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Egg-citing Writing is here again!

Something strange has happened in the gardening area. On Wednesday, some unusual and rather large 'eggs' were discovered in the gardening area. Very strange footprints from some kind of creature were also spotted. The classes have all been to have a look and are trying to work out what could have laid such a strange egg or how they could have got there.


The children have had some amazing ideas about what could be going on... so they are drawing pictures of what could hatch, making notes about what it could be, what it might eat, where it could come from and how to react if you see it! This has been their focus of their cold write in exciting writing and we are all wondering what will happen next, because by Thursday one egg had hatched and more footprints were found, but so far no-one has spotted the creature. Speculation suggests it might fly, could be an alien or may even have camouflage like a chameleon! Let's see what happens next and we look forward to reading the hot writes! 


Miss Chisholm and Miss Hodgkinson