

Take a Breath - How is it helping you?

Wednesday 20th May 2020 - Well here we are again the tipping point of the week!  I was in school again yesterday and it was great to see Jev, he was still smiling which was lovely.  I hope you had a good day too!  Only three more days till half term!


1) Spellings - final push to test day on Friday!


2) English - Subordinating Conjunctions - learning about the part of the sentence that makes sense by itself - main clause and the part which doesn't subordinate clause, which contains a subordinate conjunction.


I love school (main clause)    eventhough (subordinating conjunction) I don't like work. So the subordinate clause is even though I don't like work  as this doesn't make sense just by itself!  Although is my favourite sub conjunction - I love all the teachers although Mr Cook is the best laugh


3) Maths - Extending our understanding of Equivalent Fractions - - how does 3/4 become 9/12 ? (mulitply the numerator by 3, mulitply the denominator by 3)


4) Take a breath 


5) Computing  - Coding, revision/new experience of Coding which is where computers follow instructions which you give it!  Start with the quizzes to become used to the vocab and then have a go at Free Code Chimp, then when you have mastered this, have a go at the Gibbon!


6) RE - What is a denomination?  One of the clues to this is why do we have different churches?  Why don't Christians all just go to the same church?  How different churches/denominations are there in Newark?


Reece's Magical Maths

Tuesday 19th May 2020 - Hello, how are you today?  I hope you are okay?  How was your Monday?  I was in school yesterday and it was nice to see some of the children! I look forward to when we can get back to a 'type of normal'!


So here we go again, lets do this!


1) Spellings - little and often!


2) English - How did you go with the fact and opinions!  KFC is the best takeway there is?  Fact.....or opinion?  Today is learning about, informal and formal language, can you remember what we did in class when we were sittting informally?  use the resources on line, you can either do the suggested activities or the mini test which I've added below?


3) Maths - Equivalent fractions - so fractions which are the same amount but have different numerators and denominators for example 1/2 is the same as 5/10!  the work and answers are below.


4) Take a breath


5) Topic work - Read about some Roman Gods and then answer the questions about them!  Then if you would like find out about some more Roman gods....there were alot, my favourite god has to be Mars but maybe that is more to do with the name!!


English - Tuesday 19th May 2020 - Formal or informal??

Topic Work - Tuesday 19th May 2020 - Roman Gods

Nina's Magical Maths 17th May!

Monday 17th May 2020 - Hello everyone, how was your weekend?  I hope you have managed to get out into a bit of the sunshine?  The highlight of my weekend, was I managed at long last to find some flour in the shops and on Saturday we had some blueberry pancakes....they were delicious!


1) Spellings - Week 5, hopefully we will all be Super Spellers by the end of this!  The other day I watched a film about spelling - akeelah and the bee - in America they have competitions at school called Spelling Bees!


2) English - In my opinion Lovers' Lane is the number school in Newark....I don't want to confuse you but this is probably the only opinion which is definitely a fact!  Learning about Opinion and Fact -


3) Maths - tenths and hundredths, this maybe a little bit of revision however don't worry, little and often is the best way -


4) Take a Breath 


5) Spanish - Have a go at learning the names of colours in Spanish and then have a look at the pictures created by Pablo Picasso, one of the most famous artists ever!  Have a go at a cubist inspired picture?


PE - Twist and Shout with Maximo -

Maths Monday 18th May 2020 - Tenths and Hundredths

Sophia's Boudicca Art Work & Lilianna's Poem

Friday 15th May 2020 - Hi everyone how are you today?  All good in the hood I hope?  Well done, you've made it to the end of another week and because you've worked so hard this week, I am going to give you the next two days off to relax! (I am, not sure about your children will be tidying their bedroom this weekend).  Thank you very much to everyone who has been in touch and sent me pictures.  And Nikita, I hope you enjoy your LED Cube disco this weekend, that was amazing!


1) Spellings - the test, how have you got on this week?


