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Miss Sowden and Mrs Fixter

Monday 20th July


Year 3 - it is now the last few days of term; what a strange term it has been. I am sad that I didn't get to be in school with you for the whole year, and I have missed you sooo much, but I am really proud of you all for doing your best at home and continuing to do your home learning. You are a lovely class and even though you will be going up to Mr Cook in Year 4 in September, I can't wait to see you all again and hear about all the fantastic things you have been doing! You will still be seeing me around school so you can't get rid of me that easily!

I am still here for you to reach by email but I hope you have a really nice summer holidays and can get out and about a bit more. Try to continue practising your times tables and continue reading. smiley


For the last few days, I would like to let you choose your learning.


Take care, STAY SAFE and don't hesitate to email me if you need anything! Miss Sowden x

Choose your learning



Use the following email to send photos of work or to let me know you are ok:


As I am not seeing you all daily and I miss you all lots can you send us a weekly email just to say hello and let me know how you are. I appreciate that you are busy but this will only take a moment of you time. Home learning isn't easy and from those that have sent me pictures or contacted me you are doing a fantastic job, this is important to us and more so your child. Keeping them busy, safe and happy is key and I am here to help you in any way I can.


Contact Miss Sowden here if you have any queries or need help with your work at home

You can use this form to talk to Miss Sowden who will help with your questions.

Friday 17th July


Spellings- Practise your spellings and handwriting of these Year 3/4 words.


English- Use your text map to begin writing your story. Use the rest of the time now to write a paragraph each day. Remember to read it back over and see if you can edit it to uplevel any words or sentences. Make it as interesting as you can!


Maths- Complete the games on TT Rockstars!


DT- This term we were going to do some Cooking & Nutrition. Can you help a family member cook a meal today?


Friday 17th July

Thursday 16th July


Spellings- Here is another word search to have a go at using Y3/4 spelling words.


English- Finish your text map for your story. Can you add thoughts/feelings/speech to your text map? 


Maths- Lesson 4: Bar Charts. Another great Maths topic!


PSHE- With the summer holidays coming up, I thought it would be a nice idea to create a jar of things you are looking forward to doing. Then at some point, perhaps with family, if you are deciding on something to do one day you can pick an idea out of your jar. We are still under some restrictions which means there are some things we can't do yet, but if you write down your ideas and put them in a jar then you can pick them out another day when the restrictions have eased even more. You can add to this every time you think of something you are looking forward to doing, you don't have to only write things today!



Wednesday 15th July


Spellings- Correct the spelling mistakes!


English- Use your story plan to create a text map for your own story. Draw pictures as you decide what is going to happen. This will help you write your story as you can follow the pictures. Remember, you can also use words on your text map. You do not need to finish this today, you can work on it today and tomorrow. 


Maths- Pictograms. We have covered this for a couple of lessons in school and you all really enjoyed it and worked super well! So hopefully you find it enjoyable and relatively easy work. Here is the link to the video:


PE- Do some physical activity!

Tuesday 14th July


Spellings- Have a go at practising writing these Year 3/4 words - you can practise your cursive handwriting too. 


English- Finish the plan for your own story. If you have finished, check it and see if you can add any more detail. You may also want to think of a list of vocabulary (words that you would like to include).


Maths- Lesson 2: Add and subtract capacity.


Topic- Using Purple Mash (or if you prefer just use paper), create a quiz about the Romans. Use what you have learnt and think of questions to test someone's knowledge. Make sure you know the answers! It can be multiple choice, yes/no questions, true/false questions, or it can be open answers. Once you have done it, quiz someone! You can send it to me and I will have a go at it! If you use Purple Mash I will be able to see it and have a go. If not you can still email me it. Try to include 5-10 questions.

Monday 13th July


Good morning, I can't believe how close we are until the end of term. I am looking forward to seeing you all as soon as it is safe for you to come back to school.


Please can you send me another email this week to let me know you are safe and well?

Today I have just attached PDFs instead of pictures - can you view these? Please email me if the pictures were more helpful/you can't open the PDFs.


Spellings- A word search to complete with Year 3/4 spelling words.


English- You have read the example story from the point of view with a laptop a couple of times now and saved some words and phrases you liked. Have a look at the plan for this story. I would like you to spend the next 2 days completing your own plan for your own story. What object did you decide to be? Use the laptop plan as a model; the more detail you include in your plan, the easier it will be to write the story. 


Maths- Today we are comparing capacity! There is a video again Lesson 1:


PE- Do some physical activity. If it is nice outside, why not do something outside today?

Friday 10th July


Reading- Read the text and answer the questions. It is another true news story that happened recently.


English- Decide which object you are going to write your perspective from in your own story. The example used was a laptop, but you can choose anything. Have a think and note down some questions you would ask the object to find out how it feels / what it thinks. Imagine the object was going to sit in the hot seat in the classroom, what would you ask it? You could then even have a think about what the answers to the questions might be. The aim is to try and get you to think from another perspective. 


Maths- I have set you some more TT Rockstars to practice your times tables.


Computing- I have also set you a 2do to practise your coding skills again seeing as it was very early on in the year when we covered coding. Happy computing! 

Friday's reading

Thursday 9th July


Spellings- Here are some more spellings to practise! 


English- Reread the story about the laptop and pick out any words and phrases used in the story that you really like. You might want to note these down so you can borrow them for your own story. 


Maths- Lesson 4: Measure capacity! There is a video and a worksheet, but why not have a go yourself at pouring different amounts of water into some jugs/measuring cups if you can? The best way to learn is to actually do it! You might want to pour some water in a jug and estimate how much is in there based on which number it is in between.


Art- Have a look out the window, can you sketch what you see? Try putting different pressures on the pencil to show tone (lighter and darker patches) like we have talked about in school before. Some people find sketching relaxing, you might want to play some music in the background if that helps you concentrate or feel calm. You can use the template of a window I have attached below or just use a blank page. 

Wednesday 8th July


Spellings- Here are some more spellings for you to recap.


English- Have a read of the PDF document I have attached below. This is a story told from a laptop's perspective. We are going to recreate this and create our own stories from the perspective of an object. Your task today is to read the story and note down any words you are unsure about, then find out what these words mean. Create a glossary for them.


Maths- Lesson 3: Adding and subtracting mass.


PE- Do some physical activity. Same options as before.

Tuesday 7th July


Reading- Read the text and answer the questions. This is based on a real recent event to do with football which you may already know about.


English- Yesterday you looked at what the word perspective means and looked at different perspectives. As a warm up for this piece of writing - can you write a short paragraph from the perspective of a pencil sharpener? You can make it as silly as you like! Read the information below and have a go at writing this. Can you use some powerful verbs and adjectives?


Maths- Compare mass. There is a video on the white rose page here Lesson 2:


PSHE- Think of all our key workers. Do you know who they are? Do you know anyone who has been working as a key worker during lock down? Would you like to thank anyone? I would like you to find out who the key workers are and create some art work for someone you would like to thank for their hard work during the pandemic. Some people have also been working hard at home whilst trying to help their children with home learning at the same time so you might want to thank someone for this. If you would like to, stick the art work in your window or give it to someone who you would like to thank. I'm sure it would make their day!

Monday 6th July


Good morning, I hope you are all still well. Remember you can email me if you have any questions or problems. I can also print things for you or send you different work if you wanted to practise something in particular. 


Spellings- Some more spellings for you to recap. We are nearly at the end.


English- From now until the end of term we are going to be working on writing a story from an object's perspective. What is perspective? Perspective is the way someone sees something; it is their point of view. We are going to explore how things can look very different from different perspectives. For instance, I don't really like when it rains, but the plants must like it because it helps them grow. That's two different perspectives. Look at the cards I have attached as a PDF and think about whether these two people would view this thing in the same way, or whether they would have different perspectives. 


Maths- We are looking at something called MASS and it's all about weighing things! You did touch on this in Year 2. This week, if you have any opportunity to get the scales out and have a go at measuring things, do it! You might want to help with cooking or baking and this will help you and remind you how to read scales. 

