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Thursday 14th January 2021

Thursday 14th January 2021


Maths – Number of the Week – 6 – Today I would like you to watch the Numberblocks video for number ‘6’. After watching the video below are a set of home learning challenges linking to the number 6. How many challenges can you complete?


Challenge 1 - Insects have 6 legs. Draw a picture of a ladybird. Can you give it 6 legs?

Can you give it 6 spots too?

Challenge 2 - Benjamin Bear went to the shops. He bought a book, a ball, an apple, a cake, a pen and a hat. How many things did he buy altogether? Try drawing some pictures to help you

work out the answer.

Challenge 3 – Have a look in your fridge and cupboards with a grown-up. Look for some food that comes in sets of 6. For example, can you find a box of 6 eggs? Can you find a packet of 6 cakes or a pack of 6 yogurts? Try counting some sets by carefully pointing to each item.


Link the Numberblocks 6 video on BBC iPlayer -  



Phonics – Read Write Inc Picture Recognition –Today the new picture card is ‘pirate’.


Watch this phonics session on Tapestry under Thursday 14th January.

Communication and Language – STEM Bridge Building Activity – Today I would like you to use resources around your house in the garden to build a bridge for the Three Billy Goats Gruff. Below are some instructions to help you and some questions to support your child’s communication and language skills. I can’t wait to see your bridges on Tapestry.