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Monday 22nd February 2021

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Literacy: Julia Donaldson

This half term our topic will in 'Into...The World of Julia Donaldson'. She is one of my favourite authors and I know a lot of the children in F2 are already familiar with many of her stories. Before we look at one of her amazing books I would like the children to do a bit of background research about cats. This is so that when we introduce the story at the end of the week (in which the main character is a cat) the children already have some previous knowledge to build upon. 


So, today I would like you to watch the video below about how to care for a cat. If you already have a cat then you might not need to watch the video and can get straight on with the activity! Afterwards I would like your child to make a 'shopping list' of everything a cat needs. Some children may be able to attempt to sound out the words they need to write, others could draw a picture and listen to the initial sound- both are equally fantastic!

How to Care for Your New Cat (Petco)

Thinking of buying a new cat? Bringing a new cat or kitten home will take some advanced preparation.

Phonics: Sound Blending 15 and recap of 'sh'

Today's Sound Blending at Home video will be lesson 15 and then afterwards there is the recap video for the special friends 'sh'. After you have watched the video's I would you like you to practise writing your name, focusing on the correct letter formation, using the rhymes in the document below to help.

Maths: One More / One Less

Today we are going to recap the concept of one more and one less. Initially we are going to use numbers 1-10 as these are the numbers that we have looked at in depth so far in school. Numberblocks have recently released a video to support with 1 more/1 less so we will start by watching that before completing the sheet below.

Creative / Topic / Physical: Music Monday


Music Mondays (all about singing, music and instruments)

Technology Tuesdays (activities on apps, Busy Things, activities using a PC or tablet) 

Wellbeing Wednesdays (yoga, mindfulness, PE and relaxation)

Thinking Thursdays (Science, investigations, exploring the world and nature)

Fancy Fridays (art, making, baking and creating)


The Rainforest - Part 2

It seems like ages ago we watched the first of these music lessons on The Oak Academy! Here is the next lesson in the series.