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Keeping Children Safe

Keeping Children Safe

At Lovers' Lane we are committed to keeping all our children safe. We have clear policies around safeguarding children and keep up to date with information and opportunities to ensure our staff are well trained and informed to look after all our children physically and emotionally. 


If you have a concern about a child in school, our Designated Safeguarding Officers are here to help. This is who they are:

  • Designated Safeguarding Lead - Miss Jenny Hodgkinson (Headteacher)
  • Designated Safeguarding Deputies - Mrs Justine Watts (HLTA/Attendance Officer), Mrs Amy Graham (KS1 Leader, Assistant Headteacher, SENCO) and Mr Adam Cook (KS2 Leader, Assistant Headteacher, Behaviour Lead). 
  • Our Safeguarding and Child Protection Governor is Mrs Nickie Pringle with support from Mr Ian Talbot. 


All staff have up to date training during the current academic year (2020-2021), so they can help and report to the Safeguarding Leads named above. Our training makes sure that staff are aware of the latest guidance in 'Keeping Children Safe in Education' (Sept 2020), which is a government document to help schools to keep all our children safeguarded from harm or risk. Our Safeguarding officers have also had up to date training in 'Working together to Safeguard Children' with other agencies.


Since September 2017, we have a new system for recording concerns about the welfare or safety of children. This system is called 'Safeguard' and is a secure, online system (recommended security level in line with Government requirements). It helps us to track attendance and behaviour too. This change has been added into our new, updated policy for the Child Protection Policy (Welfare of the Child). This policy is reviewed annually and was last reviewed in September 2020.


Every year Mrs Pringle, our Safeguarding governor, comes into school and completes an audit of our safeguarding practices with Miss Hodgkinson (Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead) and Mrs Watts (Designated Safeguarding Deputy). In this audit we look at everything, from staff training to policies and how we make sure our records are well kept and up to date. This audit is signed off by the governing body and is sent off to Nottinghamshire Local Education Authority too. Our last audit was in November 2020.


Our school works hard to ensure all elements of the children's well-being is catered for and supported. We have a Learning Mentor, Mrs Lambert, who works with pupils in school and has had training in Stonewall and Counselling skills. In our school we also have staff trained in Emotions Coaching and Play therapy. This training has been undertaken or updated since September 2016, so our staff are working with the latest ideas and strategies. We also have a worker from the CASY Counselling service who works with pupils in school too. Casy also provide support for parents and staff.


We have strong links with the local Children's Centre and our Family SENCO (A lead Special Needs Co-ordinator for the area, who oversees SENCOs across the schools in Newark) and our Local Behaviour Partnership (SBAP team). 



DFE Guidance for Parents February 2021: Safeguarding your child in out of school activities

Parents - please find links in the E-Safety and Online safety section in the Parent section on how to keep your safe online and on mobile apps.

Please use the link below to find our Welfare of the Child Safeguarding Policy in the Policies section.

Stay Safe Online... Stay S.M.A.R.T! Top E-Safety tips for Children and Parents


Online safety is a part of our curriculum here at Lovers' Lane Primary and Nursery, where children learn to use internet based computing in a safe way and learn strategies to safeguard themselves. 


In February, we held 'Safer Internet Week' as an enrichment to our curriculum learning. During this week the children enjoyed assemblies led by the Headteacher, School Councillors and House Captains. 


A 'Zip it, Block it, Flag it' Digital Code Poster competition was launched and the children learnt about being S.M.A.R.T online.


Click on the links below for assembly powerpoint led by the children with Miss Hodgkinson and also for useful links for children and parents through our latest news feature.

Safer Internet Day Assembly Powerpoint

Click on the link below for some really useful tips for parents in our Latest News section.

The Adventures of Kara, Winston and the SMART Crew - Full film

The Adventures of Kara, Winston and the SMART Crew - a cartoon from Childnet to help illustrate the 5 internet safety SMART rules.

Click on the link below to go to our 'Policies' page, where our Welfare of the Child Safeguarding and E-Safety policies can be found.

Anti-Bullying Alliance 'All Together: united against bullying' Project


Our school is part of a 2 year project funded by the DFE (Department for Education). This means that from a self evaluation in the Autumn Term 2017, we are looking at our practice and developing best practice to become an 'All Together' School, which a lead school in Anti-Bullying practice.


Mr Cook is co-ordinating this work as our Behaviour Lead and our work in this area links to other projects, such as the 'Each Amazing Breath: Take Five Breathing' Project we are also involved in, which is aimed at building resilience and supporting learner behaviour and well-being in our children. Other support in our school includes the school having two trained Primary Mental Health Ambassadors who are working with the local Primary Mental Health Team and our local School Behaviour and Attendance Partnership (SBAP); a learning mentor trained in Stonewall, Lego Therapy and other relevant areas, as well a school subscription to CASY counselling, which means we have a trained counsellor working in school each week. We also have trained staff in ‘Emotions Coaching’, which underpins our approach and ethos.


Being part of the 'All Together Project' enables us to access anti-bullying resources and to access support and advice from external professionals and to work with other local schools in the project. We also buy into the 'Tackling Emerging Threats to Children Team at Nottinghamshire County Council', which is also another source of support, guidance and up to date information for best practice.