Late/Absence Procedures

It is very important for your child’s successful education and life chances that they attend school regularly. Please follow the procedures below if your child with be late or absent from school:

Team S.W.A.N says…

          Get up…

          Get in…

          In the line…

         Before 9!

Coming to school every day helps you to:

* Have fun with your friends. 

* Learn new things.  

* Have a better chance of getting a good job.

* Achieve your dreams and aspirations.


To help your child achieve good attendance we would like you to:-

* Make sure your child arrives at school on time. The gates will open at 8.45am. Make sure your child is in the line ready to learn. The gates will close at 9.05am

* Phone school on the day your child is absent before 9.30am. Any phone calls taken after this time will not count as authorised absence.

Telephone 01636 683353

* If you are late buzz the staff in the office on the intercom at the gate and go to the office to sign your child in with the reason for being late.

* Discuss with school at the earliest opportunity, any problems/worries that are affecting your child’s attendance.

* Arrange medical/dental appointments outside school hours.

* DO NOT take holidays in term time as they cannot be authorised.

Remember: By law you must come to school

Birthdays, shopping days, illness in the family or waking up late are not reasons for missing school.

To help you do this we will:

* Have a weekly competition to see which class has the best attendance and win the trophy. 

* Give certificates, badges or medals out every term for children who have attended every day and have had no lateness. 

* Make lessons exciting to make sure you learn lots.  

Attendance Expectations