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Tues 2nd March

Tuesday 9.2.21 -Good morning Year 5!

Online Lessons

TEAMS MEETING 10am - Log into Microsoft Teams at 10am today for Maths Daily 10 and our lesson.

Subtract 2 mixed numbers (we will look at this on our teams lesson but the video below will also support you) and Flashback Four

Then answer the questions on the worksheet below. Please email pictures of the work you have completed!

TEAMS MEETING 11:30am - Log into Microsoft Teams at 11:30am today our guided read session we will be reading The Worst Witch.

Reading-Poem-We Refugees - questions to answer on the text we have read as a class on teams.

Link to text-

Work to be carried out independently;

Spellings – Adding the prefix auto. Word Changers

English- Character Back Story. I would like you to think about a character from a book you have read ( or are reading at the moment) Look at the document below and create a "Back story" for the character-giving me all of the details you can about them. You might have to infer ( work out yourself) some of the details.

Computing – modelling on purple mash. I know what the 2Design and Make tool is for.

Search ‘make your own fish’ in purple mash. To explore the effect of moving points when designing a fish. Please save your work so I can give you feedback.