2) English - Proofreading - my son, Charlie, enjoyed doing this yesterday!  I had to explain what proofreading was and how important it it, I hope he has now learnt to do it so he doesn't keep missing out his full stops!!


3) Maths - Column Addition & Subtraction revision - please don't feel like you have to do all the questions on the sheet, I have been encouraging Charlie to do 5 then check, then another 5 to secure! DON'T FORGET TO EXCHANGE!


4) Take a Breath - check out the new flyer - Week 4


5) Mindfulness - Don't worry if you can't print these out, it might be nice if you did your own anyway, but take a message from the Mindfulness below and send a message to someone special to you.  

Maths - Friday 15th May 2020 - Addition and Subtraction Revision

Thursday 14th May 2020 - Hello everyone how are you, thank you for your great simile poems and to Nikita for his great LED project, he sent me a video and it is brilliant, I am trying to save it to put on the page so bear with me while I try and sort it out, some amazing work going on and I am really proud of you all.


1) Spellings


2) English - You will need help with this!  For your work today, could you ask a family member to put some of your Year 4 spellings into sentences, say those sentences to you and you to write the sentences down - this is called Transcription and is one of our targets in Year 4 - 


• write from memory simple sentences, dictated by the teacher, that include words and punctuation taught so far.


3) Maths - Counting the area of a shape -


4) Take 5 - We are nearly there for another week - well done to you all!


5) Science  - Think about your use of electricity is it essential?  Fill out the survey and then see if you can do the crossword, if you can't print it don't worry, see if you know what the answers should be anyway?

Nikita's LED Cube Project and Celtic Warrior Work!

Super, Scintillating Simile Poems

Sasha's Super Spellings and Jevan's Stunning Maths work!

Wednesday 13th May 2020 - Well here we are again, another Wednesday....are you ready for the tipping point, and I'm not talking about the game show with Ben Shepherd either! Maybe you can watch that after you have done your work today!!  


It was great to see Sasha's spelling work and Jevan's great maths work, but even more pleasing was that we won our Battle against Year 6, they scored 2233, but we crushed them with an outstanding 4275 and a big thank you to the legend....Phillip know who you are!


1) Spellings - I hope you are getting better every day, remember a little and often LSCWC


2) English - Year 4 are as intelligent as a conference of Einsteins!  Do you like my simile?  Do you know who Einstein is?  Following on from yesterday I would like you to write me a Rainbow Simile poem (see the template below), I would love to put all of them on here so please send me them when you have finished.


3) Maths - finding the perimeter of a RECTILINEAR SHAPE, that is a hard word to say!! Secure the perimeter, secure the perimeter - remember it is all the outside we are interested in!  (work sheets and answers are below)


4) Take a breath.  I am going to colour code today, my favourite breathe.


5) Computing - before we lockdown we were working on LOGO, programming and writing instructions, see how you get on!  I have also set as 2dos designing a Celtic Shield and some more information about Boudicca!



English - Weds 13th May 2020 - Writing a Simile Poem!

Phillip's Certificate MVP

Tuesday 12th May 2020 - Hello everyone, I hope you have had a good start to the week.  I was in school yesterday and you will be glad to know it is still in one piece, patiently waiting for you to come back!, Don't forget if you need anymore paper/books or help with anything please let me know and we will sort it out for you.  


How is the TT going, I checked yesterday and Nina looks like she is going to be a Timestables expert by the time she gets back!


1) Spellings - it is always pays to double check your work, my son was missing out the U in caught and kept spelling it caght!


2) English - Similes make me SMILE laugh I love similes so I hope you enjoy learning about them today -


3) Maths - Learning about the Perimeter of shapes (including a rectangle) if you join the police you might be asked to secure the perimeter of a scene (that is the outside) just one way I always remember the difference between Perimeter and Area.  Remember the work sheets are added below -


4) Take a Breath! You deserve it!


5) Guided Reading - Read all about Boudicca - choose your level of entry, 1,2 or 3 star?


