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Year 2


Colour mixing and tissue paper collage linked to famous paintings seen of the Great Fire of London.

Tudor buildings made from clay where we developed our joining skills.

Using different grades of pencils to sketch London now and in 1666.

We looked at a painting of the Great FIre of London to show our feelings and edited them using tools on the iPads.

African line art with oil pastels

Tingatinga paintings where we have been applying our colour mixing skills.

African animal patterns using oil pastels - Can you guess the animal?

Paper collage African masks

Decorative African clay pots

Art Week

The theme for this years art week was 'Nature'. Year 2 did lot's of art work outside exploring nature in our school grounds. 

Natural weaving

Nature portraits

Under the sea oil pastels

Colour mixing with paint - we have been practising mixing secondary colours using primary colours as well as using black and white to make tints and tones. Here we have used Paul Klee's 'Caslte and the Sun' for inspiration to make our own pictures. 

Woven Medieval Flags

Charcoal and oil pastel houses from the Great Fire of London. 
Clay Tudor houses
Joining clay to make a 2D Tudor house.
African animal patterns using oil pastels to create line and texture. Can you guess the animals? 
African sunset. Created by adding and mixing white paint to make tints.
Year 2 2019-2020
Peter Thorpe art work - Paint and oil pastel
Florence Nightingale and Neil Armstrong - painting colour mixing skills
Celebrating Chinese New Year with moving dragons
Aztec printing. We used these skills learnt from printing to make our 2020 calendars. 
Frieda Kahlo painting and 3D textured flowers. 
Clay Mexican Pots
Vincent Van Gogh painting
Andy Goldsworthy Art Work 
African Art Work 
Great Fire of London art work