There is a video for this lesson here it's Lesson 1 of this week:


PE- It's time to do some physical activity! What did you do last week? I've got the banana meatball song in my head again! Have a go at some of the YouTube activities or go for a walk/run, or maybe play an outdoor sport with someone. 

Some of this week's home learning from Dylan!

Friday 3rd July


Spellings- Some more spellings to recap.


English- Read this story and have a look at the picture. Your challenge is to finish the story! Write a paragraph.


Maths- I have set you some more games on TT Rockstars to practise your times tables! Last week Andreea, Lillie-Mae, Rares, Isabel and Leo D all had a go, well done!


Computing- I have set you another activity as a 2do to practise your coding skills. Let me know how you get on! I can also see at the end if you have completed the challenge. 

Thursday 2nd July


SPAG activity- have a go at these SPAG questions this morning.


English- Try these activities based on the story starter you read yesterday.


Maths- Tell the time to 5 minutes. There is a video here, lesson 4:


Topic- Can you write a diary entry imagining you were one of the people in Pompeii around the time Mount Vesuvius began to erupt? If you prefer you could write it as a comic strip or even a story board with pictures. Just remember to include thoughts and feelings. 

Wednesday 1st July


Spellings- Here are some more spellings to practise.


English- Read the story starter and answer these questions.


Maths- Recognising and describing 3D shapes today. There is a video here, lesson 3:


PE- Do some physical activity. Remember these are ideas:

Joe Wicks-

Cosmic Kids Yoga-

There are also just dance videos you can copy or go noodle - (my favourite is banana banana meatball: here is a link to it ). 

Tuesday 30th June


SPAG activity- Have a go at these SPAG questions (Spelling, punctuation and grammar).


English- Can you complete these activities based on the story starter you read yesterday?


Maths- Recognising 2D and 3D Shapes. The video is the second video on the White Rose page:


Art- Can you create a summer pinwheel that can spin in the wind? You can stick them around your garden. You also might want to attach it to a straw or something long. Don't forget to decorate it!

Monday 29th June


I hope you all had a nice weekend. It is getting close to the end of term and we have finished a lot of our topics so you might find that I am putting a bit less work on the website. I'm going to continue to post a spelling/reading/grammar activity, English and Maths and then just 1 more 'afternoon' type lesson. You can always email me if you would like anything extra.




Spellings- Recap these spellings from earlier this year.


English- Read the story starter and answer the questions.


Maths- We are looking at drawing shapes accurately. The video is found here on Week 10 Lesson 1 -


PE- Do some physical activity.

Joe Wicks-

Cosmic Kids Yoga-

Friday 26th June


I hope you are all well and enjoying the sunshine. I've been sent some fantastic work this week well done everyone! It's been great to see. If you haven't already, please could you reply to my email letting me know if you are ok?


Spellings- Some new spellings to recap.


English - Be the teacher! Please mark this piece of work for me and check that apostrophes are being used correctly.


Maths- It's TT Rockstars time again! Just want to say a quick very well done to Rares, Lillie-Mae, Amber-Rose, Andreea and Dylan for their hard work on their times tables last week! I have set 15 games again so good luck everyone. 


RE- I've attached the story of Esther from the Bible. If you are interested, have a read of it and then see if you can draw a comic strip about it! There are also videos of the story online, but they are quite long, so it is up to you if you would like to watch one of these. 


Music- Can you make your own musical instrument?

Thursday 25h June


Reading- Read the text and answer the questions.


English- Use an apostrophe in each sentence but make the nouns plural. Remember, for a plural, the apostrophe goes after the s. 

e.g. The twins' clothes were matching. You need to use your knowledge of plurals to change some of the words, e.g. wolf becomes wolves. If you want to practise this further you can go onto Phonics Play like we do in class sometimes. 


Maths- Have a go at solving these problems!


Computing- It's been so long since we did coding at the start of the year, so it's time to brush up on your coding skills and I have set you a 2do on Purple Mash to do this.


Science- We have finished all our Science topics but I thought it would be fun for you to have a go at one of these Science experiments if you can.






Some home learning from this week! Well done!!

Wednesday 24th June


Spellings- Recap these spellings.


English- Which sentences contain plurals? Think about where the apostrophe is.


Maths- Find some objects around your house or in your garden and measure the perimeter. You need to measure the length of each side and then add it together. If you've got a tape measure you could measure some larger objects too, like doors etc. If not, you can just find smaller objects and use a ruler. You can fill out the table or just write it in your book without the table. If you don't have a ruler, you can estimate how long each side is and then add these together to calculate what the perimeter could be. As long as the calculation is correct then this is fine!


PE- Do some physical activity.

Joe Wicks:

Cosmic Kids Yoga:


Topic: I have gathered some information about Mount Vesuvius: a volcano near Naples, Italy. In Ancient Rome, there was a city called Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius erupted and covered Pompeii with ash and destroyed the city! Read the information and then look at the information cards I have created. Can you cut them out and stick them in your books in the right order? If you don't have a printed version then you could copy them out in the correct order.

Tuesday 23rd June


Reading- Read the text and answer the questions. Today it is a poem!


English- Yesterday you recapped using the possessive apostrophe. Today we are going to practise using this apostrophe for plurals. Plurals means when there is more than one person or object that the thing belongs to. For instance, if you are talking about the boys' house - but by boys, you mean two boys, not just one, the possessive apostrophe goes at the end of the word after the s. The boys' house. 


The girl's bedroom. = singular - There is just one girl.

The girls' bedroom = plural - There is more than one girl.

Look where the apostrophe is in each word and sort into singular and plural.



Maths- Perimeter word problems!


PSHE- I thought it would be a nice activity to list the positives that have come from being in lockdown. This means the good things that have happened from it. For example, have you learnt any new skills? Have you started to get along better with a sibling? Maybe you have celebrated some special events and had a really nice time? For me I would say it has made me appreciate my family and friends more because I have missed seeing them all! Can you show me your list when you've done? It would be nice to share them with each other on our class page.


Art- As I said before, in Year 3 one of the skills we learn is to draw facial expressions. I found a video for a draw along - that means you draw along with a person who shows you how. You can skip bits of the video to find the bits you need. I enjoy these, I remember doing a draw along for a snowman around Christmas time once. You can use the templates or a blank piece of paper. 

The link to the video is here:

Monday 22nd June


Good morning, I hope you are all ok and had a nice weekend. Let's have a go at another week of home learning. If you have any questions or need any help please do email me. I will be emailing everyone again at some point this week to check you are ok but you can always send me one first. smiley


Spellings- Since we are getting towards the end of term, I thought we could recap a few different lists of spellings this week. 

Here is list one:


English- Apostrophes - You touched on this in Year 2 and I know many of you know how to use them but today we are going to recap to refresh our memory. Possessive apostrophes are used to tell us that something belongs to someone. So if the car belongs to Tom, we would say: Tom's car. The apostrophe is after his name and before the 's' (We will look at plurals later this week). Have a go at the two activities to practise using these apostrophes.


Maths- More perimeter work!


PE- Do some physical activity.

Joe Wicks-

Cosmic Kids Yoga-


Spanish- Practising writing the months of the year.

Friday 19th June


The end of the week. Thank you so much everyone for getting in contact and checking in to let me know how you are, it is great to hear everybody is doing ok!


Today's work:


Reading- Read the text and answer the questions.


English- You've got to correct all the sentences to make sure they all have the correct punctuation. This means they need capital letters and full stops in the right places. It's easy for us to forget these so it's a good thing to practise. Remember, capital letters aren't just for the beginning of sentences, they need to be used for names of people, places and days of the week too. 



Maths- I've set you 15 games on TT Rockstars - space them out over the day or weekend if you need to. Very important to keep practicing those times tables!


Art- I've also set you 2 2dos on Purple Mash for the Art this week. Previously, we've looked at mosaics and we have had a go at a couple of them. I thought it would be fun for you to make one on the computer using purple mash. You can make it look however you like! You could do a Roman mosaic but it doesn't have to be. The second 2do is if you feel like a challenge; you can have a go at a symmetrical mosaic. This means one half of the picture is a mirror image of the other half, so if you put a mirror down the middle of it you would see the same in the mirror as what is on the page. 

