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World Book Day

World Book Day in on Thursday 4th March but you can start before then. There are lots of ways you can join in. Please see the documents below - let's try and win some money in Year 2!

Dear Parents / Carers,

At Lovers’ Lane we believe that reading is not only an essential life skill and a way to acquire knowledge, but an activity that should be enjoyed.  On Thursday 4th of March, it is World Book Day and we hope you will join us in celebrating this remotely.  Your teacher will guide you on when to complete these activities, but if you wanted to start this before March the 4th that would be great.


I have attached a menu showing a range of different reading activities, for your child to choose from.  For some activities, e.g. using the blog, I have added extra attachments e.g. instructions for how to use the blog. 


For each activity completed with a photo or work sent to me, you will be given a raffle ticket number.  Then on Friday 5th March, in the afternoon, I will draw out 5 raffle tickets, with each one winning a £20 Amazon voucher.  (Please note only one voucher will be awarded per child).


We have been sent the £1 book vouchers remotely and this is attached as a PDF.  If you wish to use this, you need to print it off and use it at participated supermarkets or use it to purchase an ebook. 



I look forward to receiving photos of your work, reading and sharing your book reviews our blog.  If you have any questions, please email me.


Kind Regards

Mrs Palmer