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Remote Learning Wednesday 24.3.21

Wednesday 24th March

English  - Join our Live Teams lesson at 11am or complete the activities below.

1)  Find and  correct the mistakes in the newspaper article attached.

2)  Use the sentence starters below and your knowledge of Prince Rupert's relief of Newark to write 5 sentences about it.

Maths - Join our Live Teams lesson at 10am to explore angles in turns.  If you are unable to do this watch this revision of angles work so far and play the angle measure game

Ten in ten - Complete the questions attached and then mark your work.  

Reading comprehension - Please complete the reading comprehension in Teams about the Dodo.  

Science - Join our 1pm Teams lesson.  If you can't then design a new animal that can survive in one of the following habitats: a rocky shore, a desert, polar regions, rain forest or in a deep sea habitat.  You will need to decide whether your new animal is prey or a predator and include characteristics to enable it to survive in that habitat.  Draw you animal and label its characteristics.