Friday 19th June Work

Indie’s home learning and his ‘most improved player’ trophy from rugby! Well done Indie!

Thursday 18th June


Spellings- Ask someone to test you on your spellings today. Can you spell them all correctly?


English- Answer the questions based on the story starter you read yesterday. Then complete the next two activities. On the 'sick sentences' section - it has a spelling mistake (relating to some work you have done recently!) - can you spot it? Maybe you could add some adjectives as well.


Maths- We are calculating the perimeter. The questions will give you the lengths of the sides and you have to add them together to get the perimeter. Or it may tell you the perimeter and you have to work out the length of one of the sides. Remember - in a square, every side is the same length. In a rectangle, opposite sides are equal lengths. You can use these facts to help you work out some of the answers.

Here is a video if you need one:


Computing- Since we learnt about sending emails earlier in the year, can you remember how to send one? Have a go at using 2email on Purple Mash to send me an email. As an extra challenge, you might even want to attach a drawing/painting using the paperclip button- it says paint picture. 


RE- We are still learning about different people from the Bible. Read the story about Abraham and Sarah - I have attached some slides. If you prefer, you could find a video about it to watch. Fill out the thought bubbles and speech bubbles and write what you think the characters in the story might be thinking and saying.

Wednesday 17th June


Good morning!


Spellings- Word search! You can print it off or play it here:


English- Here is a new story starter. Can you read it and write a paragraph describing the scene. Use your imagination to pretend it is in colour and describe all the different colours you see.


Maths- Perimeter! Can you remember what perimeter is? It is the total length of the outside of a shape. I really enjoyed teaching this in school because you all seemed to grasp it really well so let's see if you can remember how to do it. There is a video to remind you here:


PE: Do some physical activity.

Joe Wicks:
Cosmic Kids Yoga:


Topic: Can you use your information skills to find out about the modern day city Rome?

Home learning from Dylan!

Tuesday 16th June 


I hope you are all doing well. It looks like it might be getting sunny again so I hope you get to spend some nice outdoor time. 

Please can you send me an email again to let me know how you are? I want to check in with you weekly so I know you are okay. Remember you can also email me for questions or concerns of course or just to let me know what you have been up to!


Reading- Read the text and answer the questions.


English- Have a go at these three activities. For the first one, you've got to finish the sentences using the sentence starters. In the last activity, there are two spellings mistakes... can you spot them? You might have to read it carefully to find them!


Maths- Yesterday was adding lengths, today is subtracting lengths! There is a video here:


PSHE- Can you create a pyramid of priorities? Read all the things around the outside and think about which are the most important to you and which are the least important. Draw a pyramid (or use this one) and write in each thing. The most important things are at the top and it goes down to the least important at the bottom. Challenge: you can add other things to it that are also important to you and put them wherever you decide.


Music- Have a go at this creative music activity. It is quite a nice one to do.

Dylan has been practising his skills all weekend and look what he can now do 😊

Still image for this video

Monday 15th June


Spellings- New spellings for this week!


English- Read this story starter and then answer the questions.


Maths- We are looking at adding lengths. Here is a video: 


PE- Do some physical activity.

Joe Wicks-

Cosmic Kids Yoga-


Spanish- Here is a word search with all of the months in Spanish. I found them all, can you?!

Home learning from Dylan!

Home learning from Andreea!

Friday 12th June


Spellings- Ask a member of your family to test you on your spellings. Let me know how you do!


Maths- I have set you 10 games of TT Rockstars to practise your times tables - Can you do even more than 10?! 


English- Creative writing activity. Be as descriptive as you can. I will be looking out for some WOW words. Why don't you use the two word mats that you used earlier this week? There was one full of descriptive words and one with conjunctions. 


Art- This is an activity about summer. It is drawing your dream summer scene in a pair of sunglasses so it looks like the reflection. I thought you might like to use this activity to draw in the glasses all the things you would like to do when things have gone back to normal again?


I hope you have a nice weekend and can see some friends or family at a safe distance.

Friday 12th June work

Thursday 11th June


Reading- Read the text and answer the questions.


English- Asking more questions. Don't forget to use a question mark. Can you write at least one question for each word? You should have at least 6 questions.


Maths- We are comparing lengths in this lesson. Here is a video to help:



RE- I have attached a PDF to read about another story from the Bible; it is called Hannah's promise. Have a read or ask someone to read it to you. Do you like the story? Why? Why not?


Computing- I set up a new class blog on Purple Mash so we can all speak to each other. Log onto Purple Mash and click on:

Computing -> 2Blog -> Class Blogs

The blog is called 'Year 3 Home Learning Class Blog'. 

You have to view the blog and then you can press the green + button to add something to it. Can you write an entry for the blog, telling the class something you have been doing whilst at home? Or it might just be a message you would like to send to the class or me. If you begin to add entries to the blog then you can also read each others. 

Some home learning from this week so far from Dylan and Andreea! Well done guys.

Wednesday 10th June


If you haven't already, please can you send me an email to update me on how you are doing? I need to touch base with everyone each week to check you are ok because I am not seeing you every day like I normally would be. smiley


Spellings- Spellings word search! Play it here or print the PDF.


English- Have a go at this writing activity including asking questions. Remember to use a question mark for your questions - ?


Maths- Yesterday it was converting m and cm. Today it is converting cm and mm. Remember 1cm = 10mm. so 2cm = 20mm, etc. If the videos help you, here is the link:


PE- Do some physical activity.

Joe Wicks-

Cosmic Kids Yoga-


Topic- Have a look through the slides to see what foods were eaten in Ancient Rome and some fun facts. Can you use this to design a Roman meal including a starter, main and dessert? You can use the template provided. You can even draw the meal too.

Tuesday 9th June


Reading- Read the text and answer the questions.


English- Can you write an exciting paragraph predicting what happens next? Your challenge is to include some conjunctions in your writing. I have included a word mat so you have some to choose from. 


Maths- We are looking at equivalent lengths. Remember that 1 metre = 100 centimetres. This means 2 metres = 200 centimetres, 3 metres = 300 centimetres and so on. 1 metre and 50 centimetres is the same as 150 centimetres.

This will help you work out the answers to the questions. There is a video here to help you and remind you what to do:


PSHE- Last week I showed you the eat well guide. This week we are thinking about the branding of foods and how this can affect the foods that people buy. One example of this means looking at what is on the packaging. Look at some food you have at home - what is on the packaging? Are there any pictures or phrases that make you want to buy or eat the food? Is it trying to persuade you to buy it? It might be a sentence saying how healthy or tasty it is. A good example to look at is cereal boxes as they often have lots of pictures on the front. 

Can you design and draw your own food packaging that makes people want to buy it? It can be any snack. 

Idea: you could even paint or stick paper and draw over an existing packaging, e.g. a cereal box. Be creative!


Music- Here is a link to a music lesson on BBC Bitesize and it is all about dynamics.

Monday 8th June


I really enjoyed seeing some of the work you did last week!


Please send me another email at some point this week to let me know you are ok.


Spellings - New spellings for this week.


English- Can you have a go at this writing activity? It is all about describing so you will want to use lots of adjectives. I have included a word mat to give you an idea of some words to use!


Maths- We are going over measuring in centimetres which we looked at earlier this year. How much can you remember?

If it helps you to watch a video there is one here:


PE- Do some physical activity.

I don't know if you still need the links I normally post, but here they are:

Joe Wicks-

Cosmic Kids Yoga-


Spanish- Read, say and learn the months of the year in Spanish. Practise them regularly. You might even want to print them out and stick them somewhere. I've attached a document which is the months in Spanish and in English so you can match them together if you want to. Maybe you could even play a game of snap. If you want to just learn them by reading and saying them this is fine.

Wow look at Indie’s piñata that he made this week! Brilliant.

Dylan’s English and Topic work!