6) Topic - Find out more about Boudicca - one of our country's most famous figures from history - - then design one of Boudicca's Celtic Warriors!



Tuesday 12th May - Guided Reading - Boudicca!

Tuesday Topic (12th May 2020) - Design a Celtic Warrior!

Monday 11th May 2020 - Good morning everyone, how are you?  I hope you had a great VE Day, did you stay up to watch the Queen's speech?  We had a lovely day, we had a picnic in our garden and then had a chat with our neighbours in the street in the evening.  The highlight was a World War 2 Jeep which kept driving up and down the streets with a big Union Flag trailing from the back, and when it passed by everyone cheered.


So back to business, a full week this week so lets go :-




1) Spellings - week 4 of our Year 3 & 4 spelling challenge, move on to your next row or column please.


2) English - Reading to start the week, thinking about the opinion of characters -


3) Maths - Starting to think about Multiplication, Division, Perimeter and Area - - the worksheets and answer are posted below.


4) Take a breath - check out the videos on the new Flyer (Flyer 3) 


5) Spanish - Can you say the days of the week and months of the year in Spanish  -


6) PE - we've not done it for a while but this is one of my all time favourite work outs from Go Noodle - lets Dino Stomp -

Maths Day 1 - wc 11th May 2020 - Worksheet and Answers - Multiplication/Divide/Perimeter and Area

Spanish wc 11th May 2020 - Days of week and Months of the Year

Nikola at home, Reece's Church,Lilianna's Work and Anthony's Awesome Spellings and Church - great work everyone!

Thursday 7th May 2020 - Hi everyone, how are you today!  Well done to everyone for their Purplemash work and thank you to those of you doing the TTrockstars.....sadly we are not beating Year 6!  So come on a big push please to make sure a) we know our tables and b) we show them who the number one class at Lovers' Lane is!!!


So nearly the weekend, and the VE day celebrations - why not have a look at this video of the real VE day celebrations - - the Imperial War Museums have some really good footage.


As I was browsing, this story came up, it is a great story and funny - have a watch and read (with the volume down if you like) The Day the Crayons Quit by Oliver Jeffers -


1) Spellings - week 4 - ask a family member to test you to see how you have got on this week.


2) English - Coordinating Conjunctions - Do you know what FANBOYS stands for?  These are all Coordinating conjunctions - find out more here -


3) Maths - Day 4 - Divide a three digit by one digit number - can you use the bus stop method?  I was showing Charlie this yesterday!

See my photo below  -


4) Take 5


5) Science - do you know what  Conductors and Insulator are? can you find any in your home and make a list under each header?

Maths - Thurs 7th May - Day 4 - Divide three digits by one digit

English - Wednesday 6th May 2020 - Fronted Adverbials

Wednesday 6th May 2020 - Hello everyone, we are here again the tipping point of the week.....oooops! Forgot we are past half-way, as remember, Friday is VE Day so it is a Bank Holiday, so don't forget to tell your Mums and Dads that you don't have to do any work on Friday!  My street is having a tea party, where people are going to sit outside our houses.....making sure we are all 2m apart and hopefully my daughter (Alice) is going to make a cake....if we can find any flour!  If not we will just have to have some chocolate biscuits!!


1) Spellings  - how are you getting on, my son Charlie is getting stuck on EXERCISE, he keeps forgetting the C!  So he is practicing, little and often and I keep asking him how to spell it when we go for our daily walk.


2) English - how did you get on with the paragraphs?  Today is looking at fronted adverbials, from the bitesize page, I was teaching Charlie how we make the 'Tch' sound after the fronted adverbial to make sure we remember the comma!  He quite liked it!  - - you could use the Fronted Adverbial Word Mat below to help you.


3) Maths - Day 3 - Divide a two digit by a one digit number e.g 61 / 4 - this is a bit trickier than the multiplication in my opinion so give it a go, don't be afraid to make a mistake and go for it!


