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Graduation for Miss Hodgkinson

Graduation at Nottingham Trent University for our Headteacher


On Thursday 12th December, our headteacher (Miss Hodgkinson) graduated at Nottingham Trent University. Since she was at her previous school, she has been working towards an MA (Master of Arts) in Educational Leadership and Management and has focused on the following research question since joining Lovers' Lane in 2016-17:


'How do the cultural capital (experiences) and habitas (expectations in the family passed from generation to generation) of the most disadvantaged families impact on parental engagement in supporting reading outside of school?'.


Reading is a major priority at Lovers' Lane and our children need to practice the skills they learn in school often at home to enable them to achieve national expectations. Some children do not read enough or even at all at home, so this research has been purposefully aimed at understanding families and how school can support them best.


After starting her dissertation for the MA (which is now half written), Miss Hodgkinson has had to put that on hold due to the current needs of the school, but has done enough work to date to qualify for a Post Graduate Diploma in Education (focusing on Educational Leadership and Management). Her graduation ceremony was at the Main University Hall in Nottingham City on Shakespeare Street, and was made extra special as actor Matthew Horne (Gavin from Gavin and Stacey TV show) also graduated with an honorary doctorate in Arts for his contribution to comedy and entertainment!


It is possible to finish the dissertation and MA degree in the next 3 years, so this may be something to come back to.


Thank you to staff, parents and colleagues for kind words of support and congratulation -they are much appreciated,