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Monday 25th January

Monday 25th January 2021


Good morning, I hope you are all well. Let's get started with this weeks home learning. 


Phonics - Videos sent by text. If you are not receiving these, please let me know. 


English - Sentence focus today. Look at the Great Fire of London word mat below. Start by reading the words and check you know the meaning of them all. Today I would like you to write at least four sentences using the topic words on the word mat. Each sentence needs to open with a capital letter. If they are a statement, they will end with a full stop; an exclamation will end with an exclamation mark and questions will end with a question mark. 

For example: 

Pudding Lane was burning from the raging fire. 

Why did Samuel Pepys bury items in his garden?

What a lot of smoke there was!


Maths - Flashback 4 to set you started. We continue our unit on multiplication and division. Watch the video to help you with the task. Today's lesson is about the 2 times table.  


Topic - We continue learning about the history of the Great Fire. Your topic session today is 'How did London begin?' Click on the video link below to continue being historians.  


Well-being - Have a look at these slides for 'Mighty Monday'. 


Please send me photos of the learning you are doing to my email.