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Welcome to Year One!

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Contacting Mrs Chiasson

Please message me if you have any questions, want to share homelearning or need to discuss anything.

During the week, we found out the ‘elf on the shelf’ was from the North Pole so we have been finding out what the area around the Arctic is like. As if by magic, it began to snow! We decided we’d use our senses to explore the snow and imagined how cold it must be in the North Pole! (Sorry some of the photos are blurred..... it was cold!)
Home learning

When your child has completed their home learning, if you are able, it would be fantastic if you could email pictures of it to me so I can see what they have been up to. Please let me know if you are happy for me to share your child's work on the website so we can celebrate how amazing they are!


Please date your child's work in their book. I will be collecting all of the home learning in on our return to school. I can't wait to see what they have done!

Read, Write Inc phonics

During our isolation period, Mrs Chiasson will text you daily phonics videos to watch with your child. After watching them, please ask your child to use ‘Fred fingers’ to support them to write words using today’s sound, these could be the words they have read on the green word cards or you may think of other words, which are similar in difficulty.
The children should practice reading the phonemes (sounds the letters make in reading) every day. Below you will find some cards you can print if you can and a video which you can use to support your pronunciation or you can watch it with your child to practice the sounds.

Pronunciation guide

Still image for this video


Please read the free e-books for your child's reading level.

Super Duper Learning!
Monday, 30th November, 2020

Can you write some rhyming strings?

Can you write a rhyming sentence using the words you have thought of?


eg The frog sat on the log.


Remember to use 'Fred fingers'; write a capital letter at the start, leave spaces between words and put a full stop at the end. 

Subtraction- Practise taking away by completing the activities
Ask your family and friends which is their favourite fruit? Colour in a square next to the fruit.
I can't wait to see you tomorrow!
Friday, 26th November, 2020
Now draw some pictures to show the main events in the story. e.g The meerkats found a passion fruit. The vulture wanted it. It splatted on the ground. You could draw boxes like one of the story maps below.
Maths - Counting back

How can you make an ice cube? Put water in a waterproof container. How can you turn it into ice?

Send me a photo of what you did? 
Thursday, 26th November, 2020
Practice writing 'she' and 'we'.
Catch it

Passion fruit

Can you use some of the tricky words from the song and your 'fred fingers to write a sentence about the animals trying to get the passion fruit? For example: 'We can get the passion fruit' or 'he can jump to catch the passion fruit' or 'she did run and get the passion fruit'   
Draw a small table with three coloumn, like in the picture below. Choose a number, write it in the middle column, in the left column write the number which is one less than your number and in the right column write the number which is one more than your number. Repeat with two more numbers.

PSHE - What's your emergency?

Wednesday, 25th November, 2020




Write 'I', 'the', 'to' and 'go' once, then practice writing 'no' and 'he' three times.
Catch it
The meerkats and the vulture want to catch the fruit. The fruit is called a passion fruit. It is full of seeds. What other fruits have seeds inside? Can you draw them, then use 'fred fingers' to help you label them? eg It is a .... or you could say 'This is a ...'
Play the warm up game to practise more and less.
Watch the video then answer the questions.
Draw the part part whole models in your book and use them to write the number sentences or print out the worksheets.
Computing- Pictograms
Look at the email i sent you at the weekend or in your reading diary for your login. Click on the '2do's', then scroll down until you find '2count'. Scroll down on the window, choose the fruit. Now ask your family, phone someone or even ask your teddy bears- everytime someone chooses their favourite fruit, click on the fruit. After, look at the pictogram and see which is the most popular fruit?
Tuesday, 24th November, 2020
English- Catch it
Tricky word song
Write 'I' and 'the' once, then practice writing 'to' and 'go'.
Catch it

Warm up- 

Can you be the teacher? Ask your grown up or someone in your family to 'show me' one more than a number up to 10 or one less than a number up to 10. How can you check if they are right?

PSHE - Local Heroes
Who have you seen helping people around Newark? How do they help people?
Monday, 23rd November, 2020
English - Catch it
Watch the tricky word song then practise writing 'I' and 'the' in your book.
Now watch the video 'Catch it'
Talk about what happens in the video.

Warm up- 

Can you be the teacher? Ask your grown up or someone in your family to 'show me' one more than a number up to 10 or one less than a number up to 10. How can you check if they are right?

In class, we had started learning about Diwali and had begun making special Diwa candles. Please watch the video below:

Traditionally, at Diwali, everyone in the family helps to tidy the house.


Can you do a helpful job like tidying your bedroom, sorting out your clothes/toys or perhaps dusting the house?

Don't forget to send me a picture of you tidying or cleaning!
Super Swan's Home Learning!
Friday, 20th November, 2020
English- Meerkat facts
Read the information about Meerkats with your grown ups or watch Andy's Wild adventures (Link below).

Can you write a fact about Meerkats?

Use your 'Fred fingers' to sound out the words. Remember to use a capital letter, leave finger spaces and put a full stop at the end of your idea.

Maths- Finding a part
Draw the part part whole models in your book and work out the answers to the sums or print out the sheet.


Today, if you have the ingredients, we are going to observe what happens to an egg when it is heated. Please follow the instructions below:


If you don't have any eggs, can you heat something else, such as chocolate or cheese, and investigate how it changes.

Can you draw a picture to show what the egg is like before you heat it? When it is heating? and when it has cooled down? Is it a liquid or a solid?
Have a great weekend! 
Thursday, 19th November, 2020
English - Meerkat Mail

Pretend you are Sonny and you are telling someone where you went.


Draw a picture of a place that you think Sonny would like to visit.


Think of your idea then use your 'Fred fingers and the word bank to write your sentence.


eg 'On Monday, I went to .....',


You could write what it was like eg 'It was hot.' 


