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Tuesday 26th January

Tuesday 26th January

English / Whole class reading - Join us for a live Teams lesson at 11 am.  If you are unable to join us live then

1)  Read the next part of Pig heart boy (PPT in Teams or can email you directly) 

2) Look at the picture in files below for today's direct speech lesson. Look at the picture from the story. 

i - Consider Who? Why? What? When? Where? (this is a picture from much later in the story)

ii - Look at the example of direct speech and find the mistakes.

iii - Use direct speech correctly to write the conversation between the reporter and the eye-witness in his pyjamas.  

Spelling  Complete the 'dots and dashes' exercise for the plurals words in Teams.

Maths 1 - Watch the video explaining how to show fractions as decimals and then complete the worksheet in the files below or on Teams.

Maths 2 - Complete the Ten in ten questions in your book or in Teams and send me a photo via email or submit your work in Teams.

Reading comprehension.  

Read the comprehension text about ' A day at the zoo', before completing the SATS-style questions in your books or on the sheet in Teams.

Topic - The English Civil war  Choose at least one of the activities below

1)  Organise the facts given about Roundheads and Cavaliers to create a fact file.  

2)  Create a timeline of some of the key events of the Civil War - highlighting events directly linked to Newark.

3)  Use the maps to decide why you think Newark was described as the 'Key to the North'.  Write a paragraph describing features shown on the map to support your answer.