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Update 1 Coronavirus Wednesday 18-3-2020

Update 1 Coronavirus Wednesday


The latest guidance from government was received tonight instructing schools to close at end of day Friday 20-3-2020. There are some exceptions, as children of ‘key workers’ (a full list of jobs to be revealed tomorrow) will still be able to go to school so their parents can do the critical jobs to ensure safety and for society to still have basic needs met. Such key workers will include NHS staff, delivery drivers (we need to keep food, medicines etc moving) and other emergency services, carers etc. Vulnerable pupils will also be considered in guidance to schools-we will have more detail tomorrow.

Staff have been amazing in following our Coronavirus action plan and I couldn’t have asked for better. 

Despite continuing to teach lessons and maintain a calm, orderly manner around school, staff have worked brilliantly as a team to ensure parents are supported and informed, vulnerable families and pupils are identified, that high risk staff, pupils or family members (eg health issues) are listed so we can ensure safety and they have also created a ‘work at home’ book for all pupils in a very short time. 

Class pages on our school website are being worked on and ‘contact us’ forms which email straight to your teacher can be used on a mobile phone like a text to ask for help, advice or guidance with work at home. Photos of children’s work sent to teachers via this system will also be given feedback. Daily learning, kept as close to our curriculum plans as possible, will be posted for children to access and those with no internet will have paper packs prepared. 

Our top priorities are that pupils can continue to learn so they are on track for their age group and are on target for the next year, including Year 6 being ready for secondary school without any lost opportunities. It is important your child creates a home timetable to do their work and also take breaks. Staff are ready to support you with this. 

We are also aware of families who have free school meals and that support is needed where possible and are heartened about government talk of potential vouchers. I will keep you posted on this. I have applied to the ‘Foodshare’ charity too which provides past ‘best before’ but not ‘use by’ food from supermarkets as a free food bank in school-this is a plan we had for after bagels but I am doing all I can to bring this forward ASAP.

We are working on strategy to ensure our most vulnerable are cared for in these challenging times. 

Thank you for all your support, co-operation and teamwork. That really is what our school values are about and it’s times like this when we can see just how important a lesson for the children they really are. Stay safe and we will update again tomorrow.


Miss Hodgkinson




Show respect. Work together. Aspire. Nurture.