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Wednesday 13th January

Hello everyone, I hope you are well?  Welcome to Wednesday!  The hump day of the week!  All down hill from here!


I am checking TTrockstars and Purple mash - so well done to Olivia for her Purple mash work and Dylan and Arman for having a go at TTrockstars.  Try and use this time to become TTrockstars legends, 5-10 minutes a day can make all the difference!


1) Spellings - Word Changers - look at the root word and add the suffix ous to it!  You might want to check back and think about the rule


some words need just the ous adding - mountain becomes mountainOUS


some words (the more tricky ones) need the our changing to or before the ous is added - humour - humor - humOROUS


2) English - Today we are going to review the report on Cloud goblins and magpie any words we might like, then we are going to choose a Goblin and then plan a report.


3) Maths - Factor pairs!  What is a factor...I always remember by saying a Factor Fits In, so any number that will fit into a number an equal amout of times so example 2 is a factor of 10 because it fits into 10, 5 times!  This then gives you a factor pair!


So the factors of 10 are                                  1 X 10 and 2 X 5


The factors of 12 are                                      1 x 12 and 2 x 6 and 3 x 4


Can you spot what is happening?  Which number will always be a factor of every number??


4) Reading - Read about another explorer - Tim Peake!


5) Computing - I have set a 2do on Purple mash, can you write me an email telling me what you are missing about school and what you are looking forward to doing when we come back after lockdown?

Spellings - Word Changers

Goblinology Day 3

Still image for this video
Planning a report

English - Day 3 Goblinology Planning a report

Reading - Tim Peake - remember, you choose which star challenge you do! 1, 2, or 3!