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Tuesday 12th January

Tuesday 12th January 

English / Whole class reading - Join us for a live Teams lesson at 11 am.  If you are unable to join us live then

1)  Read the first part of Chapter 2.  Imagine you are Cam and write a paragraph describing how you feel as you leave the swimming pool.  

2)  Match the adverbial sentence starters to the statements about the heart.  Write these neatly in your book.

Spelling  Complete the Spelling Zone activity using ie and ei words.

Reading comprehension - Read the text about the 'Journey of a red blood cell' and then answer the comprehension questions in your book.

Maths 1 - Watch the video explaining how to divide decimals by integers and then complete the worksheets shown below.  The answers can be found in the files below.

Maths 2 - In home-learning books, answer the Ten in ten questions, before marking your work with the answers in the files below.

Science - Watch the short films and complete the quiz following the link.