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Additional pupils returning to school...


Year 6 returning to school in June


A full COVID-19 risk assessment has now been complete for returning more pupils to school in June. Our governing body have approved this and it has been fully consulted with staff and has now been shared with teaching and non-teaching unions. Parents have had information of our plans  in advance and have had opportunity to ask questions by phone, email and in zoom meetings with Headteacher, Year 6 staff and our chair of governors. We are being guided by government guidance and scientific evidence in keeping our pupils and staff as safe as possible during these unprecedented times.


Our plan is to continue providing care and learning in school for keyworker and vulnerable pupils as our first priority. 


From 15th June half of the Year 6 pupils expressing   a desire to return to school will return as 2 bubble groups (one of 4 pupils, the other 6 pupils). Each group will have an allocated room which they will use until end of term and will have 2 designated staff who will also be consistent with their group throughout to avoid and cross- contamination of groups. The other half of the year group will continue home learning in this week. Pupils in Year 6 will attend school in mornings only on Monday to Thursday and Friday will not be open to them to allow extra cleaning to take place. Afternoon learning will be online/paper work packs. Teachers will continue to provide home online/paper pack learning for all other pupils. Teachers will use afternoons to prepare this online learning, answer pupil/parent queries and make safe and wellbeing checks for pupils learning at home. 


From 22nd June, the other half of Year 6 will return in the same way and the other half of Year group will complete home learning.


From 29th June, all Year 6 will attend school simultaneously and will keep the same room, staff and groups as before. 


Pupils will arrive and go home at staggered times and will also have staggered breaks. They will be asked to social distance to 2m at all times, although in a school environment this cannot always be guaranteed. 


PPE is available should this be required.


Please see the slide show on the Year 6 classpage to see what school will be like as pupils return. 


Take care and stay safe,


Miss Hodgkinson