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Tuesday 2nd Feb

Tuesday 2.2.21 

Good morning Year 5! Another fun Tuesday-here we go! See below for the plan of action for today!

Online Lessons

TEAMS MEETING 10am - Log into Microsoft Teams at 10am today for Maths Daily 10 and our lesson.

Daily 10- (during teams meeting) answer the questions in your book, then we can mark the answers together.

Maths – number sequences (we will look at this on our teams lesson but the video below will also support you)

Then answer the questions on the worksheet below. Please email pictures of the work you have completed!

TEAMS MEETING 11:30am - Log into Microsoft Teams at 11:30am today our guided read session we will be reading ‘My Beautiful Birds’

Reading-‘My Beautiful Birds’- questions to answer on the text we have read as a class on teams.

Work to be carried out independently;

English - use an online thesaurus to build up your vocab. Open the document below and in your book list all of the synonyms you can find for the word Great

Spellings – Words ending in shul spelt -cial or -tia . Complete the word changer work below.

Computing – purple mash-search bar-reversible changes- complete the writing frame to show how water goes through reversible changes.