Friday 5th June


Spellings- Ask someone to test you on your spellings!


English- We are practising using their, they're and there. Have a look at the reminders on what each one means. There is used when you are talking about something being in a certain place. Their is used when something belongs to someone. They're is a contraction for 'they are'.


Have a go at this activity.


Maths- Continue with your Maths work from yesterday. If you have finished it, spend some time on TT Rockstars!

Art- Have a go at this fun, creative activity. It links in to our previous Science work on shadows. Hopefully you will be able to get a bit of sunshine to do it at some point this weekend but if not you could try using a light. Let me know how you get on.

New Take 5 breathes! The password is the same as before. If you are unsure just ask.

Can you create a poster or something creative to show why you like Take 5 Breathing?!

Here is Lillie-Mae’s Roman God - the God of rain!

Thursday 4th June


Spellings- These sentences all have spelling mistakes in them! Can you correct them?


English- You have 3 activities to have a go at based on the story you read yesterday.


Maths- For the next two days, have a go at the booklet I have attached as a PDF below (you can just write the answers out in your book) If you can't access it please send me an email and let me know and I will try to help. It is a 'consolidation' - this means going back and practising it again to check that you understand it. It is about addition and subtraction. See how you get on. 


Music and Computing- I was going to do separate lessons, but then I thought why not mix them up! There is a great website that I have used before and it's really fun - 

You have to create a sequence of different beats/sounds and it creates a melody, so you can create your own music. You have to drag the symbols onto the people to decide which sounds you want to include. I wish I could show you how to use it, but hopefully you will find it simple. If you are struggling, don't hesitate to send me an email and I can try to explain further or I can even show you a video of me using it! I personally like the 'sunrise' option but you can explore and see which ones you like. I hope you enjoy it.

Wednesday 3rd June


Spellings- Have a go at the spellings word search or print the PDF and have a go.


English- Read the text and answer the questions. 


Maths- We are subtracting with an exchange. There is a video here to remind you how to do it.


Topic- Design a Roman God. Use your imagination! Show me when you have finished it. smiley Attributes means what are the main qualities or features of your Roman God?


PE- Do some physical activity.

Joe Wicks-

Cosmic Kids Yoga-


Please keep emailing me with any questions or concerns or to let me know how you are getting on.

Some home learning from Dylan!

Tuesday 2nd June


Spellings- If you haven't already, check the meaning of any of your spellings you are unsure of. Use each word in a sentence and write it down. Challenge: Can you use neat, joined handwriting?


English- Have a go at these two activities based on the story starter you read yesterday.


Maths- We are subtracting (taking away) 3-digit numbers from 3-digit numbers. These are numbers with digits in the ones, tens and hundreds column.


PSHE- Our new topic is all about making healthy choices. We need to know about the different types of foods and how much of them we should eat. Here is what we call the /eat well plate'. It shows you 5 different groups of food and how much of them you should eat. The bigger triangles mean you should eat lots of these and the smaller triangles mean you should only eat a bit of these foods in a day. Can you try to find 10 different foods in your house and look at the eat well plate to see if you can find out which group they belong to? I wonder if you can find something from each group? Sweets and chocolate (high sugar and high fat foods) are separate and these should be eaten less often and in small amounts. If you would like to read about it there is a good website here 


RE- Another story from the Bible is the story of David and Goliath. Watch it here: .

Can you list some similarities and differences between David and Goliath? How are they the same and how are they different?


Monday 1st June


Hello!! Welcome back. I hope you all had a nice half term. Let me know if you managed to do anything exciting? I just tried to sit outside in the sun as much as I could (with sun cream and sunglasses of course- and sometimes a hat!!).


Please send me an email to let me know how you are or what you've been up to or if you have any questions about anything. I like to keep in touch with you and miss seeing your faces every day!


Spellings- New spellings for this week. 



English- Read the story starter and have a go at the activity. 


Maths- We are practicing adding 2 3-digit numbers. Remember you might need to carry over some digits if your answer crosses over 10. 



PE- Do some physical activity.

Here are the links I normally send but any physical activity is great.

Joe Wicks- (By the way parents if you like Joe Wicks I would recommend his cook books!)

Cosmic Kids Yoga-


Spanish- This one really depends on whether you have access to the resources - so it's just an idea for a fun Spanish activity that you could maybe do at some point this week. It is making a Spanish Pinata! You don't need to use crepe paper you could decorate it with normal paper or anything you want.


Virtual Take 5 New Breathes

Lillie-Mae’s joined handwriting 😊

Friday 22nd May


Good morning everyone. It is nearly the half term!

If you haven't sent me an email this week, please can you send me one to let me know if you are doing ok? 


Reading- Read the text and answer the questions.


English- Write a list poem! Have a look at the example and use the plan to help you. Can I read it when you have done it? smiley


Maths- I've set you 10 games on TT Rockstars. Please try and have a go at at least a few of these, it would be great to see more people taking part in TT Rockstars. If you prefer, I will also attach paper copies. 


RE- Another important person from the Bible was Jonah. He is part of the story 'Jonah and the Big Fish'. Watch a video here to find out what this story is: 

If you would like to do an activity, have a go at this crossword. We have tried a couple of crosswords in school but some of you found them tricky, so just give it a go and see what you can do! You need to understand the story to know what the words are.


Music- Bitesize lesson - What are dynamics? 

Sorry lots of links!


I hope you all have a nice half term and if you have any questions about anything or need anything please do email me! It's nice to hear from you. 

Some home learning from Dylan - well done 😊

Nancy, Lillie-Mae and Andreea's Computing Work - Advice about sharing passwords!

Thursday 21st May


Spellings- Ask someone to test you on your spellings. Let me know how you do. smiley


English- Can you answer these comprehension questions about the explorer story you read on Monday? It will help to read back the story again and have it with you to look at to answer the questions. You will find the answers in the text. I will post the answers tomorrow with the Maths answers too.


Maths- We are adding 3-digit numbers. These numbers all have digits in the hundreds, tens and ones columns. If you need a reminder then you can watch this video:


Science- If you can, have a go at this shadow experiment. A shadow is a shape made when something blocks light (the object is opaque so light doesn't shine through it). If you cut out the superhero logo then this shape will block the light and a shadow should be created in that shape. If you have a torch or a light you could try this, or maybe try it in the sun, the shadow might appear on the ground. If you can't print out the templates, you can just draw a shape onto normal paper (and the logo inside the shape) and cut it out - you don't need the templates. It doesn't even have to be a superhero logo, you could try and make the shape of an animal or something else. Whatever you decide, I would love to see a photo of the shadow you create!


Computing- Have a look at the pictures to see Nancy, Lillie-Mae and Andreea's work from last week. smiley

I've set you another 2do on Purple Mash. Tony has been playing online with someone that he has never met and they have invited him to meet, what do you think he should do? Can you give him some advice? Think about what we have learned when talking about how to stay safe online. 

Yesterday's Maths answers don't want to upload today! Please send me an email if you'd like them and I can send them across. smiley

Wednesday 20th May


Handwriting/Spellings - Not done this for a while. Can you practise writing out your spellings again but in your neatest handwriting, if you normally do at school then practise your joined handwriting. Like we do in school, try to do one line of each word. Challenge: Can you write one sentence with each word in? (One sentence per word, not one sentence with them all in!) Send a photo when you are done to show me your lovely handw. laugh


English- We are looking at synonyms. Synonyms are words that have the same meaning, like fast and quick, or pretty and beautiful. 

Find the synonyms for each word and then see if you can think of one more of your own!



Maths- We are subtracting (taking away) 2 digit numbers from 3 digit numbers. If you would like to watch a video to help you then you can find the video here:



Joe Wicks-

Cosmic Kids Yoga-

Or maybe you might want to think of your own physical activity to do?


Topic- Choose one of these home learning activities to do based on the Romans! Present it however you like. Then send a photo to show me your fantastic work! laugh

Wednesday 20th May work and yesterday's Maths answers

Tuesday 19th May


Reading- Read  the text and answer the questions.



English- Have a go at this vocabulary activity.


