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Year 5 River Trent Visit with The Canal Trust

Year 5 River Trent Visit with The Canal Trust


Year 5 enjoyed a great day of Geography learning, while they visited the River Trent with staff from The Canal Trust. 

After they came back to school, this is what they told us:


"We learned about the journey of the river, where it begins and ends, how it changes the landscape, why people live by rivers. We found out where the source of the Trent is - it is in Staffordshire, and how long it is- it is an interesting 298km.


We saw and learned that there are suspension, arch and beam bridges in Newark. We saw how an automated lock works and found out the locks aren't just for canals (which are different to rivers because they are man made!). We saw a spot where the river deposits silt and saw how good it is for the soil,  because lots of plants were growing in it. It was very smelly!


We also learned that one of Newark's locks is too small now, so is no longer used and the lock gates are made from English oak and weigh 5 tonnes each! We saw the fire rescue team practicing on the river. We measured how deep one side was and played pooh sticks to see how fast the current was.