Remember to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.

Maths - Addition using bonds
Talk about the sheet with your grown up and write your answers in your book or print out the sheet. You could use small toys to help you count, or draw your own ten frames in your book!
Look at the map symbols below. What do you think they mean? Have you seen any of these symbols anywhere before?
Games you could play to practice our learning:
Roll the dice, read the next word on that line and colour it in. Which line will you finish colouring first?
Wednesday, 18th November, 2020

English - Meerkat Mail


Can you use this storymap to help you retell the story of Meerkat Mail? What do story tellers do? Perhaps you could try changing your voice to make it sound even more interesting. You could video your story time or tell your family the story! 

Unfortunately we haven't used a story map in class yet but hopefully you can see the drawings help remind us of key events in the story, on each day of the week. If you find it tricky to remember the story, you could always watch the video from Monday again.
Maths- Addition - Adding more
Watch the video:
Answer the questions below in your book or print out the sheet if you can:



Log in to using the log in details in your reading diary. Please message me if you can't find it. Click on 2do's then have a go at 2explore. Click on the red circle to record your tune, then the green triangle to play it back. Don't forget to press save so I can listen to your masterpiece!


Feel free to have a go at some of the other 2dos.

Phonics sheets which could support todays phonics if you'd like to do a little more practice:
Tuesday, 17th November, 2020
English - Meerkat Mail

Use these pictures to tell the story to your grown up or watch the video from yesterday.

In the story, Sonny does something different each day. Can you teach your grown up our days of the week song?
Print this out or practice writing the days of week in your book. What do you notice about all of the words?
Adding together
Talk about the problems on the sheets with your grown up. Can you draw your own ten frames in your book? or perhaps use the app below to help solve the problems and write the addition sentences in your book?
or print out the worksheet
Over the term, we have been learing about materials. Today, we are thinking about why we should recycle or reuse materials when we have finished with them.
Complete the sheet below or help your grown up to sort out your recycling.
Games your child could play today:
Monday, 16th November, 2020
Before watching the video, see if your child can tell you what has happened so far in the story ‘Meerkat Mail’. Then watch the video up the point where he has sent a postcard from the marsh, where do you think he might go next? Discuss your ideas then watch the video until the end.
Can you use some paper to make a postcard? (Or just write in your book). Use your ‘Fred fingers’ and the word bank below to help you write “It is hot. It is my home”.

Word bank

After watching the video, look at this document and talk about the answers together.

Floating and sinking
Can you carry out your own experiment at home to see which materials float and sink?

This term our topic is:

We are going to Africa.

As part of our topic, ‘We are going to Africa‘, we have been learning about the Masai tribes in Tanzania. We learned that they live very traditionally in houses made from sticks, mud and straw. Today, we had a go at building miniature mud houses for some small world people. We used a simple tepee design and used our knotting skills, from our earlier bag making in DT, to join them together. We had lots of fun. We gave it a good go but decided it is very hard to build mud houses!😀

We went looking for signs of autumn in the playground and forest school area. We saw red, yellow, orange, green and brown leaves. We found pine cones and catkins. We even found some slug or snail eggs.

A beauty on the beast!

Eek, what a frightening place to read! Well done!

Aaah, what a relaxing read! Well done!

Ooh, a secret reading den! Well done!

Diving into reading! Well done!

Branching out in reading! Well done!

Mrs Chiasson has found it hard to put her books down!

Sssshhh, don't tell anyone but I think Year One could be the best class at doing this challenge!!! (There might be a few ideas under the poster!)

What could you do?

After reading 'One plastic bag', we decided to design an environmentally friendly bag for Isatou, the character in the story, to carry her money home from the market. We looked at the useful features of various bags, then designed our own. We made a 'mock' bag with paper and practised tying knots. We then made our own bags with fabric. Great work Year One!

We have been exploring range of art and design techniques in using colour, pattern, texture, line, shape, form and space. Here we practised mixing our own colours when copying beautiful African scenes.

Thank you for all your Harvest Festival donations. Everyone looks amazing in their rainbow clothes, well done Year One!

Tuesday, 6th October, 2020
Activities to support learning at home today:
Phonics activity:
Today's maths:
Other lessons:

Seesaw Information for parents




Here at Lovers’ Lane we are continually looking at ways to make learning more accessible and engaging for the children and one of the ways in which we would like to do this is through our use of technology in the classroom. When using technology it can be difficult to capture the work the children do so we would like to set up accounts for the children using an app called Seesaw. 

Seesaw (, is a secure online journal where students can document and reflect on what they are learning in class. Your child will be able to add the things we work on (including photos, videos, worksheets, drawings and voice recordings) to their Seesaw journal.  

In order for your child to use Seesaw, the app needs your child’s name. This is so that teachers are able to assign work and so that your child is able to associate work like their photos, videos or voice recordings with their account. Seesaw only uses this information to provide the service and doesn’t advertise in Seesaw, create profiles of students, or share or sell your child’s personal information or journal content. It only adds their name to the teachers’ class list. You can read more about their strong privacy promises here:

Under an EU law called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), in order for your child to use Seesaw, we must get your consent. As a school, we are incredibly excited by the opportunities Seesaw will provide. Its use here at Lovers’ Lane will help us to continue to make the curriculum more exciting and engaging for all children. 

You will receive a message by text with a link to a permission form. Please complete this as soon as possible. If you do not have internet access please contact your child’s teacher for a paper permission slip. If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to email me:


Kind regards, 


Mrs L Williams (Computing Lead) 

Following lock down, we will be covering objectives from both the Year One curriculum and the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum to ensure we meet the needs of all the children in our class.

We are learning to read using the Read Write Inc phonics strategy. 

Year One Letter, September, 2020