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Thursday 28th January 2021

Thursday 28th January 2021


Maths – Number of the Week

Today I would like you to watch the Numberblocks video for number ‘8’. After watching the video below are a set of home learning challenges linking to the number 8. How many challenges can you complete?


Challenge 1 - Make a cake with a grown-up. Spread some icing over the top and

then for decorations, use some chocolate buttons or small sweets. Can you add 8 decorations on to the top of your cake?

Challenge 2 - Spiders have 8 legs. Make a model spider using playdough, paper or empty packaging. You could use an empty yoghurt pot or section of egg box, or playdough and pipe cleaners. Count the legs carefully as you add them to your model. We would love to see your model spiders!


Link the Numberblocks 8 video on BBC iPlayer -



Phonics – Read Write Inc Picture Recognition

Today the new picture card is ‘BOOT’.


From this week all phonics activities will be on Tapestry with a video of Miss Harding teaching the lesson. 



Phonics – Fred Talk Games – Fred says…

All Fred Talk games need to follow these steps:

1. Say the word in sounds. Ask children to repeat.

2. Say the word in sounds and then the whole word. Ask children to repeat.


Today’s Fred Talk Game – Fred says… - Today’s words are c-l-a-p, j-u-m-p, s-t-a-m-p.

1. Say ‘Fred says ‘c-l-a-p’.

2. Ask children to say ‘c-l-a-p’. Pause to see if they can blend and carry out the action.

3. Say ‘c-l-a-p, clap’. Ask children to repeat.    


* Words to be sounded out in Fred Talk have been written as they should be said rather than how they are spelled.



Thinking Thursday

(Science, investigations, exploring the world and nature)

Today I would like you to review the story ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ and discuss that Little Red Riding Hood was taking a basket of food to her Grandma. Little Red Riding Hood needs a stronger basket and would like you to have a go at making one.

See the instructions below and some questions to support your child’s communication and language skills.