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Tuesday 9th February 2021

Tuesday 9th February 2021


Literacy/Communication & Language – Story Telling and Story Map

Watch or the read the story ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. Then with a grown-up talk about the story and the key events in the story. Next you have a story map missing some pictures so I would like you to stick the correct pictures on the story map in the right order. (If you can’t print the sheet you could draw your own story map).

Jack and the Beanstalk Story Map Activity Sheet - Credit: Twinkl

Phonics – Read Write Inc Picture Recognition

 Today the new picture card is ‘EXERCISE’.


From this week all phonics activities will be on Tapestry with a video of Miss Harding teaching the lesson. 

Phonics – Fred Talk Games – Fred spies a…

All Fred Talk games need to follow these steps:

1. Say the word in sounds. Ask children to repeat.

2. Say the word in sounds and then the whole word. Ask children to repeat.


Today’s Fred Talk Game – Fred spies a… - Today’s words are z-i-p, h-e-n, d-o-g *

1. Say ‘Fred has says ‘z-i-p’.

2. Ask children to say ‘z-i-p’. Pause to see if they can blend and find the picture of on the I spy sheet.

3. Say ‘z-i-p, zip’. Ask children to repeat.    


* Words to be sounded out in Fred Talk have been written as they should be said rather than how they are spelled.

Technology Tuesdays

(Activities on apps, Busy Things, Activities using a PC or Tablet)

Interactive Beanstalk Ordering Game – The aim of this activity is to encourage your children to order the beanstalks from shortest to tallest. Follow the link to access the game  once you are on the web page enter the code you were sent in a text message this morning.

While you’re doing this activity with your child make sure you are using vocabulary to describe the different heights of the beanstalks.