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Tuesday 2nd March

Tuesday 2nd March 2021


Phonics - Videos sent by text. If you are not receiving these, please let me know. 


English -  Today you are going to create a missing poster for a star linked to the story with a focus on adjectives. Look at the picture below or in your booklet for ideas of how to lay it out. 


Maths - Flashback 4 to get you started. Watch the video to help you with the task. Today's is learning about lines of symmetry (draw the whole). 


Art - In our art today we are focussing on the artist Pablo Picasso. There is information on the artist and style in the PowerPoint below. Your task today is to create a collage portrait. You can use the PDFs if needed or develop your own in the style of the artist.


Please send me photos of the learning you are doing to my email.