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Thursday 14th January

Thursday 14th January 2021

Good morning super swans. It was soooo lovely to see you in our teams meetings yesterday smileyyesheart

 If you didn't manage to join us and you can, please do log on to todays lesson at 10 o'clock. We will be looking at the English lesson together so if you can log on please don't do this lesson on your own before 10am. Maybe start with your maths from Mrs Freestone and your daily 10!

SPELLINGS - Please practice spelling the "ant" and "ance" words. Read a words-look away- try to spell it- then check. Correct any mistakes. Please do this for 10 of the spellings( pick the ones you find the trickiest!)

SPAG- We have worked in class on writing simple, compound and complex sentences. I have found a great BBC page to help you understand even more about how and when to use conjunctions to expand your sentences. Please watch all of the videos and complete all of the activities- write activities 2 and 3 in your books undeath todays date. Click on the link at the bottom of this page

ENGLISH - See below


MATHS - See Mrs Freestones days

Please email me photos of your work