I have set up two battles for you on TTrockstars, one is boys v girls in Year 4 and the other is Year 4 v Year 6, I know we are going to show them who the number one class at Lovers' Lane is  yesyesyes


4) Breathing time - I hope this is helping you, it helps me just to refocus after lunch.


5) Computing - Carry on with your animations on Purple mash, trial and error, if something doesn't work then don't worry you can't break anything, go back and try again??  Could you please email me when you have finished your animation?


6) RE - In RE this term we were going to visit some of the local churches in Newark, could you get a picture up on your screen and then sketch a picture of one our local churches?

Tuesday 5th May 2020 - Hello everyone how are you?  I hope you have had a good start to the week, I was in school yesterday and it was pretty messy, Mrs Holland, Mrs Potter and myself had a go at cleaning the KS2 stock cupboard!  It was disgusting, but it is now a bit better than it was yesterday, and that is what it is all about, little and with that in mind.....lets go!


1) Spellings - Week 3, Day 2 of the Year 3 & 4 spelling list challenge


2) English - BBC biteszie are producing Year 4 lessons which are perfect for helping us learn all about important areas of English like today's work on paragraphs -


3) Maths - Day 2 - Multiplying a three digit number by a one digit number e.g 103 x 4


4) Take a breather - Take 5!


5) Topic work - one of the reasons the Roman Empire grew so large was because they had such a good army - learn about the life of a Roman Soldier and then design your own Shield -

English - 5th May - Paragraphs

Nina's Maths work, Nina cooking some delicious fish and Nina playing ping pong!

Topic work - Roman Soldiers

Monday 4th May 2020 - Hello how are you?  I hope you have had a good weekend and that you are safe and well?  Did you know that today is actually Star Wars Day???  Because MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU! 


This week is actually a four day week as the Friday is Bank Holiday Friday!  Things were going to be different this year as this Friday is to celebrate VE Day which is Victory in Europe day, which marked the beginning of the end of the World War 2.


So lets get started :-


1) Spellings - week three of our mega spelling challenge - the third column or row please - Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check!


2) English - Reading, can you have a go at this VE comprehension, there are three levels of challenge, 1, 2, or 3 stars so you choose your entry point, the answers are on the pdf file so you can check how you are getting on.


3) Maths - learning how to multiply a two digit number by a one digit number e.g 27 x 4


4) Breathing - Take 5


5) Spanish - can you have a go at learning the names of fruit in Spanish.


6) PE - be a BBC Bitesize super mover -

English - Monday 4th May 2020 - Learn all about VE day.

Spanish - learning about the names of fruit in Spanish

Here is Maddie's Playscript - have a read, it is excellent! Poor old James!

Justas doing some great Spanish work and Reece's Julius Caesar front page! Taylor's great SPAG and Tremendous Topic work!

Check out Lilianna's Salt Dough Puppy!

Friday 1st May 2020 - Well we made it, to the end of the week and through April!  This will be an April we won't forget for a long time that's for sure.


I really do understand how hard it is for you all but please keep going, all the work you are doing at home will help you so much when you get back to school.


1) Spellings - Friday test, how have you got on this week?  See how many you are now secure on, get someone to test your learning.


2) English - One of the year 4 targets is to understand Prefixes & Suffixes - so have a go and play this game -  and then have a go at the Sled Dog Dash a game to practice your listening and reading skills -


3) Maths - Friday Challenge day - see how you get on  -


4) Take a breath - these are really important to maintain our well being 


5) English - your task this afternoon is to investigate one of the greatest writers of our time - Roald Dahl - sit back relax and enjoy Matilda -


Have a great weekend and take care xxx

Thursday 30th April 2020 - Hi everyone, how are you? How was your birthday Ethan!  Is it raining in Newark?  It rained a lot here yesterday and has been pretty all day Wet Break Day!  However we still managed to get out for our walk, we thought we had timed it to perfection but just as we were on the home stretch it started to rain again and we got soaked...always look on the brightside though as it meant we could get in our pyjamas a bit earlier.


