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Monday 29.3.21

Monday 29th March

English  - Join our Live Teams lesson at 11am or complete the activities below.

1)  Read the letter of complaint and see if you can add the missing formal words from the word bank.

2)  Look at the picture below.  Write down 10 things that you could complain about in the restaurant.

Spellings - Complete the spelling activity in Teams or  look at the Year 5/6 word list and pick 5 words to explain in a sentence.

Maths - Join our Live Teams lesson at 10am to explore angles in a triangle.  If you can't, watch the video

Then complete the sheet attached below, before checking your work against the answers.  

Ten in ten - Complete the questions attached and then mark your work.  

Reading comprehension - Please complete the reading comprehension in Teams about the Dodo.  

Topic / Reading comprehension / Computing - Live lesson at 1pm

Read the text (attached below) about the Great Plague (pages 4-5).  Log into and create a quiz using the information you have found out about the Great quiz.  Save you work in the Year 6 - Great Plague quiz.