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Year 1

In design and technology, we have been designing and making our own fabulous lighthouses from junk materials.

In design technology, we have designed and made our own houses.

We have designed and made our own environmentally friendly (reusable) bags after reading ‘one plastic bag’

We have been exploring mixing colours to create our self portraints.

We explored pieces by Piet Mondrian and learned about primary colours.

After learning about the Great Fire of London, we designed and made Tudor houses.

We created our own ‘Great Fire of London’ silhouette pictures. We mixed primary colours or collaged materials to create the flames.

Still life daffodil pictures. March 2021

Today, we explored using a hard and soft pencil to draw the quill and ink pot. March 2021

Wow, look at our self portraits;they really demonstrate how much our fine motor and art skills have developed since September! January, 2021

We have practiced painting a sunset with watercolours to create an African silhouette painting! November, 2021

We explored watercolours and pastels to replicate pictures of African landscapes.

We used natural materials to create a self portrait. September, 2021