1) Spellings - my son is doing the list, he got exercise wrong today! But practice makes perfect!


2) English/SPAG - Could you have a go at writing a playscript - Challenge B - remember to use a colon before the speaker for example

Mr Cook: You like pupils who understand colons, don't you Mrs Palmer?

Mrs Palmer: Yes I do! Lots!


3) Maths - Day 4, can you put money into the correct order?


4) Breathing - Check out the new videos from the flyer I put below - Mrs Stafford should be texting the new password, if you don't get it just email me!


5) Science - when we learn about electricity, one of the areas we learn about is how to make and draw a circuit, sadly we can't make one but have a look at this to learn about how to draw a circuit -

Wednesday 29th April 2020 - The birthdays keep coming at the minute, so today can we all please wish the KING a very happy birthday, we hope Ethan has a great day and wish him all the very best laughyes.


Here we are again, the half way point of the week 12pm....then it is all down hill to the weekend, but remember we are the number one school in Newark and therefore the number one Year 4 class in Newark so we keep going till 3.30pm on Friday yes


1) Spellings - try and put your words into a sentence (you don't have to write them down, you could say them) this will help you with the understanding of the word and being able to put it into context is just as important as being able to spell it.


2) English  - Reading, can you read the ebook  about Romulus and Remus and then have a go at part A of the work on playscripts and see if you can turn the story into something that could be acted out?


3) Maths - Time to think about Money!  Day 3 this week is learning about pounds and pence, remember how they are linked to decimals, every time you go into a shop there are decimals all over e.g those sweets are £0.25, that chocolate bar is £1.05 etc etc


4) How are you getting on with the Breathing - please let me know - Anthony asked for his password yesterday?


5) Computing - I have set 2animate as a 2do on Purple mash, see if you can make your own cartoon, you might want to start out with a stick man and change just a little thing to start with?


6) Mrs Robinson has recommended a lovely book - and you don't even have to read it yourself!  Check it out -


Tuesday 28th April 2020 - Hello everyone, I hope you are all well and safe today?  The celebrations continue in our house today as it is my birthday today, so a double header, and perhaps (but don't tell the St Botolph's teachers) not much school work today for my three today!  I am hoping for some cake later, my daughter (Alice) has started to get into her baking during lockdown, she is good at biscuits and chocolate muffins laugh


1) Spellings - carry on with your new row/column LOOK, SAY, COVER, WRITE, CHECK


2) ENGLISH/SPAG - Some of the sentences are broken, see if you can fix them?


3) Maths - Day 2 - Thinking about halves and quarters.  


4) Take 5  - Virtual Breathing 


5) Timetables rockstars - have a go, see how many times tables fact you remember, my favourite is 56 = 7 x 8 (5 6 7 8)!!!!


6) Topic - one of the most famous people from the time of the ROMANS was an Emperor called Julius Caeser, what can you find out about him - use the prompts from the file below.



Tuesday 28th April - SPAG/ENGLISH - Sentence Doctor

TOPIC - Research into a famous ROMAN - Julius Caesar

Monday 27th April 2020 -  Good morning everyone, how are you?  I hope you have had a good weekend and managed to get out into the sunshine for a little bit!  There are two celebrations today, firstly it is Gabija's birthday, so we wish Gabby a very happy birthday and hope she has a fantastic day.  Also it is my son Charlie's birthday so I am looking forward to having some cake myself later, don't tell his teacher but I don't think he will be doing much work today!!!


1) Spellings - Choose either the next row or column in the Year 3 & 4 spelling list for your target words to learn this week.


2) SPAG/ENGLISH - The number three is one of the most powerful numbers in the world, and there is a technique in writing called the POWER OF 3, if you use three adjectives you build up just the right amount of description for a reader to take on board.....have a go yourself.


