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Thank you Dogs' Trust and PAWS community support workers!

How to be a responsible dog owner... Thank you Dogs' Trust and PAWs appeal!


Last week, we learnt about dogs in some very informative assemblies and workshops from Newark and Sherwood District Council Community Support, who are leading the PAWS appeal, and also from the Dogs' Trust.


PAWS stands for:


PLEDGE - to always pick up your dog's poo

ACTIVE FOR LIFE - make sure your dog gets enough exercise (research the breed so you know you can offer your dog what it needs to be happy and healthy)

WELFARE AND RESPONSIBLE DOG OWNERSHIP - looking after you and your dog

Sign up..  and support PAWS!


The children are entering a poster competition to promote PAWS in our community.


Here is the link to the PAWS website:


Another visitor from THE DOGS' TRUST came to see us too, where they explained in more detail in an assembly and class workshops how to be a responsible dog owner, make sure your dog is happy and healthy, how to keep yourself safe around dogs you don't know or aren't sure about and how to make sure you know you will cope with a dog before you commit to owning one. The sessions were very interesting and we learnt a lot!


Here is a link to The Dogs' Trust website, where you can find information and useful videos to help you look after your dog:



Thank you to all our visitors and to the children for listening so well.