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Friday 5th March 2021

Friday 6th March 2021


Maths – Recap 2D Shapes

With a grown up watch our shape song and join in if you can -

Shapes song for kids | The Singing Walrus

After the song with a grown up look at the 2D shapes below and see if your child can name all the shapes we’ve been learning over the past few weeks.

I Spy Shape Description Activity

Today you are going to be taking part in an I Spy Shape activity again but this time you will be looking for shapes from a description so ask your grown up to give you a description to find a shape such as ‘This shape has 3 sides’.


Below is the I Spy Shape Sheet to look at on the screen or print out.


2D Shape I Spy Sheet - Credit: Twinkl

Phonics – Read Write Inc Speed Sound Lesson – ‘t’

This week we’re going to start learning our speed sounds and the first sound we’re going to learn is ‘t’.


These lessons will now include the Fred Talk activity so there won’t be a separate video for your child to watch for Fred Talk.


Miss Harding will be teaching speed sound lesson on Tapestry for you to watch.

Fancy Fridays

(Baking, Art, Making and Creating)

'Expressive Arts and Design Afternoon'

As it is hopefully the last afternoon of home learning today I thought I would give you a menu of expressive arts and design activities to choose from as a family for a screen free afternoon. I hope you have fun completing as many as these activities as you would like and I look forward to seeing you on Monday again in school.



Expressive Arts and Design Activity Menu - Credit: Twinkl