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Thursday 21st January

Thursday 21st January 2021


Phonics - Videos sent by text. If you are not receiving these, please let me know. 


English - Open up the senses word mat below. Begin by talking about all the different words, especially the ones that are new to you. Today I would like you to write a minimum of four sentences using the words on this mat. As usual make sure your sentences begin with a capital letter. Your sentences could end in a full stop, question mark or exclamation mark depending on the type of sentence you want to write. Try to open them all in different ways.


Challenge: Can you use more than one sense word in your sentences?


Maths - Flashback 4 to set you started. Watch the video to help you with the task. Today's lesson is about using arrays. 


Music - In our music lesson today we are going to listen to a radio program from the BBC which is about Samuel Pepys and the Great Fire of London. Listen carefully and join in! 


Please send me photos of the learning you are doing to my email.