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Monday 1st February 2021

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Literacy: The Little Red Hen

Carrying on with Traditional Tales, we are going to move on to looking at The Little Red Hen. Today we are going to listen to an author tell us the story, instead of watching a video. If you have the story at home you could also read that one, but as we found out last week, not all Traditional Tales stories are the same! After you have listened to the story, ask your child if they can remember the characters, the setting, the problem and how it was solved. In school we use this picture to remind us of what we need to remember in each new story we read:

Here is the link to the author telling us about the story:


Phonics: Sound Blending video 5 and recap of 'b'

Today the link you receive will be for the fifth Sound Blending video, I'm so happy to see so many of the children having a go at blending at home, you're all brilliant! After you have watched the video's have a look at the picture below. There's no need to print it out if you can see it clearly on the screen. How many things can you spot that begin with 'b'?


Maths: Number bonds to 5

This week we are going to focus on number bonds to 5. This is all of the different numbers you can add together to make a total of 5, eg,  2+3,  4+1,  0+5. Here is the Numberblocks episode for you to watch all about number bonds to 5 and then there is a Numicon snail sheet for you to have a go at afterwards. The first sheet is Numicon pieces that your child needs to cut out and have in front of them. The second is a sheet full of square snails. The snails are in different coloured sections depending on the difficulty of the challenge. You can choose which one is most appropriate for your child. The Numicon pieces work for each level of difficulty.


The first section in (green)  is asking your child to find which two Numicon shapes fit together to make a snail of 5.


The second section in (yellow) is asking your child to repeat the activity but say the number sentence that matches the snail they have made, ie 2 and 3 make 5.


The third section in (orange) is asking your child to build the snail and write the number sentence that matches their snail, ie, 2+3=5.


Creative / Topic / Physical: Music Monday


Music Mondays (all about singing, music and instruments)

Technology Tuesdays (activities on apps, Busy Things, activities using a pc or tablet) 

Wellbeing Wednesdays (yoga, mindfulness, PE and relaxation)

Thinking Thursdays (Science, investigations, exploring the world and nature)

Fancy Fridays (art, making, baking and creating


Music Monday again! 

This week we have moved to a different habitat - The Rainforest. Here are some pictures for you to look at and discuss before you set off on today's musical journey....