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Building works and school site improvement

Planned site improvements and building works at Lovers’ Lane


We are pleased to share that roof repairs to the 2 flat roofs are now complete and the finished work is looking really good. Final bits of tidying up with new ceiling tiles etc in Foundation toilets are left but the area is now safe and dry and can be used again by the children.


Next we have our ‘Community Day’ on Saturday 6th July, where our parents, staff, partner company UKWSL and friends at our local Methodist church and other volunteers, including Councillor Maureen Dobson will be painting, tidying, weeding and generally sprucing up the outdoor environment on our site. The Newark Advertiser will also be popping down to report on this event.


Also, from Monday 8th July, work will begin on replacing the heating system in the main building. This has been planned to cause minimum disruption to classes. This work will then continue over the Summer holidays and KS1 building will also have a new heating system installed. All internal work is aimed to be completed in classrooms by the end of the Summer Holidays. Boiler works (which should not affect the children as outside in boiler houses) will be completed by end of October half term.


In addition to this, the school kitchen is also being replaced. This work will also start at the beginning of the Summer Holidays, but this will continue until after October half term. There will not be any change to school dinners for children apart from them being cooked at Chuter Ede School kitchen temporarily by our kitchen team and transported into school, ready to eat, during this time. We will have a kitchen launch with new menu and parents invited when it is all done so you can see our lovely new kitchen facility.


All works are being completed by ARC Partnership on behalf on Nottinghamshire County Council. If you have any questions ask Miss Hodgkinson. The ARC partnership site manager, Amanda, is also about in school throughout the projects and is working very closely with the Headteacher to make sure we are organised and everything goes smoothly. Safeguarding and site management have been considered and included in planning at every stage.


Thank you all for your support.