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Thursday 25th Feb

Hi everyone, sorry about yesterday I had a horrible day with my laptop not working!  Computers crying!!!  Hope you are okay?  There is no live lesson this morning because of staff training. So please complete the tasks this morning and I will see you at 1.30pm for our Science lesson.


1) Spellings - can you use the fridge words and write a sentence for each one e.g


Antique - My mum has an antique clock on her wall.


2) Reading - Read about and answer the questions on Joe Biden the new President of America.  You choose either the one, two or three star challenge.


3)English  - Inverted commas revision - add the inverted commas to the sentences.


4) Maths - Subtracting two fractions.

Fridge Words c sound spelt - que and g sound spelt -gue

Inverted Commas - Can you add in the missing inverted commas?

Joe Biden Comprehension