Maths- We are recapping adding 2 and 3 digit numbers. You can use the column method we have practised if it helps you. If you would like to watch a video to help you remember what to do then you can find it here: 


PSHE- We are looking at different types of jobs people can have. People who work can either work part time or full time. Some people work during the day Monday to Friday and have the weekends and evenings off and some people are what we call shift workers. This means that they don't always work certain days or times, their shifts might change. Sometimes they may work during the week, sometimes they may work weekends, and sometimes some people even do night shifts too - that means they work during the night.

Your challenge is to speak to friends and family and find one person who works part time, one person who works full time Monday - Friday and has weekends off, and then one person who is a shift worker. You don't have to write their name but write what their job is and ask them a little bit about what they do. The aim is to try and learn about 3 different jobs. If you can't find anyone, maybe you could use the internet to learn about a job, or it could be a job someone used to have. 


Art- In Year 3 one of the skills we learn is to be able to find information and learn about a famous artist. I want to introduce you to Andy Warhol. He does something called Pop Art. I will attach an information sheet about him which you can read, but if you like you can also use the internet to find out about him. It would be good if you had a look at some of his art work, see what you think of it. I love all the bright colours he uses. I would like you to write down some information about him and what you think about his art work. You can present this how you want, it could be a picture or a fact file or even a written piece of work. It could even be a PowerPoint or a video of you talking if you want! You can include as much information as you like. 


Monday 18th May


Hello, I hope you all enjoyed your weekend.

Please send me another email this week to let me know how you are. If you need anything I will help in any way I can. smiley


Spellings- A new set of spellings today.


English- Here is a new text. It is a diary entry about an adventure to a jungle. Can you read the text and then write down any words you are not sure of? Then find out what they mean and write it down. This widens your vocabulary and helps you know more words to use in your own writing. 


Maths- WELL DONE everyone who went on TT Rockstars and helped their team! GIRLS you have won this time!!! The top two scorers were Andreea and Rares! laugh


Today we are recapping adding and subtracting 2-digit and 3-digit numbers. You might not need it, but if you need a bit of a reminder, there is a link to a video here: 



Joe Wicks

Cosmic Kids Yoga


Maybe you might even want to copy some Just Dance videos like we do in school sometimes? You can find these videos on YouTube if you just search for the song you want. My favourite is I Like To Move It. laugh


Spanish- Mrs Fixter sent me a rainbow that needs colouring, but the labels are in Spanish. We would love to see how many colours you can remember from what you learnt earlier in the year! See how many you can get. If you have forgotten some, maybe you can use the internet to help you remember. You don't need to print it, you can draw your own rainbow if you want, just remember to label the colours in Spanish. Maybe you could even stick this rainbow in your window for everyone to see. I know some of you probably have rainbows in the window already, so maybe you could add this one.

Friday 15th May 


Spellings- Ask someone to test you on your spellings. Let me know how you do! smiley


English- Complete two activities to do with The Witch story. Can you make the sentences better by making them more interesting? Maybe you could edit some of the words or add some more information. It's like editing your work with blue pen at school to improve it. Then draw a picture of the witches house. Extension: can you use your picture to write a description of the witches house? Remember to use lots of adjectives.


Maths- Can you practise your times tables today for Maths? I have set up a battle - Year 3 boys against Year 3 girls!!! Who will win the most points?!? I'm excited! I've decided to leave the battle there until Monday incase you want to have another go over the weekend! Let's see who wins!


Music- Have a look at this BBC Bitesize lesson all about pulse and rhythm!


That's all for today. I hope you enjoy your weekend and spend some nice family time and have some chill out time. If you want to you can always do more Joe Wicks workouts or Cosmic Kids Yoga. smiley

Friday 15th May Printable English if needed and Maths answers for yesterday

Virtual take 5 week 4! The password is the same as before.

Thursday 14th May 


Reading- Read the text and answer the questions.


English- Read this story starter. It is a story called The Witch. Then have a think and use your imagination to answer the questions under neath.


Maths- Check your answers from yesterday - the answers will be below as a PDF. Then we are looking at Lesson 3 of - Divide 2 digits by 1 digit. Remember to draw things out if it helps you. In class sometimes we used things like cubes or counters, so if you have anything like this, use it!


Science- Light can sometimes shine through an object, like a window. This is because windows are transparent so they let all of the light through. Transparent objects tend to be objects that are see through. Sometimes, light is absorbed by an object and so it doesn't shine through it at all, like a bag or a carboard box. These objects are opaque (oh-pay-k). If it is in-between, and some light can shine through but not completely, then these objects are translucent. These objects we can see through them a little bit but not totally. They might be a different colour, e.g. a green glass bottle. The main objective of this is to understand what these words mean, so practise using them. 

Can you have a look at these objects and put them into groups of transparent, translucent and opaque objects? You can use the table or make your own. You can cut them out and stick them in or write or draw them. If you would like a challenge, see if you can think of another object to add to each column. 


Computing- I have set you a 2do on Purple Mash. At school we learnt about email and how to stay safe when using email. We discussed never sharing your password with anyone. This includes other online things, e.g. TT Rockstars and Purple Mash! Your 2do: Can you design a poster to tell people to never share their passwords?


Have a look at all of Mason’s lovely art work!

Indie’s budgeting choices!

Wednesday 13th May 


Spellings - Create a word search or play this one! 

You can also print the PDF document.


English- Can you have a go at writing a diary entry pretending to be one of the superheros goin on the vacation? Use the work you've done the last couple of days to give you inspiration on what to write. Remember to write in first person - "I', "me", "my". 

I would love to read this when you have done it. 


Maths- I have attached the answers for yesterdays Maths so that you can check them.

Today we are practicing multiplying 2 digits by 1 digit. This is lesson 2 on the white rose videos - you can watch the video to remind you how to do it. 




Joe Wicks -

or Cosmic Kids Yoga -


Topic- If you'd like to do some more work on the Romans, why don't you have a go at one of these activities these week and present it how you like?

I would love to see your finished work.


Tuesday 12th May


Again please send me a quick email this week to let me know how you are. Please keep sending your work, it's lovely to see lots of you having a go at it and some of the fab activities you are doing. 


Reading- I thought we would have a look at some Myths and Legends seeing as we had a look at a Roman Myth last week. Read the text and answer the questions. 


English- Have a go at these two activities to do with the picture and story starter you read yesterday.



Maths- For now, we are going to recap some tricky things we have looked at in school this year. We will do this with the help of white rose videos again. Watch Lesson 1 - Multiplying and Dividing by 4 and 8 and complete the worksheet, I will attach it as a PDF. Remember you can just write the answers straight in your book to save printing, it is up to you. It might help to draw some of it out. 


PSHE- We are still looking at spending and budgeting. I have put together a role play activity for you to have a go at. It is meant to be a bit of fun and for you to learn a bit about how to budget money. Don't worry if you find it tricky with not being at school and in a group with other children, just have a go and have fun with it. You can use a calculator to help you work things out, it's not about testing your Maths!


You are going to pretend you are all grown up and you have your own money to spend. You can spend 1800 pounds each month. You need to choose which house you want to pay for, then which groceries you will buy, and then which 'fun' items you want to buy. Which will you decide first? Think about last week when you decided which things were 'needs' and which were 'wants'. Choose the things you NEED first. You must not spend more than 1800 pounds! Can you budget so you can afford everything you would like?? Look out for all the information, e.g. one of the houses doesn't allow pets! 

Remember this is just a pretend activity, the houses aren't real and it is all just for fun and learning... and I'm not actually going to give you 1800 pounds sorry!! smiley 

You can just write your answers down but if you'd like to you could cut and stick out the things you are going to 'spend money' on and stick them in your book. 


Monday 11th May 


Good morning. I hope you all had a nice weekend. I don't have a BBQ so I cooked some burgers and sausages in the oven instead!! AND I've finished watching Harry Potter! 


Spellings- You know what to do!


English- Read the starter for this story 'The Vacation' about superheroes going on holiday. Then write down your answers to the questions. 


