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Thursday 11th February

Thursday 11th February

English / Whole class reading - Join us for a live Teams lesson at 11am. If you are unable to join us live then  1)  Read the next part of Pig heart boy (PPT in Teams or can email you directly).

2)  Plan you diary by a)  picking a character from the Tuesday story b)  drawing a timeline of events to use when you write your diary on Friday.   

Spelling  - In Teams, please complete the 'Choose the right word' activity.

Maths 1 - Before you start the lesson, try the Flashback 4 questions to see what you can remember.  Watch the video and then complete the worksheet in the files below or on Teams.

Maths 2 - Complete the Ten in ten questions in your book or in Teams and send me a photo via email or submit your work in Teams.

Reading comprehension - Read the text and answer questions about Pandemics.

TOPIC / Homework for half term.  

Over the half term holiday, I would like you do the the Newark Civil War trail.  Join us for a live Teams lesson at 1pm to look at the homework task for half term.