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Year 3 archive 2018 - 2019

Welcome to Year 3


Mrs Young is the Year 3 class teacher with teaching assistants is Mrs Fixter and Mrs Lambert.


This is our class page where you can find out about what we are learning and resources to help you.


Expectations in Year 3

  • Reading Diary and book in school every day
  • Reading at least 4 times a week at home.
  • Diary and homework check on Fridays 
  • Children to take responsibility bringing in their own equipment



Year 3 outdoor PE is on a Monday afternoon. Please make sure that you have correct equipment (shorts/ t-shirt/ trainers/ joggers and jumpers for cold weather). 


Swimming will begin on Wednesday 27th February and will run through until the end of the summer term. Children will require a one piece swimsuit for girls and trunks for boys (not baggy shorts), and a towel packed in a swim bag. Long hair must be tired back. If children want to wear swimming goggles then please sign and return the permission letter that was given to your children during the week commencing 11.2.19.  We will travel to and from the swimming pool by bus. During lessons the children will be taught by qualified swimming teachers and will be supervised by school staff at ll times. 

What's coming up this term


This term we are learning about ancient Egypt. On March 21st we are taking a trip to the Collection museum where we will be taking part in a variety of workshops in order to learn more about life in Egyptian times.

Year 3 Spelling List


As spelling is an important part of writing, the children practise a different group of spellings each week. These are sent home as homework and we work on them during school time too. The children will be quizzed on their weekly spellings each Friday. The weekly spellings for Spring 2 can be seen below.



In Year 3, homework will given out on Friday and is to be returned the following Friday. 



In English we have been looking at newspaper articles and writing our own based on the death of the King Tut. During Spring 2 we shall be 


To compliment our Rain forest topic the children have made tropical fruit smoothies and then written instructions about their experience. Morrisons of Newark kindly invited the children for a tour of the store and provided them with all of the ingredients they would need for their smoothies. 

Morrisons Trip


The lovely people at Morrisons, Newark kindly welcomed us to their store in order to learn about the diferent foods that they offer, how the support the British food industry and what they are doing to reduce plastic waste. We had a fantastic time and they also provided us with all of the ingredients we needed to make tropical fruit smoothies as part of our English unit on instruction writing.

Here are a few photos from our fruit smoothie making session. Every child in the class participated in making a smoothie and tasted them. Everyone did a fantastic job.



In year 3, we are fantastic at maths! We love to learn using practical resources and have been making wonderful progress this year. Time tables are hugely  important in maths and being fluent at recalling them will help the children massively. The expectation for the end of year 3 is to be able recall the 2, 5, 10, 3, 4, and 8 times tables at speed. Any practise you can do at home will help the children to be successful. There are a range of times table games that the children can access at home, on Purple Mash. The children also enjoy using 'Hit the Button' which is a free website. Why not have a go here:



By combining geography and history we are able to cover a wide range of topics. During year 3 the children will learn about:

Autumn - Rain forests

Spring - The Ancient Egyptians

Summer - The Anglo Saxons

We often use our topics to inspire our English, art and design & technology work.

Tropical Butterfly Park - Autumn


On our trip to the 'Tropical Butterfly Park in October we were lucky enough to take part in a series of workshop where the children were able to get up close with some amazing creatures. Check out the photos from our trip below:



In school we use a system called Purple Mash for our computing lessons. Each child has their own individual log in which they use in school and at home. Purple Mash is a safe and secure site where the children can enjoy a range of fun and educational tools. Use the link below to access Purple Mash, you will find your child's log in, in the front cover of their reading diary. If you have any questions please see a member of the year 3 team.