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Our school app is now working with notifications... read on to get involved!

If you want to download the Lovers' Lane app, this is how to do it:


  1. Go to App Store or equivalent 
  2. Search for PrimarySite app and choose to 'get'
  3. Once you have this open, scroll to find Lovers' Lane Primary and Nursery School
  4. Go to the messages icon and in 'choose the groups you want to receive messages from' select Lovers' Lane Primary and Nursery School by switching this option on
  5. When school make a change to the website, they can send a push notification to you, which will appear as a red dot on the top of the PrimarySite app icon on your phone. 
  6. Notifications will come up as a pop-up and will also be stored in the messages section for you if you want to read them again later. 


You can also follow our school on twitter at @loverslanesch


I hope this helps!


Jenny Hodgkinson