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Monday 22nd Feb

Welcome back everyone I hope you had a good half term break and are well rested?  Did you do neither!


Hopefully you will join us at 10am for our first live lesson of the term?


10am Live Lesson

1) Spellings - the c sound spelt que 

2) Guided Reading - A Dollop of Ghee and a Pot of Wisdom

3) Key features of a playscript


Maths - Adding two fraction


Reading Comprehension - The Year of the Ox!


Live Lesson at 1.30am

1) Flashback four

2) Tables

3) Topic - Egyptian Gods

Spellings - This week's fridge words

Maths - Monday 22nd Feb 2021 - adding two fractions

Reading Comprehension - The Year of the Ox - choose the one, two or three star challenge