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Tuesday 23rd February 2021

Tuesday 23rd February 2021


Literacy/Communication & Language – Story Telling and Safari Adventure


Recap the story and talk about the different animals we were introduced to. Now introduce your child to the idea that they are going to be on safari and that we’re going to try to spot different animals.

Look together at the pages at the end of the book. Can they name any of the animals shown here?

Explain that some of the animals from the book are hidden around the room. Encourage your child to look around to find an animal, then they should tick off the animal they have found on Spotter’s sheet. (Below are the picture cards for hiding and the spotters sheet). When the children find the animal discuss what you know about the animal from the story ‘The Ugly Five’.

Phonics – Read Write Inc Picture Recognition Recap

RECAP - Today we’re going to recap a card from last week which was a difficult picture card. It is ‘EXERCISE’.

Can you remember what the boy is doing? Do you do EXERCISE? What EXERCISE do you do?

Don't forget to watch Miss Harding teaching the phonics session on Tapestry.

Phonics – Fred Talk Games – Fred spies a…

All Fred Talk games need to follow these steps:

1. Say the word in sounds. Ask children to repeat.

2. Say the word in sounds and then the whole word. Ask children to repeat.



Today’s Fred Talk Game – Fred spies a… - Today’s words are j-u-g, t-a-p, n-e-t*

1. Say ‘Fred has says ‘j-u-g’.

2. Ask children to say ‘j-u-g’. Pause to see if they can blend and find the picture of on the I spy sheet.

3. Say ‘j-u-g, jug’. Ask children to repeat.    


* Words to be sounded out in Fred Talk have been written as they should be said rather than how they are spelled.


Don't forget to watch Miss Harding teaching the Fred Talk activities.


Technology Tuesdays

(Activities on apps, Busy Things, Activities using a PC or Tablet)

Today I would like you to go on a jungle adventure with Tee and Mo. You will have to listen carefully to the instructions to help Tee and Mo on their jungle adventure.

 Here is the link to the website -