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Coronovirus update Monday 16-3-2020

Coronavirus COVID-19 Update Monday 16-3-2020


To keep you up to date on what is happening school, we will be using our latest news section on this website and text messaging to give regular information to parents, visitors and staff.


Today a series of text messages and a letter have gone out to all parents explaining the following measures we at Lovers' Lane Primary and Nursery School  are taking to minimise the risk of Coronovirus COVID-19 in our school community.


Here are the actions being taken by school so far:


  • All pupils have been taught how to hand-wash thoroughly in assembly and in classes. We are all using soap and hand-sanitising gel in school and staff are reminding the children.
  • Surfaces and door handles are being disinfected at regular intervals
  • Parents have been asked to drop pupils off between 8.50 and 9.00 and let them go straight to class (not accompanying them into school) where they will be received by their teachers. We are also asking that they collect their children promptly and follow the same 'collect and go' approach. This is to support more anxious and vulnerable families by reducing gatherings of people on the playground at the start and end of the day.
  • Parents evening (TLCs) have been cancelled for 17-3-2020 and new date to be confirmed
  • We are ensuring more vulnerable pupils and staff are identified (eg asthma, diabetes, heart/lung conditions etc) so that we can respond promptly should the situation change.
  • All staff are identifying which pupils do not have internet access at home and are preparing work packs, as well as arranging remote online learning for pupils who can access internet in case the government instruct school closures in the future so we are ready to act quickly and the children will not miss out.
  • Educational visits have been cancelled or rearranged, including Perlethorpe (cancelled) and The Mill Year 4 residential (postponed to September 10th and 11th 2020).
  • Parents can give permission for their child to bring their own hand-sanitiser to school (Health and Safety team advice at Nottinghamshire County Council has been sought and this approved). Those not wishing to do so are informing school as soon as possible.
  • School is only allowing essential visitors into school and any non-essential visitors are being asked to avoid school until further notice
  • Staff courses have been cancelled or rearranged where possible.
  • Headteacher briefings from Nottinghamshire County Council are now happening remotely rather than in person
  • Advice has been taken from Nottinghamshire County Council Health and Safety Team, School Swimming Service and the Leisure Centre. Please be reassured that the leisure centre are following all government advice for Coronovirus COVID-19 and have assured us that extra hygiene measures have been put in place for changing rooms. We have also been advised that chlorine in the water at the swimming pool is also extremely good for killing Coronovirus germs, so school swimming will go ahead as usual.
  • Governors meetings are being held remotely over a conference call until further notice
  • Anybody showing signs of a persistent cough or high temperature are being asked to avoid school and self-isolate for the 7 days advised by government guidelines and to call 111 if they are requiring medical advice.
  • Pupils or staff not in school due to self-isolating will be recorded in registers under a special code to avoid negative impact on their attendance.


We are taking all actions possible within the advice from Department for Education (Government) and Public Health England to ensure we can maintain the situation in school where at present we are Coronovirus-free.