Maths- We are looking at hours in a day. There are 24 hours in each day. Sometimes we think of the day starting when we get up and ending when we go to sleep, but actually the day begins at midnight and ends at midnight the next day and there are 24 hours in between this.

There are 7 days in a week but we are only at school for 5 days and then 2 days at the weekend. So remember a 'school week' is 5 days because that means the days we are in school.

Have a go and see if you can answer these questions.



Joe Wicks

Cosmic Kids Yoga


RE- We have missed a few RE lessons so we are going to do some RE today. Our topic is Amazing Men and Women in the Bible. One important person written about in the Bible is Noah and you may have heard of the story of Noah's Ark. You can watch a video here to learn about the story of Noah's Ark or I have attached a PDF version of the story with pictures. After reading or watching, can you have a think about these questions and answer them?



Friday 8th March 


Today it is a bank holiday so spend time with your families and enjoy yourselves.


Why was the bank holiday moved to today? The bank holiday was moved to today to mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day. 

If you are unsure what exactly VE Day is - you can watch this video 


Why don't you celebrate with your family today, you could have a picnic or BBQ and play some games? You could even decorate your house with some VE Day decorations! Some streets and villages are doing social distancing street parties / picnics! That sounds like fun, I haven't heard about anything happening where I live but I'm going to keep an eye out!


Below I will attach some VE Day activities that you could use as part of your celebrations but these are completely optional and only for people who want something else to do! I hope you all have a lovely day. Please continue to keep in touch.

DIY Lava Lamp

Thursday 7th May


How are you all doing? Please let me know if you need anything.


Reading- Read the text and have a go at the questions.


English- Romulus and Remus- Continuing with nouns and pronouns. Replace some of the nouns in the text with pronouns.


Maths- We are going to start looking at time. First we will start with months of the year. 

There are 7 days in each week and there are usually 30 or 31 days in each month. There is a rhyme to help you remember. 30 days has September, April, June and November, all the rest have 31 except for February all alone, with 28 days each year and 29 on each leap year. (There are different variants).

There are 365 days in a year but there are 366 days in a leap year (which happens every 4 years) and this is when there are 29 days in February. 2020 is a leap year, so there were 29 days in February this year. This means the next leap year will be in 2024.


Can you have a look at a calendar to help you answer these questions? 



Science- Last week I asked you to make a list of good and bad things about the sun.

Here is mine:


  • helps plants make food
  • helps people make Vitamin D
  • provides warmth
  • makes people feel happier
  • is a source of light



  • causes sunburn
  • causes wrinkles
  • can cause skin cancer
  • damages the eyes

Did you have any of the same things as me?!

For your task this week can you design and draw your own perfect pair of sunglasses for people to be able to enjoy all the nice things about the sun while being protected from the bad things. Use your imagination, they can have special tools on them. They can look however you like. Draw a labelled picture of them and explain how they work. 


Computing- I've set you a 2do. You might want to look at the fruits database again to refresh your memory. It is a vegetable database, the same as the fruits one, with the yes or no questions, but you've got to finish it. You have got to ask questions for people to answer so the computer can guess their fruit. It might be tricky, so just give it a go and explore. We can look at this again when we are back in school. 


An idea for learning times tables?

Wednesday 6th May

(How is it already the 6th May?!)


Spellings- Why don't you make your own spellings word search this time?! We've done this before in school and you all really enjoyed it. Use your spellings and put them into a word search of your own. I'll attach a template underneath this box that you can use or you could even draw one.

You can keep this template to make other word searches for fun if you'd like, and give them to family members to have a go at.


English- How many pronouns can you remember?

Here is an extract from the myth about Romulus and Remus. Can you find all the nouns and pronouns? Complete both activities. Remember that nouns are naming words, or the name of things. Pronouns can replace nouns, e.g. he, she, they, it, them, her, etc.



Maths- I've set you 10 games on TT rockstars to do - we need to keep practising! (You can do more than 10) 

I've checked it and made sure it isn't setting you all the times tables from 1-12, as long as you are playing on garage mode. I will attach some paper copies below as well incase you like those. 

Remember, if it helps you, if you are still not so confident, you can write them all out and have it next to you while you practise.


PE Day!


Topic- Can you have a go at one of these Roman-related activities?


Remember you can email me at any time, I miss you all so even if it's not the work and it's just to show me what you are up to, I would love that. smiley

Amber-Rose’s Roman shield and sword 😊

Tuesday 5th May


Thanks everyone who has got in touch this week so far and who have sent photos of work. You can have a look at some photos if you scroll down.


Reading- Read the text and answer the questions. 


English- Create a storyboard to show what happened in the Myth Romulus and Remus. Draw pictures in the boxes and write underneath a sentence or two explaining what happened in each picture. You can choose whether you want to split the story up into 4, 6 or 8 parts on your storyboard. There are templates for each that you can print or you can draw it straight into your book without a template. 


Maths- You've added fractions, now have a go at subtracting fractions (taking away). Click on Summer Term Week 2 Lesson 2 Subtract Fractions. 



PSHE- When we spend money we have to think about budgeting. This means only spending money on things we can afford. First we spend money on the things we need, such as clothes, food, etc. Then we can spend money on the things we want, like games or days out. Can you make a list of more things that are needs and more things that are wants? You could look at the things around your house to give you ideas. 


Art- Can you have a practise at drawing different facial expressions? You could use a mirror and practise making each expression to see what they look like. How can you make it clear which emotion is being felt? Think about the position of the eyebrows, the eyes (is the person squinting?), the cheekbones, the lips, is the person smiling or pouting? Remember it isn't all just in the mouth, a lot can be seen in the eyes too. 

Have a go at drawing these different expressions:

Circle which one you feel today. Or if it's something else, draw it!

How to make birthdays fun in lockdown! Happy birthday Dylan!

Indie’s Spanish and Maths work from today, go Indie!

Monday 4th May


Good morning everyone. I hope you had a nice weekend. I've been watching Harry Potter in the evenings so I finally understand some of the words you were teaching me in our 'familiar and unfamiliar settings' lesson. I never understood what a muggle was! I hope you have been watching some nice films. 


Spellings- Look, say, cover, write, check. These are similar to last time.


English- In Ancient Rome, people used to tell each other myths. Myths are traditional stories which are passed down through generations. They are usually creative stories which teach people about something in the world but these stories are not usually 100% true. They often include fantasy elements, such as powerful gods and creatures. There are many myths which come from Ancient Rome or Ancient Greece.


Read this myth, it is called Romulus and Remus. It is a myth which was written to describe how the city of Rome was built. 

If there are any words you are unsure of, can you find out what they mean?


Maths- Can you have a go at Summer term week 2 lesson 1- Add fractions.



Joe Wicks

Cosmic Kids Yoga


Spanish- Which foods can you remember how to say in Spanish? Practise saying them. Use 'me gustan' and 'no me gustan' to say if you like them or not. Draw a picture of all the foods you know in Spanish and label them in Spanish. If there are some you can't remember, you can use your notes or the internet to find out what they are. You can also scroll down this page to find them. 

I would love to see a photo of your labelled picture of foods.

Friday 1st May


Hi everyone. Some of you have been working really hard and I can see that from the photos of your work that you've sent. I know that it is difficult not knowing when we will be back at school and some of you are finding it hard to keep motivated. If you need to, use this day as a break and do something fun and creative. When I do this I feel like it recharges my batteries. If you need some ideas on something fun to do today, here are some ideas.


If you still want to do some set English and Maths work (as well as or instead of the ideas above) here is an English puzzle and a Maths puzzle. Hopefully you will enjoy doing these. 


I'll post the answers to these later on. 


There is also TT rockstars for you to play and you can also go onto , login with the username march20 and password home and play some games to practice Phase 6. This helps with spellings. Hover over the games to see if you can do Phase 6. These are ideas for you to have some fun.


Whatever you choose to do today, I hope you enjoy it and it makes you feel happy.