3) Maths - Rounding decimals, can you remember the rule for rounding???  1,2,3,4 hit the floor, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 climb the vine.  Rounding decimals is the same as rounding whole numbers e.g 16 rounds to 20 (nearest ten) 1.6 rounds to 2 (nearest whole number).


4) Did you try the virtual breathing?  If you need the password, just email me -


5) Spanish - try and see if you can name your family in Spanish


6) PE - How are you keeping fit?  My daughter is loving Joe Wicks, the boys are playing football?  Whatever you are doing, keep up the good work.

SPAG/ENGLISH - The Power of 3

Spanish - Naming your family in Spanish

Nina - keeping busy - well done Nina.

Friday 24th April 2020 - Well done everyone we have made it to the end of another week, I hope you are all safe and well and looking forward to the weekend!  I usually look forward to a nice lie in on Saturday morning but I suspect Mrs Cook has a long list of jobs for me to do!!


1) Spellings - ask a family member to test you on the spellings you have been learning this week.


2) English - Have a go a writing your own playscript, I have attached a copy of a playscript about the Cook Family at break, you could have a go at finishing mine off if you like....Mr Cook is just about to speak!!!


Reading - I am really enjoying my book, it is about Roman Soldiers and is called Traitors of Rome by Simon Scarrow - why don't you Drop everything and Read and just spend sometime getting into another world!


3) Maths - Day 5, Today is a challenge day, so see how many of these you can do -


4) Have a go at the Virtual Breathing


5) History!!!! Seeing as it is the end of the week and you have done so well, time to relax and watch some classic cartoons that I used to watch when I was young (hence why this is a history lesson!!) let me re-introduce you to Tom & Jerry - - enjoy.

Friday 24th April - The Cook Family Playscript

Friday 24th April - Maths Challenge

Reece's Dragon - St George's Day April 23rd 2020

Madison's Earthday - Madison spent the day learning about the Earth and how we can all try to look after it.

Thursday 23rd April - Hello everyone how are you today?  All good in the hood I hope?  The sun has been shining this week so that has been nice, I hope you have been able to get outside and get some fresh air.  My daughter has just done her Joe Wicks exercise, I have been giving that a miss and going for a walk instead!!  


1) Spellings - one day to go, how are you getting on!  My son is in Year 4 and he is struggling with believe - i b4 e except after C!


2) English - one of the texts we would have looked at this term would have been playscripts, so I have attached two documents, one a powerpoint on the key features of playscripts and two a playscript about Romulus and Remus - I would love any videos of you acting it out with your family?  This is for Thurs and Fri, so take your time and get familiar with how a playscript looks and how they work for the actors.


3) Maths - day 4 and now time to order decimals, the biggest challenge is make sure that when you compare tenths with tenths and hundredths is to remember the place value holder so 0.2 is greater than 0.19 because 0.2 is actually 0.20! and 20 hundredths are greater than 19.


4) And breathe! - Check out the Take Five Virtual Breathing, your parents have been texted the password, but if you need it again please email and I will let you know what it is yes


5) Science - learning about electrcity - watch this introduction to electricity - - and then have a look at the powerpoint below about different types of electricty.



English for Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th April 2020 - Key features of a playscript and a a playscript about Romulus and Remus

Science - Different types of electricity

Check out Nikita's delicious rice crispie cakes - here is the link to make them -

Jev has been busy building some really complicated Lego Models - May the force be with him!

Wednesday 22nd April - Here we are again the tipping point of the week, once we get to lunch today it's all downhill to the weekend - hang on in there and then maybe on Saturday you can have a lie in bed like me!  If I am lucky and my children aren't jumping all over me!!!


1) Spellings - keep going with your learning of the Year 3 & 4 words, did you choose a row or column?  Let me know!  Also if you have time check out this website it looks good fun!


2) SPAG / ENGLISH - have a go at adding some extra information to some sentences by adding some relative is an example

The boy went to the park.

The boy, who was carrying his football, went to the park.


3) Reading - have another go at reading the story of Romulus and Remus - try a rally read with a parent or family member.


