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Tues 9th Feb

Tuesday 9.2.21 -Good morning Year 5!

Online Lessons

TEAMS MEETING 10am - Log into Microsoft Teams at 10am today for Maths Daily 10 and our lesson.

Maths – Add fractions within 1 (we will look at this on our teams lesson but the video below will also support you) and Flashback Four

Then answer the questions on the worksheet below. Please email pictures of the work you have completed!

TEAMS MEETING 11:30am - Log into Microsoft Teams at 11:30am today our guided read session we will be reading The Worst Witch.

Reading-‘The Worst Witch’- questions to answer on the text we have read as a class on teams.

Link to text-

Work to be carried out independently;

Spellings – Adding the prefix mis- and revising un-, in-, dis-.Complete the word changer work below.

English - Homophone practise. Complete the activity below

Computing – Internet Safety Week- complete the quiz. Can you find the fake online?