Please keep in touch with me, this could be just emailing me once a week to let me know everything is ok with you. Thank you smiley

Virtual Take 5 Breathing Week 2 Flyer - The password has been texted to parents

Indie’s facts about Roman Gods - loving the Roman costume! Who else can have a go at dressing up as a Roman?

Thursday 30th April


Reading- Read the text and answer the questions.


English- Can you use your plan and all the writing you've practised so far to write a report about the trolls? 

You can re read the original text to give you ideas. You can also use all of the sentences you have written previously. Check this list for everything you should try to include. Use the sub-headings that are on your plan. I would love to read these if you would like to send me a photo of it once you have written it. smiley 


Maths- Can you please watch and have a go at Summer Term 1 Week 1 Lesson 4 - Order Fractions. Complete one or both activity sheets. We will have a break from fractions tomorrow.


Science- What light sources did you find last week? I found a lamp, a torch, candles, the sun (not in my house, seen out the window), the light in the fridge, the TV. Did you know that the moon is not a source of light, because it reflects the light from the sun, making it look bright? This means it doesn't actually provide light itself. 

Speaking of the sun, it is important that we understand that, while the sun is great for many things, it can also be dangerous for a few different reasons. Can you have a think and make a list of the reasons why the sun is good and then reasons why the sun is bad? You can speak to people or read about the sun to help you if you want to, or just use your own ideas. Then next week, I will show you my lists and we can see if we thought of the same reasons. 


Computing- Branching databases. Did you have a go at asking yes or no questions to find the answer to something? 

I have set you a 2do on Purple Mash - it is called fruits database. Click on it and it comes up with a branching database. You can see the branches. I want you to explore using this, so just press the play button at the top and think of a fruit (banana, pear, apple, orange, grapes or lemon) and answer the questions it asks you. See if it guesses your fruit?

(spherical means shaped a bit like a ball or sphere- like a 3D circle)


If you want a challenge and are a Purple Mash expert, you could edit some of the questions or add an extra branch to it for a different fruit if you like.

Emoji Pictionary - can you name these children’s books?

Roman Mosaics 😊

Wednesday 29th April


Good morning, I hope you are all still well. Thanks everybody that contacted me to let me know that you are doing okay. Please keep in touch so I know how you are. 


Spellings- Spellings word search! Print or play online : 

It wouldn't let me put the word 'secondly' so I changed it to 'firstly' because it needed to have 10 words. 


English- Can you use this sheet to put a plan together for an information report about Trolls. What will you include in each section? Use your imagination! You can change the sub-headings if you'd like to. 


Maths- Can you watch and complete Summer Term Week 1 Lesson 3 Compare Fractions - remember the second sheet is more challenging. 
Remember - numerator is the top number and denominator is the bottom number of the fraction (the whole amount).



Joe Wicks

Cosmic Kids Yoga


Topic- Please complete one of these home learning activities - and be as creative as you like laugh

Dylan and Lillie-Mae found all the answers to the recent word searches!

Lillie-Mae has been practising Cosmic Kids Yoga, well done for keeping active. 😊

Tuesday 28th April


Reading- Read the text and answer the questions.


English-  The Drop-in Game: Can you write sentences which add extra information about your trolls?


Maths- Watch Summer Term Week 1 Lesson 2 Equivalent fractions (3) and have a go at the first activity sheet. If you are confident, move onto the second sheet. Then you can check your answers.




Have a look at these examples of Roman mosaics below. Look closely at the patterns, symbols and colours used. Can you have a go at creating your own Roman mosaic? You can cut out and stick small bits of coloured paper, or colour the paper to stick on. Or, you could even just use colouring pencils but colour small squares to give it a mosaic effect. You can use one of the templates I will attach underneath this box or you could just create your own from scratch. You can copy one of the examples if you like. Try to use some of the same patterns and colours to make it look like it was created during the Roman empire. I would love to see a photo if you have a go at one of these.



PSHE- When we buy things, we often have to think about how we can get something that is the best value for money. Last week you found out what that meant - it means that the thing being bought is well worth the money you spent on it, it is not always the cheapest thing. It is the opposite of something being a waste of money.

Have a look at these three trainers. Look at how much each one costs and read the description of each. Have a think about which trainer you think is the best value for money and explain why.  You might want to have a discussion with someone about it first. If you can't print it out, you can just say which price the trainer is instead of colouring it in. There is not necessarily a 'correct' answer as long as you can justify why you would buy this trainer. It is about thinking of the pros and cons of buying each one.

Keep reading at home when you can!

Monday 27th April


Spellings- Look, say, cover, write, check. 


English- Engaging adverbs game! 


Maths- Summer Term Week 1 Lesson 1 - Equivalent Fractions (2). Watch it, have a go at the first activity sheet and just try your best. It is quite tricky so don't be too hard on yourself. If you are confident, have a go at the second sheet. 



Joe Wicks

Cosmic Kids Yoga


Spanish- Practise saying the foods you learnt in Spanish last week. I have made a wordsearch with these for you to do and I have included some new foods.

Pollo (poh-yoh) = chicken.

Queso (keh-soh) = cheese.

Jamon (hah-mohn) = ham.

Pan (pahn) = bread.

Pescado (pehs-kah-doh) = fish.

Helado (eh-lah-doh) = ice-cream.


You can print the wordsearch or follow this link to do it online.

Dylan’s Roman helmet!

Look at Indie’s Roman shield with facts about gladiators! Well done!

Garden activities!

Friday 24th April


Spellings- Ask someone to test you on your spellings.


English- The 'add on' adverbs game. 



Maths- Watch and complete Week 2 Lesson 5 Equivalent fractions - Give yourself a HUGE pat on the back if you have had a go at all the fractions work this week!!


I would like to say a big well done to Andreea and Rares who have been doing a fab job on TT rockstars. They have shown a HUGE improvement in their speed and they have both earned over 100,000 coins each for all their hard work. Well done guys!


I haven't set you any TT rockstars this week so far but you can practise these any time. If you want to have a go at some over the weekend, I have now set you 10 sessions as a challenge.


RE- In RE we are going to begin looking at 'Amazing men and women in the Bible'. To get introduced to this topic- can you find out about one 'amazing' man or woman who is mentioned in the Bible, and display some facts about them/what they did? You can do this as creatively as you like, you can use drawings or writing, or both! 


Music- Let's explore melody and pitch. Watch the video and have a go at the interactive game. Then you can do one of the activities to practise your singing if you like. Our Year 3 SWANS are fantastic at singing. smiley (Hopefully this link still works- please let me know if it doesn't.)


Have a lovely weekend. heart

Some more work!

Thursday 23rd April


I am enjoying seeing your work and all the activities you are up to!


Reading- Read the text and answer the questions. 


English- Can you write sentences to describe the troll using lists of 3 adjectives? Can you have a go at using alliteration? (Where each word begins with the same letter.) Use your description to draw a picture of the troll with labels. The picture needs to match your description!


Maths- Watch and complete Week 2 Lesson 4 Fractions of a set of objects (3) 


Science- Our science topic is 'Light'. I would like you to have a think about what things are light sources. A light source is something that creates or provides light. Can you have a look around your house or outside and write down the name of any things you can find that are light sources. Think carefully. Is a window a light source? Does it create it's own light or does it just let light through? Is a mirror a light source or does it just reflect light from something else? Think: if you were in total darkness, would this thing be able to provide some light? 


Computing- We have learnt a bit about what 'data' is - it is information or facts about something. A database is a big collection of this information, which is usually kept on computers. For example, the school attendance database has all the data on children's attendance at school and this is found on the computer. 

We are going to look at something called a branching database - which is something that is used on the computer to put all of this information into two groups by answering 'yes' or 'no' questions. It is called branching because the questions asked only have two answers- so these are two branches. It helps you find the data that you need. 


It is a bit like the game "guess who" - you have to ask your opponent yes or no questions, such as "are they wearing a hat?" or "do they have brown hair?" to find out who their person is.

If you have this game, play it with someone to familiarise yourself with the idea.