4) Maths - try and compare decimals - which would you rather have £0.15 or £0.25 - check out the link below - watch the video and have a go at answering the questions.


5) Computing - I have set some Purple mash todos for you - Two Roman Mosaics and a quiz about Roman Soldiers.


6) RE - This term we would have been learning about special places for Christians.  Why don't you think about and talk about somewhere you think is special?  It could be a good chance to think about some happy memories.  A special place for me is a caravan park near Filey, called Reighton Sands.  I love it because it is where my whole family meet up once a year every May bank holiday to spend some time together.  Also the fish and chips in Scarborough are it the ice is the candyflosslaugh

Wednesday 22nd April 2020 - Relative Clauses

Reading - the story of Romulus and Remus

Tuesday 21st April - Good morning everyone, how are you today?  I hope you have had a good start to the week?  I was in school yesterday, just wanted to let you know that it is still in one piece and ready for your safe return.


Here is today's work for you to have a look at


1) Spellings - keep going with the spellings, remember practice makes perfect, it would be great if you could get to grips with as many words on the Year 3 & 4 list as possible.


2) Spag / English Work - have a look at this work on pronouns, and how they are used in our writing.   Then have a go at reading the story of Romulus and Remus


3) Maths - day 2 hopefully the Whiterose page doesn't have any issues today as I know a couple of people had issues with it yesterday, today is looking at writing decimals


4) Take a Breath! - Use one of Miss Staffords.


5) Topic - watch this video of the myth of how the city of Rome was founded by two twins - Romulus and Remus  - - then can you do your own research and find out as much as you can.  Have a go at drawing a picture of the boys and the wolf, if you look at the badge of AS ROMA (one of Rome's football teams) what can you see?

SPAG work - Pronouns

Miss Stafford's Colour Breathe

Jackson is a Superstar SWAN check out his work.....

Monday 20th April - Hello everyone I hope you are all well and safe, and that you all enjoyed Easter and managed to do one or two fun activities.  So... this is a rather unusual start to a term, but NEVER forget you are a SUPERSTAR SWAN and you go to the NUMBER ONE School in Newark so you've got this yesyesyes


See how you get on with these tasks and just remember a little and often is sometimes the best way to do this:-


1) Spellings - I am going to set a weekly spellings challenge, I am going to upload the Year 3 & 4 Statutory Spellings lists, so you can either choose a row (seven spellings) or a column (16 spellings) to learn each week.  If you don't know the meaning of a word look it up!  Then see if you can put the word into a sentence to help with your understanding of it.


2) English / Spag - have a look at the document I have uploaded on Noun Phrases and see how many wonderful sentences you can build?


3) Maths - The decimals journey continues - today it is about learning how to make wholes (number bonds to hundred) so for example if you had £0.81 how much more would you need to make £1.00..........that's right, you would need £0.19


Try a breathe - start the afternoon with a relaxed mind


4) Spanish - Try and write down these Spanish Numbers - see the file below.


5) PE -  Reece sent me a picture of himself doing some Cosmic Yoga - why don't you give it a go -

ENGLISH/SPAG - Noun some super sentences!

Spanish - writing Spanish Numbers

Contact Mr Cook here if you have any questions or need help with your work at home

Please use this form to get in touch with Mr Cook who will help with your questions

On this page are a number of websites you might want to check out????

Please follow the links below for access to educational games and learning

Expectations in Year 4


  • Please bring your Reading diary and book into school every day.
  • Read at home at least 4 times a week and record in your reading diary
  • Make sure PE kits are in school Monday to Friday - PE lessons are Monday and Friday
  • Homework (given out on a Monday) needs to be completed by the following Thursday.

Year 4 World Book Day Characters - can you guess who we are?

Mr Durance (a Governor) talked to the class about his Polar expeditions.

Year 4 Science - Learning to create Classification keys.

Year 4 - Learning about Chinese New Year of the rat.

Year 4 - designing and making Christmas decorations in DT