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School Emergency Plan

Dear Parents,


Following a recent query from a parent regarding our school plan and policy should an emergency take place here, I thought it helpful to reassure you that all eventualities are planned for in school and are agreed at Full Governing Body level. We understand that these times are very nerve-wracking, but aim to reassure you that school has thought through all sorts of scenarios in our School Emergency Plan, which was reviewed in the Autumn Term 2016.


The plan includes what we will do in the event of many potential occurences, including the following:

  • Bad weather
  • Hazards - eg flooding, electricity, fire or external issues affecting school eg a problem at the train station
  • Evacuation and shelter plan (including lockdown)
  • Influenza Pandemic
  • Bomb threats or suspect packages


Our plan also has information about communication and there is a clear plan for informing parents of any issues, either in the school day or returning from school holidays.


Please be reassured also that alongside our fire drills, we also do have plans to practice staying inside and lockdown and also a full evacuation to a local agreed location in the community.


I am happy to discuss the emergency plan with any parents wishing to see this, but will not put this on the website as it contains contact phone numbers and is not appropriate for the public domain due to the nature of its content and purpose.


This plan is a requirement in all schools, so should you have other children at other schools, they will also have a similar plan tailored to their own school. Nottinghamshire County Council provide schools with support and templates to use to ensure all content is as it should be and we have reviewed and agreed ours during the Autumn term this year.


I hope this helps to reassure parents and am confident that us needing to use some elements of our emergency planning are extremely unlikely and will probably never happen. However, should we ever need to act - we have a plan and all staff have access to it at any time.


Kind regards,


Jenny Hodgkinson (Headteacher)