If not, you can still play, just think of a person you know and someone has to ask you yes or no questions to try and guess who they are. Make sure it is someone that they can guess. If you don't want to think of a person, you could think of a fruit, or a film, or anything you like, but they are only allowed to ask yes or no questions. Then swap, you have a go at asking the yes or no questions. 


I hope this makes sense and you can have a bit of fun with it. This is a type of game you might play a lot anyway - Sometimes we have been playing it while we are out for a walk!


Wednesday 22nd April


Please can you check in with me this week via email/the contact form so I know that you are okay. smiley


Spellings- Wordsearch! Download and print the PDF or play here-


English- The Adjective Game


Maths- Have a look and complete Week 2 Lesson 3: Fractions as a set of objects (2). Complete the first sheet and if you are confident, complete the second sheet. The answers are there for you to check afterwards. Again, I hope you find these videos helpful and not too complicated. So far, they seem to be quite good. 



Joe Wicks

Cosmic Kids Yoga

I have started doing Yoga every day, it is great for your body and your mind. I have also been going for one walk each day so if you aren't already doing this, I would really recommend it for some exercise and to get out of the house for a little bit, if you are able to (with a grown up of course). Playing in the garden is also a good idea if you have one.


Topic- Our new topic this term is Ancient Rome.

Who Were the Romans? 

The Romans came from the city of Rome in modern-day Italy. However, the Romans ruled countries across the world - including Great Britain - which was called the Roman Empire.

Ancient Rome had a huge impact on many areas of life, such as engineering and government, and they ruled for nearly 1000 years. 

They won lots of land by invading countries and fighting battles with groups of people.


I would like you to use your research skills to complete a home learning project about the Romans, with a different activity of your choice each week. You can talk to people, read books, use the internet, watch videos, anything to help you find out information about the Romans. Here are some useful websites:

BBC Bitesize is also another good one. 


This week, choose one of the following activities to complete. You can be as creative as you like with it. 

If you would like a factfile template with boxes I have attached one below.

Tuesday 21st April 


Reading- Read the text and answer the questions.


English- Can you find out the meaning of these words used in the Trolls report?


Maths- Let's try moving on with fractions. Go to - we are still on Week 2. Watch the video for Week 2 Lesson 2- Fractions of a set of objects. Then have a go at the first worksheet. If you are confident, move onto the second page of the worksheet. The answers are there for you to mark. 


Art- One of the skills we learn in Year 3 is to be able to express feelings through sketching. List every colour you can think of. Think about how each colour makes you feel. I find that purple is my relaxing colour, blue is a sad colour for me and yellow is my happiest colour. Red makes me think of love. Think about which colours represent how you feel right now. Can you draw different types of lines? What would a happy line look like, or an angry line? Would it be scribbly or dark? Have a go at drawing some of these. Are there any symbols that might represent how you feel right now? If you felt happy, how could you show this, would it be a smiley face, or a love heart? Your task is to have a go and see if you can create a picture that expresses how you feel at the moment, using all of these things. If you would like to, you can write a short explanation of what you have included and how it represents what you are feeling. 


PSHE- Our new PSHE topic is budgeting and spending. Can you find out what it means if something is 'value for money' and write down a definition for this?

Monday 20th April 2020


Spellings- Look, say, cover, write, check. 


English- Today, I would just like you to read this report about Trolls. We are going to be doing some work on it so please familiarise yourself with the text. Read it a couple of times if you need to. (PDF below this block)


Maths- Refresh your knowledge of fractions. Can you find the fraction for each question? If you can't print it out, have a go at drawing the answers for the 'colouring' questions. Some of you will whizz through this, so if you still have time, have a go at the counting up and down in tenths activity. If you are able to print it, after you have completed it, maybe stick it up on the wall somewhere so you can look at it and continue to practise counting up and down in tenths. 



PE- Joe wicks

Or Cosmic Kids Yoga


Spanish- We are learning about Spanish foods. Practise saying the foods in Spanish and sort them into groups of foods that you like or don't like. Me gustan (goostahn) means I like them. No me gustan means I don't like them.


It is tricky to learn new Spanish without hearing how to pronounce it so I will try to explain the pronunciation of each word below:

Fresas (freh-sah)

Manzanas (man-than-nah)

Uvas (oo-bah)

Pinas (pee-nyah)

Platanos (plah-tah-noh)

Cebollas (theh-boh-yah)

Pimientos (pee-myehn-toh)


If you would like to hear someone say it, you can type in the words on here and click the Spanish option.

Hello Year 3 smiley


I hope you all had a nice Easter and it is now the Summer term! I will do my best to provide you with home learning activities so you can move forward with your learning and I hope have some fun while doing it. You can write/draw the answers straight into your home learning books, or print them off and write onto the sheets to stick in your books. It is not absolutely essential that you complete every single activity every day; do what you feel you need. It is more important that you are happy and looking after yourselves and your families. Please do try to read something each day and take as many reading opportunities as you can! Remember you can always email me or contact me through the form and I will answer any questions or help with the work in any way I can. 


I like to see pictures of your work and show your fantastic skills off by posting them on our class page, if you would like to, email me some photos of your work.


We are all thinking of you, if you haven't already, have a look at the "Latest News" section of the website to find a special message from all of us at Lovers' Lane. 


Miss Sowden

Easter Break Home Learning Ideas


These are to give you an idea of some activities you might want to have a go at (you don't need to try and do them all).


Read every day


TT Rockstars


Log onto Purple Mash and practise your typing with 2Type.


White Rose Maths Easter fun -


Creative Art activities -


Backyard scavenger hunt


Easter Activity Bingo


Below I have attached some PDFs for more optional activities. If I come across any other ideas I will add these to the website as I go along. 


I am thinking of you all lots and hope to see you again soonish!

Look at the rainbow Indie created when practising mosaic, fantastic!

Lillie-Mae’s and Amber-Rose’s trees of positivity! 😊

Easter acrostic poems

Some super work by Indie, Dylan and Lillie-Mae. Well done!

If children want a challenge to keep them occupied, I know how much Year 3 love Lego.

Some of the children in Year 3 expressed that they would like to have an example of a timetable to follow during their home learning. Here are a few examples I have found for you to look at and use.

Please follow the links below to access educational games and learning.

Miss Sowden teaches in Year 3 with teaching assistant Mrs Fixter (mornings and some of the afternoons).

Mrs Lambert and Mrs Fixter teach on Monday afternoons. 

Mrs Fixter also teaches on Friday afternoons.


This is our class page where you can see what we are learning about and experiencing each term. There will also be useful resources to help you at home.


Welcome back! This term we are going to the extreme ends of the Earth! We are going to spend the first 6 weeks learning all about the Antarctic and the last 6 weeks learning all about the Desert. 


We will start going swimming on Wednesday afternoons starting on the 4th of March.


Expectations in Year 3

  • Reading diary and book in school every day
  • Reading at home at least 4 times a week with entries in the diary
  • Homework is handed out on a Friday and collected in by Thursday
  • Children take responsibility for bringing in their own equipment
  • To come into school on their own in the morning 



Year 3 PE is on Monday and Wednesday

Please make sure you have the correct equipment on these days (shorts/T-shirt/trainers/joggers for cold weather)

We created freeze frames/ role plays of the different stages of a plant’s life cycle. Can you guess which parts of the life cycle these are?

In Art we explored African colours, shapes and patterns to create one big picture full of our own squares.

World Book Day! Can you name all the characters?

Today in Science we learnt that unlike poles of a magnet attract and like poles repel. We pretended to be north and south poles and attracted and repelled each other.

In Computing, we are practising our typing. Children can practise this at home using Purple Mash.

For DT this term we learnt to design and make an object to meet a range of requirements. We decided what materials to use and how we would join them together. We designed and made our own boats made from junk and after we tested them in water we evaluated our designs by thinking about how the boats could be improved. We were inspired by reading Ice Trap and learning about the people who sailed to Antarctica on the boat ‘Endurance’.

Pictures from our trip to Flag Fen in Peterborough

We had a great time playing ga ga ball.

We enjoyed making and tasting Stone Age fruit stew when we were learning how to write instructions.