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Lovers' Lane Ofsted News!

Ofsted: Lovers' Lane continues to be a 'GOOD' school!


On Thursday 8th November, Lovers’ Lane had a visit from Ofsted. Ofsted are the national inspectors of schools, who visit and grade the quality of provision at the school.

We are delighted to share that our school continues to be graded as a GOOD school.

The inspector praised the school leaders for identifying the correct priorities to work on to make our school even better. She could see that the school has had lots of changes since the 2014 inspection, including changes in staffing and that historically, some of the changes after 2014 had led to a some lower progress for the children. She recognised that the new leadership team and staff have worked hard to put this right since 2016 (when new Headteacher joined the school) and have a strong plan to carry on improving the school even more. We are really pleased that Ofsted could see that we have a strong team of teachers and support staff now who ‘have the skills to bring the plan to fruition’. The curriculum was seen as ‘engaging and motivating’, with good use of books to ‘give a love of reading’. Ofsted was pleased to see more challenging work for pupils now and said teaching is ‘effective and some particularly strong’. Safeguarding is effective and the school takes ‘action to minimise risks’ to children and support families well. ‘Pupils feel safe and happy at school, behaviour is generally good and bullying is rare’. Parent feedback was very positive, including the quote: “ The school is inclusive and I am so glad my child attends such a nurturing environment”. Well done TEAM SWAN!


The full report is available in the Key Information section of this website.