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Wednesday 3rd February 2021

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Literacy: The Little Red Hen

Today we are going to draw the first part of our story map and also learn a song about The Little Red Hen. The lesson will be by the same author we saw on Monday and uses the same characters. Can your child look at these symbols and be able to talk about them? Characters, setting, problem, solution.


Phonics: Sound Blending video 7 and recap video for 'e'

Today the video will be for Sound Blending lesson seven and a recap of the sound 'e'. Can you draw three things that begin with the sound 'e' and send them to me on Tapestry? I'll try to guess what you have drawn! 



Maths: Number bonds to 5

Today there is a maths video for you to watch over on Tapestry - get your bingo boards ready again! The video you need is called 'F2 Maths Intro 03.02.21'


After that I'd like you to have a go at a number bonds game on TopMarks. If you haven't used this website before its fab for Early Years maths games and has lots of different activities you can have a go at.


After you have had a few goes at finding the different number bonds to 5 there is a sheet below for you to complete.


Creative / Topic / Physical: Wellbeing Wednesday


Music Mondays (all about singing, music and instruments)

Technology Tuesdays (activities on apps, Busy Things, activities using a pc or tablet) 

Wellbeing Wednesdays (yoga, mindfulness, PE and relaxation)

Thinking Thursdays (Science, investigations, exploring the world and nature)

Fancy Fridays (art, making, baking and creating)


Children's Wellness Week

This week is National Children's Mental Health Week. As part of that here is a a calendar for the month of February filled with activities that you can do every day to encourage positive mental health. You could choose any activity that you like the look of, it doesn't have to be the one for today.