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Remote Learning Friday 26.3.21

Friday 26th March

English  - Join our Live Teams lesson at 11am or complete the activities below.

Use your plan to write a newspaper report about Boy saving the day, during the 1644 Relief of Newark.  See the word document frame if you want to type it up or set it out in your book in columns.

Maths - Join our Live Teams lesson at 10am to find missing angles in triangles.  Complete the worksheet below and then check your answers.   Play the angle measure game

Spellings - Find and correct the spellings in the sentences on Teams.

Ten in ten - Complete the questions attached and then mark your work.  

Reading - Join us at 1pm to share some more of our class story - 'Pig Heart Boy'.

Easter competition -  Decorate the egg picture, take a photo and email to Nottingham Hospitals Charity and me too ;-)