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Tuesday 12th January 2021

Literacy: The Three Little Pigs

Today I would like you to start to draw your story map for The Three Little Pigs. A story map is a way of retelling a story in pictures, it is one of the most important things we learn to do to help us in Literacy. Here is a picture of a story map about The Three Little Pigs...


Today we are going to draw the first parts of our story. I have made a video for you to watch on Tapestry (F2 Story Map 12.01.21) that shows you how to start. We will do this together over the next few days. Remember, the pictures need to be drawn by your child. They dont need to be perfect (or even look like what you think they should!) all that matters is that your child can tell you what they have drawn and can retell the first part of the story. Here is a story map drawn by an F2 child, you can see that the adult has written what the child has said next to the pictures. This is absolutely fine if you would like to do this as well.

Phonics: 'y'

Today your video will be all about the 'y' sound. We learn how to write this sound by saying 'down a horn, up a horn and under his head.' After your have watched the Speed Sounds lesson there is the practise sheet to complete and then I would also like to see if you can draw me a picture of one of these objects. Send me a picture on Tapestry and I'll try to guess which one you've drawn....!

1. Yacht

2. Yellow

3. Yoga

4. Yoda

5. You!

Maths - Number 10

I'm so sorry that Tapestry was not behaving yesterday! If you didnt manage to watch the Maths video I uploaded for Monday, please do that first this morning. The video you need is called 'F2 Maths 11.01.21'. 


For todays lesson I would like you to play shops today with somebody in your family. To do this you will need:


- Some toys/items from around your house

- Ten real 1p coins (or the printable coins below)

- Price labels (printable ones below or you can make your own and stick them on with a bit of tape!)


I would like you to write the labels with different amounts up to 10 pence (have a go yourself but grown ups can help you with this bit if you need) and then stick them on the items you have found. Role play shops with members of your family. What items can you buy? Can you count out the correct number of 1p coins? Can you buy more than one item? Take turns to be the customer and the shopkeeper!

Creative / Topic / Physical: Technology Tuesday


Music Mondays (all about singing, music and instruments)

Technology Tuesdays (activities on apps, Busy Things, activities using a pc or tablet) 

Wellbeing Wednesdays (yoga, mindfulness, PE and relaxation)

Thinking Thursdays (Science, investigations, exploring the world and nature)

Fancy Fridays (art, making and creating)


For our first Technology Tuesday I would like you to head on over to Busy Things and have a go at the Funny Faces program to see if you can make a picture of yourself or one of your friends in F2! I can't wait to see them! You can find the program here:


Busy Things ► Golden Time ► Funny Faces


Here is my picture of Mrs Hopewell 🙂