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Chickenpox in school

Sadly, we have a rising number of cases of Chickenpox in school. The 'Guidance on Infection Control in Schools and other childcare settings' document from Public Health England (2016) states that the recommended period for children to be kept away from school, nursery or childminders is until the vesicles (pox spots) have crusted over.


Some medical conditions make children more vulnerable to infections that would be rare in most children. These children are more vulnerable should they contract Chickenpox. We are working closely with our school nurse for specific advice for parents of children in school that this applies to that we are aware of. Please see your family GP if you are concerned about reduced immunity in your child. This is mainly applicable to children who have had to take high doses of steroids or have conditions which are diagnosed which reduce immunity. Treatments for more serious illnesses (eg leukaemia or cancers) can also make children more vulnerable, as you would expect.


In addition, if you or someone in your family is pregnant, extra caution is required. If a pregnant woman develops a rash or is in direct contact with someone who has a potentially infectious rash, they need to see their GP and take advice from the doctor.  Chickenpox exposure should also be reported to the midwife that the pregnant lady is seeing.


Please be vigilant in monitoring your child for symptoms. See link below for information from the NHS.